Saffron, The Vegetarian Eatery

3545 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 201-1926

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Gurpreet Kapoor

Hello Guys,Me & My Wife just had our dinner at Saffron Las Vegas. We researched about this place online and we booked it. As soon as we entered we were greeted by Elizabeth & were guided to our table. Here comes Cody, the man who makes sure no table is left unturned to leave his guests satisfied. We ordered gyozas, baos, street style chili noodles, cauliflower, Buddha Block, triple chocolate cake. I will say everything was wonderful being a vegetarian I don’t get much options but this was the best. Thank you Tony & your team for making Vegas more worth it for us. Keep spreading love through food and make people happy. If you want to open this restaurant in Minnesota let me know!

c b

Tonight we received wonderful service from Paula the manager and her team. This excellent healthy food was freshly prepared and very flavorful. Both vegan and non-vegan can enjoy this restaurant. The room has a great ambience. There was soothing piano music playing in the background. There are booths, tables with chairs, and combination, booths and chairs available in the room. We are preparing for a gathering to occur in the future so we spoke to Paula the manager about it and she and her staff are able to accommodate a group in the combo booth and table arrangement. Also, she stated they are open to creating a customized menu if you are having a group event and pre-arrange or discuss with management and make reservations ahead. While we were there, we saw several customers coming in and out, and all that we saw leaving left with a satisfied look on their face. This was our first time to try this restaurant, but it will not be the last. We really enjoyed the tempura mushrooms and the Haru noodles. Highly recommend this wonderful gem within Las Vegas. Of note, the location is only a couple of miles from the Las Vegas Strip and we noticed several taxis/ride share drivers dropping people off who had come from to try the food here. Well worth the trip!! Enjoy!Wheelchair accessibility: This location is wheelchair accessible

Amanda Mendez

I’m giving it 5 stars because I can’t give it 10. Wasn’t sure what to except… and boy did it exceed what I could have imagined. The restaurant was beautiful…and that’s obvious when you walk in. It just kept getting better. The food was amazing. From the Bang Bang Cauliflower (the best I’ve ever had) to the Squash blossoms…yes, actual blossoms. Still tasting how delicious those were. The rest of the food was amazing… and the saffron rice, so delicious. Everything was cooked to perfection and to top it all off the service was fantastic. Even if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan this is a definite must try dining experience! Definitely will be back when in Vegas.

Angelina Peone

Don't snooze on this AMAZING dinner very worth the short trip off the Las Vegas strip. The dining room is incredibly hip and comfortable, the menu is simple but so unique and the portions are generous. The staff is very dedicated to making sure you have a great experience!

Matt Guilis

Incredible food. Amazing service. Great music and atmospherePaula deserves best waitress ever. She took care of us as if we were VIP10/10 don’t be shy because it’s veganBest birthday dinner

Nikki P

The entrance to this restaurant could be spruced up, we arrived just before opening and for a few minutes we thought we were in the wrong place or that they had permanently closed because it’s surrounding area seems so sad and desolate. It was also dirty outside with wet clothing strewn around in close proximity to the entrance.When the doors were unlocked, the hostess didn’t actually bother opening the doors to greet the small group of us that were waiting outside in the rain which isn’t very polite, nor welcoming.The waiter was a bit of an oddball, borderline awkward, so it made things a little weird when we were trying to ask him questions about some of the cocktails and appetizers. Aside from lack of warm, inviting hospitality, the appetizers were absolutely wonderful! We ordered the Floating Gyoza and Mushroom Bao dishes, and they were extremely flavorful and very well executed. As for the entreés, we weren’t particularly blown away. We ordered the Mushroom Royale and it was nothing like the menu description - a total fail. They were gracious enough to remove that item from the bill which we appreciated, but I don’t think we will be coming back just for appetizers as it’s pretty expensive for vegetarian food.

Hasani “H2O” Omarimuhammad

This is one of my favorite places to visit and dine. Very calming environment with plenty of zen culture. Was out on a date with my beautiful wife and she was more than satisfied. Thank you for a great experience! We will be back.Parking: Limit parking off the main street.

Krishna Malyala

The food was amazing and would recommend to any Vegan or Vegiterian. Freshly made. A true hidden gem in Vegas.

Holly Sanders

Beautiful restaurant, great customer service. Food was not bad, but not mind blowing. My favorite was the street corn soup, I would’ve liked it with a little less sambal, or none at all, but it was a tasty soup. The gyoza I had to go, it was good without the sauce, so it was good. The papaya salad is not cut thin enough to be enjoyable to eat, it’s a raw, cruciferous vegetable; I had a hard time chewing, but I eat papaya salad all the time in my neighborhood and it’s easy to eat because it’s sliced so thin. The dressing was good, so if the slices were thinner, it would’ve been a very enjoyable, fresh dish.I’d still return to try a few more items, and I’d recommend for vegans to try.Vegetarian options: The restaurant is vegan


2 stars only because their music kept skipping and skipping repeatedly the entire hour we were there. A song will pause, pause, pause, then just stop playing so they skip to the next song it’ll play good for a little then do the skips again. I would have gave it no mind if they just turn the music off all together after the 3rd or 4th failed song, …. But for an entire hour???The Food though was absolutely amazing!!Thank you chefs!Service was good; could of been better if they took notice to everyone constantly looking around due to the music. They had to of seen because it repeatedly happened just didn’t care at all to do anything about it.Vegetarian options: It is a All Vegan Restaurant

James Oates

Talk about being pleasantly surprised. We booked this place though our Venture X credit card. When we arrived, the outside made us worried...but talk about a diamond in the rough. This restaurant is amazing. Vegetarian food has never been so delicious. Great cocktails, great service, great atmosphere. We went at 5pm. No wait, place was almost empty. Felt like a vip experience. 5/5 would recommend will definitely go again....GET THE BANG BANG CAULIFLOWER!

Canela P

Great food. Beautiful ambience! Tasty food. Prices are steep. Spent $150 for 2 people for a starter(stuffed squash blossoms), main entree(spicy street noodles), a side of saffron rice, 1 cocktail, 1 beer, and 2 unsweetened teas that are NOT free refills($5 each) and the glasses are small which was a bummer because I love me some unsweetened tea. Overall, enjoyable experience but definitely not a weekly dining option with the price point.

Samantha Augustine DiPaola

This place is simply wonderful! Fully vegan food and bar. Our server Paul was AMAZING, she knew the menu front and back, she gave great recommendations. The eggplant and tofu was delicious and the floating gyoza is a must-have. They can adjust the spiciness to your palate. I absolutely loved the early grey latte cake - such a complex flavor profile. We can’t wait to come back again.Vegetarian options: Everything is vegan!

The Matadore

Absolutely loved it. Superb date spot and the price-point is excellent for the quality you get. We were the first to arrive so our experience walking in felt pure and unfiltered, we were in awe! I felt like I had travelled to a wonderful place. The food exceeded our expectations (the pumpkin coconut soup blew my mind), and the cocktails are creative. I don’t usually order dessert but I could not pass it up this time because every dish is an experience. The interior is incredibly chic with a laid-back ambience supported by a great sound system and choice of music. We ordered more than we could eat because we couldn’t get enough of the amazing flavors. We wanted to try it all, so much that we will be coming back regularly for more. Bravo, Chef Nguyen and thank you for bringing your restaurant to us!Vegetarian options: The majority of the menu is Vegan with gluten-free options!

Jason LeSieur

Come every time we were in town. Food used to be outstanding. We come back about 18 months from our last trip (we don't live locally) and they got a new chef. Now all the food is very salt and disappointing. Sad to say this will be removed from our "must do in Vegas" list. We were a party of 8 and ordered about 12 different types of dishes. All but one were too salty to enjoy. Service and atmosphere still great.

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