Liquid Las Vegas

1735 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 749-8887

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Austin Wilk

Legitimately the best açaí bowls in all of Vegas. If you actually know what a good açaí bowl tastes like you will not be disappointed! It was our first time trying this spot out and we got the Classic bowl and Pineapple bowl. Highly recommend both and we can’t wait to try out the rest of the menu.

Alexzandra Whetstine

Good but they just increased their prices.They give your more granola then usualFeel a tad ripped off but I still love them

PM consultant Magalhaes

I love the açaí bowl. I keep coming back.

J Coco

Oh my, where do I even get started?This smoothie/juice bar location has always switched vendors and as many times as I’ve passed by it, I’ve never stopped to try it. This time, I was in the mood for a smoothie and I made the impulsive turn into their drive-thru.They have a simple menu consisting of plant-based milk smoothies, fruit and vegetable smoothies, and açai bowls. I was sold upon seeing oat milk being used in their smoothies as we know most of us trying to transition into healthier alternatives are sick of almond milk.The staff here are so kind, helpful, and quick. They have a stamp card program so take advantage of that! If you love chocolate, please order the Nutella smoothie. It is delicious!

Joann B.

good smoothies but need to hire better employees. seem short handed a lot and Employees were rude and give dirty looks, not the experience I want

Kaleah T.

Went through the drive-thru at 8:20... says they open at 8. Waited five minutes, honking my horn. No one came to the window. Disappointed since I was looking forward to an acai bowl.....

Trey “DrTrey” Beats

The best acai and frozen selection you will find in Las Vegas or on the west coast in general. I have been coming here religiously and every time the quality of the service, food, and employees is top notch. The best acai I have ever tried and the health benefits are astronomical. My wife and children love it as well and we buy many large orders at one time. Saeed runs a smooth business and I will be a loyal customer forever. I cannot wait to support Liquid to win the Best of Las Vegas challenge soon! Much love.

Cheri J.

Still love this place but lately theyve been hiring people who have a hard time listening. I literally have to repeat my order over and over only for them to get it wrong and have to remake it. They always accommodate me in the end but it can get frustrating and annoying. Maybe work on better ordering skills. It would improve customer service greatly. Other than that, they are friendly.

Nene N.

This is my first time at this location since it changer over from Juice-n-Go. The only change that I miss is the walk up window. They no longer have that option. But I didn't ask if they had online ordering (nor did I have a chance to check). All in all we were looking for something healthy and fulfilling.. and they did both. The fruit was SUPER COLD but refreshing. I personally had the Watermelon Drip (I don't care for bowls). The bowls were for the hubby and son.

Vanessa S.

BEST açaí spot ever. And this is coming from someone from San Diego who's had plenty. Nothing beats liquid! I wish there was one here where I live. It's fresh and delicious. And the fact that it's drive thru makes it super convenient! I never leave Vegas without a quick stop to liquid! I always need my açaí bowl. And the crew are always super chill and nice!!!! Never a bad time there! Please support this small business! And remember, to be patient and kind yourself. We're all human trying to make it thru. This isn't Starbucks.

Terri J.

I can't remember the exact name of my smoothie I had but it was so good and didn't give me a crash like other smoothies I think it was like matcha mint or something like that but I loved it and will be back again for another

Polly E.

Love their açaí bowls. So refreshing as delicious. My new favorite place...worth every single penny!

Karen Castaneda

This place is amazing! Delicious fresh açaí bowls and smoothies. They’re customer service is honestly the best I’ve ever seen at a juice spot. Do yourself a favor and ask for a loyalty card! It pays off big time

Heidy M.

Absolutely love liquid! I love their bowls. Me and my friend used to go to bowlology and get two REGULAR sized bowls for $30. Here we get two large ones that are huge for $18-19. It's worth it. Everything here is fresh. Filling and delicious. If you ever come around definitely come visit you'll definitely see yourself coming back a million times. Whether it's in the mornings, after the gym, after work, or just craving something. Saeed, the owner, is super nice and dedicated about his business and that's admirable. I haven't stopped coming back since I was introduced to this place

Kim S.

I love this place and come here often. Product is amazing I came and my total was $9.20. I handed the girl a $20.00 and she gave me a $10.00. It's not the amount shorted but definitely the principal so I asked her about it and she said "we don't carry coin change". I asked "why wouldn't you say something as I have coins". Her response I do this all day long and I DONT NEED TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT's fine that we don't carry change!!!!!!!! Hmmm is that how you run a business? I will go back to summerlin for my açaí bowls. Sad cuz this was convenient but that really struck a nerve!

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