124-32a Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens
(718) 261-0008

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Tom S

**This place doesn't have conventional dine in (probably due to covid and work shortages) but still let's you eat inside.I ordered chicken Pad Cee Eiw and it came out fast and fresh. The tase was very good and the ingredients seemed like they were quality. It was a good value for the price overall. The woman at the counter was very friendly and I heard her making suggestions to other customers which is nice.Everything is served to go with seating available. They have water available to purchase but no free tap water. My guess is so they don't have to wash dishes or pay for cups.Overall the food was a 5/5 for me but the heavy use of plastic and atmosphere was a 3/5. Would still recommend to everyone for takeout!

Lynn Cai

The taste is Ok. But I found rubber bands in my fried rice????? Can they be more careless????

Terrence O. James

I was not delighted. Had the Tom Yum Koong, Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice.

Fadia Hoosein

Pad ki meow, chicken fried rice and Thai tea for $27. Very expensive for such small portions.

Maria Hernandez

When it comes to food, I give it a 3/5. Decent thai food but quality and size is nothing to wowed over. Dining experience however, 0/5… You can “dine in” but your experience will be like grabbing your food in a food court. Food/utensils are all packaged to go, and you just sit at a table with no type of restaurant service.What honestly rubbed me the wrong way was the endless tacky/cheap signs that surround the restaurant. They have endless hand written signs that state they do not even provide tap water (basically expecting you to buy a water bottle from them). There were more additional signs saying that requesting a to go plastic container will also cost you extra money. From the large amount of tacky signs decorating the whole restaurant, you can tell the owner is just cheap and stingy…photos speak for themselves

Precious S.

I want to give 4.5 stars! The staff members are super friendly and responsive. I ordered for pick up multiple times and I appreciate them checking in. Wish the portions were slightly bigger but the food is delicious!

Vika Ivanova

We stopped by for lunch there. Specified that we are dining in. Our lunches were served in plastic containers with rice in a separate miniature container. Utensils were plastic too. Food came fast and it was the only positive thing in the whole experience. My seafood dish was $17 and nothing extra was included (no soup or spring rolls or soda). A big sign said that they don’t serve tap water. My mixed seafood dish was not flavorful, tasted semi boiled (not stewed or stir fried), and I suspect that calamari rings were rubbery because they were actually a pig’s part (search for NPR episode about calamari rings). I really like Thai food, but this was the first time that I was disappointed. Perhaps the place was empty in a busy area during lunch hour because no one wants to come back for another meal. I will not be back, that’s for sure.

Andrea Gramajo

Had VERY high hopes that this would be my go to Thai place since I’m near the area, but it’s not, and I hate to write such poor reviews but I can’t even sugarcoat this one.Firstly, the woman at the front needs a lesson in customer service. She was barely attentive and looked like she hated to be there. Secondly, we ordered to eat in the restaurant but there’s no real cutlery or plates. Everything is given to you in to-go containers. I understand that maybe due to COVID everything is given to you in plastic and it’s thrown away after you’re done, but again… I’m sitting in restaurant, I’d like a useful fork and knife.Thirdly, the food wasn’t tasty. I love Thai food, but this barely had that peanutty taste that’s found in Thai, the pineapple fried rice had two small chunks of pineapple and we ordered a serving of pork chops and the meat was dry.I did order Thai chai tea and fried wontons and that was really the only and best part of the meal.I spent around $60, including tip, and definitely expected more. Also note, the serving sizes weren’t that great.

Rachel S

Wontons were over cooked and had almost nothing in it. But the coconut soup was great, so was the Pad See Ew.

Corinne C.

What an amazing dinner. The ambience was friendly and welcoming. We were seated far enough from other diners, so we felt safe eating indoors. Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu, but most importantly for us, about food allergies and what was gluten free. This was essential, because we were dining with someone who needed a gluten free meal. The owner even came out to explain how strictly they determine which ingredients are gluten free and allergen free. Our food came lightening fast and not only was it incredibly tasty, but so were the gluten free items (which we all sampled). All in all, it was a great night out and we are looking forward to returning.

Bibi Nazeer

I have ordered food many times from this restaurant and it was always good but this time it was terrible because of the quality I received and for the price I paid, I had to write this ordered 2 duck pineapple fried rice and the duck was so dry, stale and the rice was hardly seasoned I was shocked because the food is always good but not today :( sad to write this..

Melanie Baturov

Pretty sure the veggie massaman curry isn’t supposed to look like soup. way too watered down

Nicole Pieri

Chicken satay was rubbery do not buyMango salad was goodPad thai was subparFood overall was meh

Nicole N.

The reviews on Uber Eats was pretty great and Ocha Thai definitely delivers good food. The Thai iced tea drinks were a bit too sugary but overall prepared well and had the taste of strong tea leaves. The green curry and pineapple fried rice were delicious. The portion size compared to the price is an amazing deal especially when all the other Thai restaurants are upping their prices. The pineapple fried rice had varying textures from the sweetness of sautéed tomatoes to crunchy whole cashews. The green curry was a little too spicy but for those who love spicy, it's a nice thin curry with a handful of cooked bamboo shoots.

Tamar Stepanian

Good Thai food. Food is fresh, with loaded flavors.

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