Le Chat Noir Wines & Spirits

151 Tulip Ave, Floral Park
(516) 326-0565

Recent Reviews


Great little place in the heart of town with a nice selection, both seasonal and year round.

Ashley Whitworth

Absolute misogynistic trash of an owner makes comments about women’s level of attractiveness and doesn’t care to show any professionalism.

Nick Hofmann

The best wine store I've ever been to. Wish i could work there one day.

Larue Blanda

They were friendly and nice of selection of wines.

Amal Mukalel

Place claims to be open till 9 PM., closes at 7 PM DUE TO PANDEMIC

Anwar Petty

Convenient for my Saturday night bottle...

Dan McLaughlin

Nice store, good service, solid prices. Small wine store, so not the biggest selection.

Alicia Mazz

Knowledgeable staff & very nice


Great and knowledgeable staff.

Daniel Burke

Great to have a good wine store right in the centre of town. The staff is very helpful

John Sandrowicz

Knowledgeable, friendly, and reasonable!

Enzo B.

i too got caught up in the Total Wine craze. Now about a year later , many of my favorite wines are never in stock, Prices are creaping up. I'm exclusivly back to this local shop . Inever gave up going here as I often feel the need for the owner Rex's rye sense of humor. Quite honestly when you but at the case discount the prices are often lower tan Total and you dont have to hike half a mile dodging insane drivers

Annie C.

Super cute wine shop. Owners are kind and helpful in matching great wines with different foods. Will return again and again.

Diane Bontemps Brenes

Great selection with the best staff!

Towfeiq Agosto

Friendly service great selection, wine testing omve a month

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