Mi Viejito Pueblito Taqueria

1687 New York Ave, Huntington Station
(631) 470-0396

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T. Carolina Guevara

BEWARE! If your eat here ask for a receipt! These people tried to charge me an extra 2 dollars and change. When I questioned them about it, they claimed that it was for 2 sauces. No way those two tiny things that I know they give out for free are a dollar each… either way I said fine I will take it out. She then told me it was 11 - I said give me a receipt. It was 10 and change. Not sure why they take it upon themselves to charge people more or round up the cost of the food. The tacos are ok but truthfully this dishonesty ruins it. This is not the first time this has happened. Since I first noticed, I began asking for receipts. The lady always gives me and my family the nastiest looks when we do. After today, I will be eating out elsewhere. If you buy out remember ask for a receipt, chances are they are asking you for more than what you owe!

Evan Wendell

Tacos al pastor… some of the best

Jose Campos

Delicious and authentic Mexican food. Love ordering from this restaurant.I highly recommend their food.

Owen S.

Easily the best tacos & burritos around. My go to is the al pastor burrito, but everything is great, can't go wrong. Habanero sauce is amazing. I've tried to save the review for a picture but I keep inhaling the food instantly, it's too good. Just pay cash

Jesse Wemyss

Great food, esp to go w/drinking...A+

Luis Camacho

Good public attendance

Mike Scherer

Best Taco/Burrito spot in Huntington / Huntington Station. Staff are warm and welcoming to all. Prices are reasonable.

Neltony Spraypaint Arts

Super Cool place, people is friendly and food is awesome!

Bill S.

Homemade authentic tacos that will make you scream Si!

I usually take any food suggestion cautiously. If the source is telling me its the best because the stuffed burger burrito was sooo good, I'll nod and say enjoy. What I'm looking for in a taco are fresh ingredients prepared authentically. I think I found Long Islands best at Mi Viejito Pueblito.

My wife and I are shopping and I tell her it's Taco Tuesday! (It's Saturday) let's get busy with some masa! We park in their lot and walk inside. This is a small space. A few folks in the back are watching Soccer on TV. We step up to the counter and told if we're dining in to sit and the waitress will bring menus. I zero in on my favorite: al pastor. I grab a Jarritos from the fridge and life is good. I'm watching the cook prep the meat, is that a tree trunk? This guy is chopping away on some old school butcher block.

The tacos and sauces are brought to our table.
Tacos? Are bangin'!
Great flavor with hearty chunks of meat. The sauces were authentic and elevated the tacos to rock star status. From the shell to the simple ingredients, the tacos were a little sweet and the sauce brought some heat.

Mi Viejito Pueblito, thank you for the wonderful lunch we had the other day. The tacos were the best we had this year. 2020 does have a bright spot!

Rodrigo G.

Has no flavor food taste old and it's to much for a plate plus you have more than 20$ dollars for delivered actually is discuss me to see this type of restaurant like this like no flavor at all trust me and they can't even made the right other I ask for nachos with guacamole and they bring the shit with old beans aguac and some pico de Gallo actually I'm very unhappy with my order greasy old nachos and more the tacos taste weird and the sauce don't make me start with that

Sara S.

These are the best tacos I've ever eaten in my 31 year old life on Long Island. Huge fan, fell in love with it, and now I'll be a customer for life. Can't compliment the friendly and great service.. and the ease enough. But the tacos. Seriously. Get the al pastor, the asada, the chorizo and but the best one? We loved the lengua and al pastor. It is amazing!!!! The sauces are awesome. A trio of different levels a it's just so satisfying. GO HERE. Tacos come with refreshing side bites to sneak in, radish and cucumbers.
We started with fresh guacamole too. Fresh tortilla chips. Really just delicious clean food. A+. I'll be going back to try many other dishes.

Johnny G.

The best taco spot in Long Island hands down, taste just like the ones on Mexico, this is real Mexican tacos. Must try!!!

William Long

Why do people even eat at the other overpriced Mexican restaurants in Huntington down town?the quality of the tacos here are extraordinary, all different kinds of side veggies and multiple salsas. Not even mentioning it’s 2.50 per taco. Gonna come back here regularly

N T.

I visited this place for the first time today and ordered a variety of foods/drinks and absolutely everything was delicious. We purchased the following:Tacos de lenguaPozole (came with two tostadas on the side)Torta de carne asadaChampurradoAgua de tamarindoI am originally from Mexico and can vouch for the authenticity of the food. I am so happy to have found an authentic place on Long Island that serves such a variety of affordable comfort foods! Their habanero salsa was so good that we purchased some to go!

Nafeesa S.

So delicious!!! Had the carne asada enchilada with habanero sauce- was spicy and flavorful.

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