Subway on Depot Rd.

334 Depot Rd, Huntington Station
(631) 629-4662

Recent Reviews

Susan B.

They barely speak ENGLISH. When I asked a question about the ingredients of a certain sub they don't know what's on it! How much for extra meat? They don't know. Then they tell me 2 different prices. $1.75 for 2 thin slices of turkey!Plus when I asked for extra cucumber she put on 4 slices for a foot long! I asked for more. Then the other worker states they're only allowed to put 6 slices on. OMG all I ordered was turkey, lettuce and cucumber. I could have ordered every other item for free! Will not return

Nayel Elkiki

Placed an online order and the order was voided and I was not informed about it until I got to the store

Laura Perez

Always friendly and they make great sandwiches

Polarized bear

The place is fast and tastes great there are some people who only speak Spanish there but you can use Google translate to understand them

Theresa Lissy

Awesome sandwich

Maureen Canary

Sandwiches were good

Tom Lee

Employee refused a carry out despite ordering online as such and forced me to pick it up inside despite Covid-19. Also she lied about my sandwich being toasted.

Justa Tempa

They don’t understand English here. Not a problem but when you ask for a herb and cheese bread and he takes out a flat bread and slaps meat on it while you say wrong bread. They then yell at you because they didn’t know you wanted the other bread. Also when you say no sauce then the guy puts it on anyways. Not happy about that.

Kaitlin Obrien

This is the 2nd time they messed up my order which is pretty simple. I keep asking for them to toast my sandwich and it’s being delivered to me ice cold. When I called the store the first time, the girl was so rude and nasty and told me there was nothing she could do.

Joanne Dwyer

Fast easy convenient! Personalized sandwich!

Michelle Dasse

This is the third time I have gone to this subway. I ordered a spicy Italian and a pizza sub previously. This time I ordered a pizza sub no sauce and the girl with long nails was charging me $7.19. Why? I ordered it before and paid $4.99 plus tax. I am very upset. She wouldn't tell me why, I told her to enjoy the sandwich and left. I really don't think her nails should be that long, she could barely take the cheese apart. Bad experience, not going back to this particular Subway.

nikole jamison

Since they changed their menu I won't be going back to any subway. I can only have Oli and Vinegar on my sandwiches, but now they have the Vinegar but the oil is Italian salad dressing with tons of seasonings I can't have... I'll miss subway...😢

Jorge Alvarado

Very good place friendly people

Mike McDonald

Another typical franchise dump serving slop to the stupid masses. Stay away from these places, you'll get a food born illness. Just look at the staff and the bathroom conditions to get a sense of how they handle the meats. Nasty!! Where these people come from they dont have food standards! Wake up!!

Ladonna Fuentes

They messed up a simple order, i asked for 2 raisin cookies and 2 chocolate chip cookies. When i got home and open the bag, the women gave me 2 fudge cookies☹

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