Texas Pizza & Chicken

492 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont
(516) 775-1313

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They should probably stick to what they know best, chicken and burgers. Their pizza is mediocre and reminds me of Little Caesar's but worse because the pizza at Texas is too oily, portion size is small, doesn't have much toppings, and doesn't take good. Please find a way to be more creative with your pizza, worth the price, and to make folks want to continue ordering. If not then it might be be best to discontinue selling pizza.

Shehzad Amin

Pizza really expensive for the size and quality. Should lower the prices by 50% atleast

Natasha Sanichar

Extremely disgusting and the way how they put the pizza in box no safety and I’m going to report them! Nasty

Jasmine Howard

Loved the staff & service. The ambience is superb & the food is gooood.

Liz Fernandez

Lol this place is infested with roaches ?… they are also inside the containers where they have the pizza for display …very nice people though .. just wouldn’t recommend buying food here

Patrice Maclay

Worst drunk order ever!!!Didn’t even taste good after drinking.I ordered taco pizza and got some kinda meet with onions and peppers on a retailer pizza. Ordered honey bbq chicken pizza there was no bbq sauce. The pizza in general felt like it was pre made frozen pizza with them just adding toppings and putting it in a oven. Also I ordered mozzerlla sticks and another time that they didn’t have they did let me know but they didn’t refund or report to door dash so I had to report it to door dash to get a refund. The curly fries were good though

Kalifa Smith

most underwhelming pizza i’ve ever had. honestly, i’ve had frozen pizza that was better than this.

Kimberly G

It's really difficult to screw up pizza, but this place managed to do it! The pizza here tastes awful -- like the type of pizza a lunch lady would make for a bunch of 10 year olds. The pizza is "personal pizza" style ... the dough tastes stale, the sauce and cheese taste cheap and lack taste. I do not recommend.


The food in here is good, the pizza is good. I would recommend this place to anyone. Especially for the cheesy pizza.

H .R

I love it tikka pizza very yummy thanks for delivery it fast to my work place at Home Depot

El L.

Hands down best pizza I've had since I moved to this area. The prices are great, the pizza was absolutely delicious and had that homemade taste and touch. The dough was perfect. I can't wait ti order here again. It's called Empire Pizza but

Muhammad Shahzain

I ordered food worth $80 and only fried chicken tasted okay and the cheese was too much and dough was thick and unbaked

Saud Zam

The food is really delicious and this person makes it really with his heart he has a passion of serving the best and you must trust me and try it

New Y.

A gem in the middle of elmont. Really good service, amazing food. For your next party their wings is a must. The garlic parmesan chicken wings is addicting.

Habib Rehman

Food is great and service is remarkable. I come here a lot with my friends and the food seems to get better. Nice relaxing place after a long day at work. The delivery is always on time as well. Staff is very nice.

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