California Pizza Kitchen

160 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington Station
(631) 423-7565

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Di Ana

Our server was so sweet and quick! She always checked up on us. And the food was delicious. We didn't really have high expectations when coming, considering past experiences at their now closed location in westbury. But decided to give it a chance, since it was quick and easy. But their menu and pricing were perfect. Their baja crunch salad was absolutely delicious!! And their personal bbq chicken pizza was the perfect size. The catalina chicken salad was so good too. Definitely a great place for budgets and healthier eats.

Neil P

Always loved the food at CPK and this location is closest to me. Food is mostly good but service needs improvement. Long delays in getting food ready. They have outdoor seating in summers and in winter outdoor within the mall so that helps in covid era. Overall a good place to eat out.Food: 4/5

Mariana Perez

We ordered a Sicilian Pizza ? pie. It was horrible. The sauce tasted like can tomato ? sauce and very acidic smh. The cheese was okay and the pizza doe was extremely hard yet very doughy. I wouldn't recommend itFood: 1/5

Matt B

CPK is always good food even if the atmosphere is stuck in the 90's. The Chicken Piccata is to die for and most Italian places don't even come close to this dish.Food: 5/5

Hyunmee C.

I used to really love CPK but this trip was a disappointment. The beehive drink was good as always but their chicken tequila pasta was disheartening- chicken was hard and tough. Everything was bland and not as tasty. There are also flies flying around while you eat which is disturbing.

Francine Y.

They need better lettuce. Half my plate was wilted and so was my husbands Caesar salad. They never brought us free bread that every other table got, they didn't put ice in my daughters raspberry ice tea.

Justine B.

Went in late this evening for dinner greg was our waiter he was amazing informative and suggested the new Burger. The new Burger was out of this world he was very attentive kind and knowledgeable. Was a great experience overall. Thank you!!!

Timothy Strout

Great food great service.The waiter made us feel like we were family

Liana F.

I have been going to this CPK for years now and mostly had good experiences and the food is usually good. However, went this weekend and it was the total opposite. I arrived with my family and we were seated instantly, however the waitress that came to us barely addressed us and basically just asked us if we were ready to order. She seemed to have a really difficult time understanding english at that. Anyway, we placed our orders, including drink orders, and she left. We noticed she immediately went to the table next to us, who LITERALLY just sat down, and took their meal orders. This was a red flag for us because I'm thinking, did she even stop to put in our order first since we placed it first?? What if she confuses the orders? Anyway, about 15 minutes later our drinks arrive, fine. We all finished our drinks and waited and waited only to suddenly see that SAME table having food brought to them!Ok, so I'm thinking we have to be next. Never happened! That table basically finished their meals, got drink refills and all, and we were STILL without ours!! No refills, no more bread, just sitting there! So at this point I am pissed. I got up and located our waitress, who was on the other end of the floor (keep in mind not once during this time did she come over to check on us), and asked her about our food and how is it the other table got theirs before us despite us placing our order way before. She turned to me and said oh let me check on it and walked off as I was speaking. No apology, nothing! At that point, I simply headed back to my table and gathered my family to leave. We walked to the front desk where the "manager" was and when we explained the situation the manager was clueless and was actually trying to cover for this inept waitress. She did not once apologize, go to check in the kitchen, speak to the waitress, or anything. She claimed to not understand why the other table got their meals before us despite us sitting there for 45 minutes after our orders were placed. She also had the very nerve to say she saw the waitress placing our order, YET she did not once question her or the kitchen about why we were not served? Are you kidding me?! Needless to say they have lost my business for good. I have been taking my family here for years since my kids love it, but never again. We all left hungry with our time wasted AND my kids were both crying in agony on our way out. The clueless manager (short, black female, can't recall her name) did not seem to care. She seemed new in her role and inexperienced just as the waitress (small-bodied hispanic female with broken english). Keeping them both there will be the demise of this location! Horrible customer service at its finest.

Sandy D.

Between this unfamiliar 3 stars chain and this other well-known 3 stars chain, I let my boyfriend make the tough decision of choosing lunch. He eventually felt drawn to eating some pizza. The workers here are super laidback, unlike NYC's up-in-your-face style. We each ordered the wondrous Lunch Duo value which includes pairing a pizza, pasta, or sandwich with a soup or salad. Soon after ordering, we were greeted with absolutely delicious free bread with a perfect olive oil(?) dip pairing. My bf said you know their pizza's going to be good if their bread is good, and I trust his word on that. I got the Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage ($11.99), which is my safe go-to. After having terrible pizza our last date, this hit the nail in the head on how flavorful pizza should be! The crust was not dry or crazy chewy at all! And the bite size pieces made them so fun to eat! I chose the Caesar Salad as my side, but there were other salad options as well. It was nothing special, so if I come back, I'd definitely venture out. My boyfriend's BBQ Chicken Pizza ($13.49) was the memorable one! It was, once again, packed in flavor, on the slightly sweet side, without being too salty. He chose to have the cauliflower crust, which seems to be their signature. The cauliflower option made the crust thin like a cracker, with a hint of sweetness! His Tomato Basil Bisque was also so hearty, that I wish I got a soup too. From the looks of our waiter when we ordered, I had thought the pizza would be a kids meal size, but fortunately, this filled us up just right! Hands down, I'd come back. CPK was a fantastic discovery.

Ashley D.

I ordered a kids meal for pickup on my lunch break and a kids meal is more than fuffilling for me everywhere i go i got the cpk kids salad with a coke. So for almost $7 i got a container of just romaine lettuce and a small cup of dressing. This is not a meal and should not be available as a meal. Lettuce was warm and kinda brown i was not happy because i was still hungry

S H.

The food was horrible. The service even worse. I was really disappointed. The pizza has no flavor was burned. The quality has gone down. We were also waiting for a long time. Service was very slow but I was very disappointed in my food and dessert. I will not be returning back here.

ilham naushad

So sad .. they treated us like we wanted food for free.. the server never got back with our food after taking the order. It took the manager to bring the food after 45 minutes ( just 2 pizzas) and then the dessert took another half an hour and the bill too.. he served the tables right in front of us perfectly but couldn't to us .. definitely looked at us differently

Peter Dali

The last three visits have been steadily worse. The staff generally seems indifferent. Until this last visit the food was pretty consistent but this time it did not taste fresh. LIke it was sitting around for a while. Enough so I could not finish the appetizer or main course. The server, even though she was nice enough rushed the order. Served the main before we were done with the appetizer. She was missing for the rest of the meal. No napkins, no drink refills and never checked if we needed anything. Throughout the meal I could not get her attention. This is forgivable if the restaurant was full but that was not the case. Less than half the tables were occupied. It a shame because I love a few of the dishes they serve. Judging by my last three visits the food and service are going in the wrong direction so I really don't see dining there for the foreseeable future.

Bri C.

I really just can't comprehend how this place just keeps declining. My husband and I walked in, waited, one employee had to tell the hostess to wake up when he realizes we were waiting. Not that we waited long, that wasn't necessary nor did we say anything. But she came over with an attitude like she really doesnt want to be there, wiped the menus slowly and then walked us over to a table in the corner. We waited, and waited and waited, nothing. The people next to us had food brought to them and we still hadn't been acknowledged. We had a two year old with us and the restaurant was practically empty. No one ever came to take our drink order so we walked out after almost 20 minutes of waiting . While walking out you see most of the employees in a corner goofing around and chatting, it's great they get along buttttt your customers need to be attended to. I officially give up on this place.

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