Tex’s Chicken & Burgers

1349 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont
(516) 233-2314

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Irfan Dubar

Food was good as always, but the service sucked, the staff there didn't speak English at all and there was several customers waiting a while for their order. Looking upset ?Food: 5/5

Ajay Cheema

On Saturday, I ordered spicy chicken online, the guy who took my order was so benevolent, took my order properly and gave me the exact ETA when the order will be ready, I don’t give reviews so often but this was special because sagar the one on counter gave me the best service I ever got from any restaurant and Simran the one who cook food was so professional with his work and gave me the best cooked chicken legs i ever got in my life.

yolanda jones

Restauraunt was bright but food took forever and the hot wings Ctually made me sick i think too salty. The regular chicken was O.K. the mac and cheese was runny but tasted ok.Food: 2/5

Mustaf aftab

Tasty Chicken and fries and also good service and very good employees we go last night like 10pm and we Meet sagar His give very good service to us and also another employee very goodly talk with us thank you for give us very very good service ❤️❤️?we come again thank you texs ?

Kanwal Saba

Last night I’m buying some chicken pieces but it’s so nasty pieces. It’s so smelly pieces uncooked and especially very bad smell. Oh my God I waste my money.they are totally unresponsible is stuff.

Alexander Taveras

Service quality? - WACKService time? - WACKFood? - WACKStaff? - WACKFries 3/10Chicken sandwich strong 6/10Biscuits. 2/10Place should just be a parking lot tbh

Amber Gondal

Placed my order through unber eats ordered spicy chicken sandwich but received grilled with old and tomato and leave. And taste soo bad bun seems old too.

Khamron Boothe

It's a wonderful chicken place that also caters to the Muslim community. If you are looking for a lot of food. One of my favorite chicken places. It's better than KFC in my opinion.Food: 5/5

Victor G.

Food is amazing mann and prince are the best working employees there very happy and good customer service

Ashly S.

I don't even know why they're getting g bad reviews but all i know is that this place is the one!!!! anytime, whether is midnight or during the day we always come here and the food never disappoints!!! this chicken sandwich is wayyyy better than chick fil'a for me and MANN AND PRINCE at the front are mad cool and good peoples we love coming here! They're all nice and they bless the food too lol

Steven Anthony

If I could give place zero stars I would, I waited there for 40 minutes for my food and they give me cold fries and raw chicken

Elegant Clothing

Wish there was a zero star option, Ordered on app and it was suppose to be ready in 10 min, but after 30 min, it was still not ready, they were full filing it as you come so what is the point of ordering and paying in advance. 5 people walked in after me and picked up their orders and yet my order was not done. The guys in the front must hate their job, very bad service and work ethics. Staff seemed either over worked on low wages or lazy. The only working person in the front was the girl and rest of the male guys were just killing their time. Food is not so great just ok so I would not waste my time here again.


Didn't had good experience today, not coming back ever again. The staff looked overworked, uninterested and tired, the only one fulfilling the orders in front was the girl. There is no system of order pick up when placed through app. 5 people came in after me and the girl packed their order and gave them not even considering I was there before them. The male guys in front looked uninterested in work just kept ordering the girl to-do all orders. Sorry very bad service, hope the girl gets a raise to work hard on behalf of all the male guys who are just there to crowd the front area doing nothing.

K Frank

Workers talking alot over the food. No hair nets and no masks. Had to wait for fresh chicken 20 minutes, and it wasn't even good.Parking: Shared parking lot.

Rizwan Shareef

The chicken was impeccable. Great place for amazing food. The staff was very humble specifically Rayan was very professional and kind. Must visit!!!!!

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