American Deli Central

1425 New York Ave A, Huntington Station
(631) 470-7721

Recent Reviews

FP Trucking

Very good.. nice looking eye candy as well

José Canales

Good food

nIco Cal

$7 to $10 for a big meal. Im not sure how they price. I think they just make up a number when at the end of the line. I got a hefty plate this afternoon, chicaron, 1/4 chicken, rice, beans, and one platano macho for $7. Even if i were chqrged 10, would have been worth it.

Angie Amador

just to good

Jose Castro

Parece q an cambiado la comida ya no es como antes las sopas no tienen savor compre una. Y la tire an cambiado mucho ???

Maria Casaccio

Good food and great prices

Alfredo Durán

(Translated by Google) Very expensive ... $ 15.00 for a meal .... Vale berta !!

Elena Colindres

(Translated by Google) I like tacos, they make them rich and with freshly roasted meat, the man who serves there is very friendly

Juan Carlos Aguilar González

(Translated by Google) Hispanic food, very rich(Original)Comida hispana, muy rica


Muy buena comida hispana,aunque carecen de personas bilingí¼e

Juan Sanchez

Great food try the carne asada

Michael Bradford


Ernst Georges

Best place to buy food on the go in Huntington NY. They open at 5:00 AM to Midnight.

Nancy R.

Their pork and cheese popusas were pretty amazing! I would definitely come back for more! And the price is right!! However, the plain cheese popusa was okay and very thin. Almost like just getting a tortilla with cheese. They are stingy on the amount of salsa they give you for your popusas. The hot food they had available did not look fresh at all. Looks like it had been there for a while. I also tried some of the yellow rice and that was ok. Pretty small area inside to eat.

R. Carta

Food is always good. Place is very clean and staff is friendly. Great place for comfort food.

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