Jack In The Box

3680 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 260-7037

Recent Reviews

Spencer Kahn

Pretty nice location.

Kristine Brito

The cashier had horrible customer service, I wish I knew what his name was! Food was ok, it's fast food; not much to expect from a fast food restaurant but the only thing that bothered me was the customer service. Food is passable, no complaints about it.

The Vegas Corleys

Delicious food! Great prices!

Salvatore Figueroa

Best Customer Service, Great and Convenient Location From The Highway. Been Using Their Drive Thru For Over 5 Years, And Had Always Been Treated With Respect and Minimum To No Waiting Time.

Georgia Comstock

Friendly employees at the drive-thru & was clearly understood over the intercom. Employee at the pay window was difficult, but not impossible, to understand thru her required mask. Good to see employees were compliant with Governor's pandemic safety orders. Pleasant & efficient employees. Food was descent & fairly priced.

Greg Lyons

First time I ordered online and it was fast and it was correct

Rick H

Ordered Grubhub from this place. They forgot about a third of the order. What food we did get was cold and congealed. When I contacted Grubhub they only would refund that portion in about 5 days. I also tipped twenty percent and they did Not refund that.

Tasha S.

Woman working the window slammed the salsa into my hands when I asked very politely for a couple more. Horrible person.

Chona Cook

I like the food. Especially my favorite is classic cheese burger.

Joe L.

I was charged twice and now theyre saying they cant give me my money back. Fuck you guys

Alain Roche

The attention of the drive thru girl is everything. She always has a smile and the sweetest tone of voice

Furniture Savage

Great service!! They make it very easy to run out for a quick bite from the store and be back in time for our clients.

Joycelyn Kalaaukahi

Service was fast. But the fries were cold. Sandwich were messy.

Timothy Beckett

Alan the cashier gave great customer service and I finally got a large fries that was what a large fries should be like. See my other posts with pictures if your confused. Thanks Alan and the team for the great customer service.

Jonathan frye

I loved it it's been probably 15 years since I ate at Jack In The Box the problem is they're only out west Jack in the Box build locations nationwide it's been way too long since I've had your food and it's delicious please build more stores

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