New Great Wall

1191 Broadway, Hewlett
(516) 792-0856

Recent Reviews

Kaylen Granger

They didn’t put any pork in my rice and the buffalo wings weren’t spicy they were sweet and salty they ruined my order and I will never order from them ever again

Sheila Williams

Food was fresh and good!

d curran

Disappointed today. Usually get beef or chicken w broccoli. Today I wanted sesame chicken lunch special minus sesame seeds. Basically what I got was generals tsos chicken. Other take out has diff in dishes.. not here. Also ordered chicken teryaki appetizer. Item was super dry and literally need a chisel or tool to remove from.stick.


Pretty good food. Whenever I’m in the area I always order from here and it never seems to disappoint. My friend lives near here and they order more often than I do. The employees here are nice and try to get your food out fast and hot. The only thing I hope they change is the amount of hot sauce packets they give out. I don’t care about the other sauces but they don’t give enough sauce for the food.

Andrew P.

Love this place! Generous portions and good food. The people are very friendly. The soups are really nice too, they have good dumplings. I don't understand why the Yelp rating is so low. I think the small number of reviews influences it.

Lidan Hu

Great food

Brennan Love

The place serves large dishes and for fair pricing. nice employees. 5 stars from me.

Lisa Persaud

The food is amazing and they give good portions, one of my favorite places ?

Michael Gant

The place serves big portions and for affordable prices. very kind owner. Great work.

William Morales

Roast pork egg fu Yung is excellent gravy just puts it over the top

Daniel Jewell

Awesome atmosphere and very attentive service. The food was fresh and yummy. Will clearly recommend this restaurant to my friends. Reasonable rates and generous meals. Great work.

Benjamin Broadhurst

Food is really good ?

Radha P.

I'm just gonna say if I order veggie lowmein because my kid isn't feeling well and that's what he's craving then I expect some actual vegetables. Can't say it was any different about the fried rice. They're lucky I wasn't pregnant and having cravings

Sam R

This was some awesome food I had ordered through grubhub. I called the spot to get some spicy mayo and they agreed without charging me extra for it. It would be nice if they give the option on grubhub for that spicy mayo in the future. The iced tea was not as sweet as other restaurants. The egg drop soup was alright. Liked the sushi and moo goo gai pan chicken. Will reorder!

Sophia L.

Hurts me to give this place 2 stars. My order was boneless spare ribs with vegetable rice. The boneless spare ribs had foul smell as if the meat was going bad didn't taste right, but the rice was okay. I didn't eat the food just throw it away. Which I'm choke how the meal turned out because usually their food is delicious.

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