No 1 Boba Tea

4255 W Spring Mountain Rd # C104, Las Vegas
(702) 364-4724

Recent Reviews

Khang V.

Little gem in Chinatown Mall, they have really good fruity green tea/black tea with decent price and when they say large cup, they really mean LARGE. The fruits flavor was super potent, something not every boba place can do. Their base green/black tea was also good with hint of salted plums. Their boba was super chewy but only slightly sweet, my type of boba. We got Passion Fruit Black Tea and Green Apple Green Tea, both are better than our regular boba spots, and we live in Orange County, pretty much a boba hotspot lol. Would come back to Vegas again for their fruity tea!

Joseph T.

Definitely going to be on my favorite place to get my drinks especially boba tea! Decent prize and definitely very delicious,..would totally recommend.. drinks are very refreshing and theres a lot to choose from. And the plus side is they use real fruits!!!! I always hate the powder flavored shit.. this one's worth every sip

Linda T.

Great place for fresh fruit smoothies!! Real avocado smoothie. It's a little walk in from the parking lot but it's fun to see the other shops that are open while you wait

Madel Alvarez

Lychee flavor really good

Annette C.

One of the worst milk tea I've ever had. This was one of the only boba spots open early morning so we thought we'd give it a try. I was hesitant b/c the drinks looked watery through photos but I still decided to give it a try. Disappointed as expected. Hokkaido milk tea tasted nothing close to what it should. It tasted like sugar tea with some milk. We also had the coconut milk tea which wasn't bad but still doesn't compare to the many milk tea spots I've been to. Drinks don't live up to milk tea drink standards. The cashier was nice but quality of drinks were poor.

Charles C.

Such awesome boba. They have tons of flavors and variations of drinks. Favorites if mine are the taro, rose and almond.

Maria V.

I love that they use real fresh ingredients for the smoothies. I always get mango boba slush with boba and aloe jelly. Everyone who works there is very nice and the services is very fast.

Kayla B.

My favorite boba spot! Healthy boba that tastes good?!?! This is the only place in Vegas that does that. I live 20 minutes from here but it's so good, it's worth the drive. Even if you don't like boba, their drinks are refreshing AND healthy. The store itself is like a hidden gem, you have to go into a building to get to their store, so it makes it that much cooler. 20/10, would recommend.

Steve K.

I think it's time to update this review: their buckwheat matcha is quite good. And I appreciated their service last time we went--they took a while making the drinks but it was a bigger order and they were very nice to deal with. So, thumbs up.

Brayo Cisse Muyodi

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Tina H.

Dragonfruit boba is sooo good! Highly recommended. Menu is huge, there's quite a few employees there so my drink always comes out quickly!! Prices are reasonable- same as any other boba but the consistency is what gets me!

Bailey Simonek

great boba

Melena A.

This is literally the only boba place I go to and every single flavour is bomb af! My all time fave is taro milk tea. They will definitely have something for everyone. 100% reccomend this place.

Ruby Larch

Great place I always come here almost once each week it is a really great place to get a boba and their boba is always fresh each time I come. My go to place for getting boba. I recommend their strawberry boba it's my favorite.? Also the staff is also friendly you can always have a nice conversation with them.

Breanna G.

I really like this place and have been coming here since I was little. If i lived closer I would come get basically everyday lucky I have a shop close to my house but still like this one a lot better. Have made a lot of memories in this place and the drinks that come along with it :) Love it here and got a Taro/Coconut mix which actually tasted a bit like peanut butter but was actually really good. Love it here and also the atmosphere and the treats they offer :)

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