3175 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 645-9041

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Kenny Newland

Best McDonald's I've been too in Las Vegas. Been going here 2 years. Drive thru is very efficient. They are doing something right at this McDonald's.

Adam UserName

I'm hoping the Owner, who often visits this location See's this review. I live next to this McDonald's, just moved into the area, I visit this McDonald's so often , I know the cashier's , Antonio being the only Bright spot at this place, only one who cares about customer service. Twice I have ordered large orders, 20 dollar's worth of food and each time the qauilty has been low, cold nuggets, the other night I order a mcchicken with only ketchup, get home it has cheese no ketchup. I work hard for my money not for it to be stolen by McDonald's, I didn't eat that night out of pure frustration, I don't wanna always have to walk back, and then here them bad talk me in Spanish as if I don't understand. I have my receipt. I don't want free food. I want a apology

brain Griffin

People weren't nice and they just get the little orders out quickly


There worst service. Took about 5mins to pay because of some time issue with ringing in breakfast using the app. Then pulled to 2nd window where I was NOT greeted for 6mins then the worker that did finally give me my drink got off work while I was still sitting in the damn drive thru. I asked was anybody going to give me my food, she said they making it fresh and it takes about 3.5mins. I mean that would make sense if I didn't wait a total of 22mins for my damn food. Never again.

Pacem Regnum Aethera Et.

This is the 3rd time I visit this McDonald's and have been given a half cup of fries? When you order a large it doesn't mean fill the fry cup halfway. Idk? Maybe a worker is really hungry so takes out some from my cup ? Not all McDonald's are like this ,but this one on Rancho is definitely a hit or big miss.

Paula Hutchison

2 order lanes. Typical menu. Window staff were pleasant and proficient. Placed order prints out on order board. At payment window order was reviewed as well as at pick up window. Minimizes incorrect orders. Sandwich was piping hot.

JJ Garcia

Horribly long lines. They have tried rolling out ways to lower this using curbside pickup and the app orders, but it does not seem to work in lowering the wait times. The govenor has lessened restrictions for companies in store dining but McDonald's refuses to let people dine in. They would rather make you wait in line.

Truth BeTold

Again, that daughter of mine. For me, absolutely not! I'm too old for McDonald's. Their French fries used to be the best thing around in the 80's and 90's but NOW!! Umm...Nope?

Kero 7

I do uber eats and these guys had me wait 20+ mins just to tell me they can't do the order. Dont waste your time like they did mine.

Kylie Mester

I received my food with what looks like mold or hair?? I'm really not sure what this is. I told the manager and was able to get a refund but this is really gross. I can't recommend this location to anyone.

Arthur&Ana Flores

They forgot to give us one of the drinks we ordered in the drive thru. When we brought it to their attention ladies at both windows were rude. Saying well u have to pay for it. That's not the problem. Of course were going to pay for what we want to order. My daughter just wanted her drink

Mama T

If they had served the drive thru line faster, it would have been a 4 star. Too damn slow! My food was fresh so no complaints there. Nothing exceptional about this location.

Clark Meunier

Almost everyone is familiar with McDonald's. This one is quick and clean, with a minimum of order errors. The staff is efficient, and accomodating.

Naida Richardson

The worst manager customer service ever at this location of McDonald's attention owners tension no restroom services no bathroom services to wash hands no sanitation for cleaning your hands is NOT IN this establishment ATTENTION DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION NOT PRACTICING COVID-19 RULES FOR RESTAURANT

Ronnie Overbeck

Loved it. Fast drive thru. My first time there after the construction. I didn't know there was 2 places to order food. Hot and fresh food.

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