799 Elmont Rd, Elmont
(516) 285-6000

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James Miller

The Food is the best. The entire staff is very welcoming, helpful and polite. had the garlic chicken wings, short ribs of beef, and Amarillo chicken sandwich. Every dish was superb! Great service! I highly recommend this place. VERY YUMMY

Syed H.

I would not recommend Addy's BBQ to even my worst enemy. Low quality steaks at premium prices. Powdered mash potatoes, frozen French fries, sides are all drowned in oil. The restaurant itself is unclean. Tables are sticky and covered with disposable paper. Waiters are overworked and apparently do not receive their tips. Better burger places in the area.

Tasnim Hossain

Great food and experience. Their food really makes them seem like a 5 star restaurant

Maryam Q.

Great food. The Mac & chick was amazing. 6 of us checked in so we got a feee mango lassi. Really good. There was 20 of us & we all got different burgers. The burgers were good. The hell burger is very spicy. You've been warned. I was craving the falooda but they didn't have it. Hopefully they have it the next time.

Kathy X.

A group of friends and I came here after some bowling nearby. This place is casual with a welcoming atmosphere, serving halal barbecue with Indian cuisine influences. The Yelp check in offer was conveniently a free Mango Lassi drink, which I was already planning on getting. The Mango Lassi was absolutely delicious and beautifully bright yellow with darker orange drizzles of mango syrup. It was refreshing, sweet, thick, and milky creamy. I ordered the BBQ beef short ribs (even though I prefer BBQ pork ribs), which came with fries and corn bread. It was also supposed to include deep fried onion straws, but they were out of that, which was disappointing. I definitely missed that crispy component. There was a generous amount of the beef short ribs smothered in house special BBQ sauce, with bold smoky flavor. The beef ribs were amazingly melt in your mouth succulent and well seasoned. I also enjoyed the corn bread, which was light, crumbly, and satisfyingly buttery. Service was pretty good and our waiter was friendly, as well as on top of it. In addition, the prices were very reasonable. If I'm in the area, I would be open to returning to try the Baby Lamb Chops, Filet Mignon, and Falooda - a type of dessert.

Scarlett Bekus

Went there last night and the food was delicious! I had the chicken Mishkaka and the chicken was so juicy and flavorful. My mom is gluten free and the chef accommodated her dietary restrictions. You can tell the chef takes a lot of pride in his preparation of the food and that is reflected in the flavor!

Dot C.

My grandchildren loved the hamburgers and all the trimmings. The atmosphere was friendly and the service was courteous.

Jia Ali

My kids are very picky eaters but they love their food. Their Mac and cheese, sandwiches , chicken tenders ( very juicy and tasty ) garlic wings and their platters are highly recommended with my own personal experience…must try their food; won’t be disappoint!!!! . Their prices are very reasonable according to the quantity of food they serve and staff is very friendly.

RayS Tech-Know-logy

Great food. Most stuff friendly and helpful. Food great. Mine was amazing. Halal is a bonus

Samuel Davies

The restaurant was somewhat busy and everything is clean. I got the wings, popcorn chicken, steak, chicken mishkaki and burgers. Everything was really good. Ended with a lassi as some items were spicy and it was a delicious mango lassi, definitely one of the most refreshing I've had. My only complaint is that there was one waiter and he was doing everything by himself. Service was still quick but they need another waiter.


So glad that it is halaal certified by HMS...omg the food is SO DAMN GOOD! Service is great and dining area is comfortable. The best part is that there is a screen for niqabis can eat comfortably and i love that

S h.

Been going here for years and always loved their food but never the service. But today was overall the worst experience so far. $4 for a small cup of Mushroom Sauce. You saw it right, $4. I heard $1 so I agreed but ended up seeing a $4 charge for a small cup. Never going back again.

Arif Khan

Loved their steak. Price is reasonable. Service can be enhanced. Ambience isn’t great.

The Eliminator Of Evils

Worst steak I have ever eaten! Lamb chops are also poorly cooked! Overall very dissatisfied on their cooking quality! Price are also higher compared to there standard!

Sarge Y.

My Gosh, I want to leave 5 Stars for the Mac n Cheese alone!! This was totally the best thing about this place for me. Had to go there a 2nd night in a row to have it again, after reading all of the great reviews about it. I also went for the short ribs, which they didnt have the 1st night, so I had it the 2nd night, after calling to make sure they had it. I Like the short-ribs, but I didnt Love it like many others. I had the BBQ style ribs, and their sauce is a little more tangy than i care for, but not over done, but enough to bother me...but they were good, just nowhere near the love of the mac. Here a re the Two issues i had...nothing serious. 1...I ordered a chocolate vanilla shake. Wanted it mixed. Was told I had to choose One flavor. WHY?? That was weird. 2...As i mentioned, no short ribs my 1st night. Called prior to arriving the 2nd night, was told they had it. I arrived around 5pm, to only one table with heads in it. I was ordering take-out this time. Asked for TWO orders of the short ribs. Waited, and they came back with One order. Told the counter person it was suppose to be two. He checks with the kitchen, and they tell him i was only given one, because there was no more short-ribs. SERIOUSLY?? Already?? SMH. 3...(yeah yeah i know i said two issues.) Another thing i found peculiar...1st night i ordered wings, Regular wings. The waiter asked if I as sure i didnt want BBQ or the Cajun style wings. Told him just regular. Again he asked if i was sure, and stated i really should have one of the others flavors. WTH!? I figured either its a weird thing like the shake, or they were trying to sell me the more pricier version of the wings. I ended up going with the BBQ. My dining partner had the burger pictured, which is crazy with the cheese. I am going to try that next...and whatever i get at this place, it will ALWAYS be with the mac n cheese! If youre that weirdo where it can be too much cheese for you, just like some who actually complain of too much whipped cream, Dont Bother! Who knew halal mac n cheese could rival a good southern mac n cheese?? I sure didnt! Wish i knew my servers name. Both nights, super friendly laid back courteous young gent. Clean spot, and both times not crowded, although I went during the week, after 530pm. The chairs and bench seats can use some serious updating, but nice looking otherwise. That Mac n Cheese though!!!

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