Taystee Garden

81-18 Lefferts Blvd, Kew Gardens
(718) 849-2288

Recent Reviews

Patty O'Connell

Beware, the delivery person has been reported numerous times to 911 for belligerent behavior, driving his scooter on sidewalks, refusing to ride on the street and nearly pushing people (including an elderly woman with a walker, which I witnessed) out of his way. After nearly hitting four pedestrians (three with dogs) and calling the police, I followed up with a visit to the restaurant to make them aware of his dangerous behavior. People have complained for months. Unfortunately, he is still employed by Taystee Garden. He will be replaced only when customers choose to spend their money elsewhere. So, I recommend ordering from Jade just down the street. They are super friendly and their delivery people don't threaten to mow you down.

Amanda Khaloo

I ordered the shrimp and broccoli in garlic sauce, and asked for it to be spicy. It was so good!! Probably the best shrimp and broccoli I’ve ever had.

Josselyn Flores

They are just horrible!! The first time I ordered they gave me spoiled food! They never give you what you order either. This is not really Chinese food. Disappointed!

Charles Smith

I ordered a large egg-drop wanton. I had the egg-drop with the 1 wonton.

Veronica Valencia

The pork fried rice was greasy soft mush. HORRIBLE FOOD! The food was a different version of what Chinese food tastes like and looks like.I was shocked when the “General Tsao Chicken” arrived and didn’t even look like it. Customer Service is nonexistent. Beware.Waste of $30+ money.

Preeti Ghotra

Very unprofessional people. Order food for home delivery but they insisted to pickup up and refuse to cancel it

King Of Queens

I buy food here a few times a week, the food is not bad but the delivery guy is the worst, I usually tip him $5 each time but he still gets upset and starts cursing when he has to give me change back.

Mae H.

Haven't ordered from here in a while but we figured we'd get some today. The food was not fresh at all. Wings were soggy and lacked flavor. Homemade ice teas were barely sweetened & the shrimp was old & made my toddler throw up all night. Never ordering from here again

Dienane Fleurival

I recently made a purchase for LARGE green plantains from this restaurant.. I paid for the LARGE green plantains in advance. I was handed the item in a small container by the restaurant worker. I inquired as to why they placed the LARGE green plantains in a small container. The worker told me this is the new large size and moved on from our conversation. I basically paid 8.50 for a small order of green plantains. This is a bad way to do business. Shame on tastee Gardens and buyer beware.

Mister Bunny

There food is old and doesn't taste right. I also didn't appreciate how the lady wasn't wearing gloves and touching all the vegetables with her bare hands. Like that's disgusting and hellooo do you not know what the world just went through. You also have to ask for a spoon or fork cause they expect us to eat with our hands and you don't get sauces until you ask for them. People running this place are very rude and are very quick to grab your money. Like you see it in their body language. I definitely won't be coming here ever again

Jeff G.

I enjoy this place, a small, family restaurant. The guy is always fast and friendly. I highly recommend their shrimp dumplings, fresh, filling and inexpensive.

Ai Summit

Dont have problem with the food but that rude delivery guy needs to go. I live 2 blocks away and hes over there looking puzzled at why the receipt said 0 tip and when i tell him i dont have enough money for the tip, he tells me next time you pick up ok ?Uhm no not ok, the restaurant offers “ free delivery “ how about you just lose yourself one customer have a great day. L****

Philip S.

I can say that this place is emblematic of the worst chinese food available in the forsaken borough of Queens. I had a meal today so underwhelming I could have cried.

Joseph Santangelo

Food was delicious

b elizeanqueen

I ordered 4 wings with fried rice and they gave me some pitiful looking wing that looked old and there was barely any rice in the tray. My tray was not even half full and had the nerve to charge $9. Never again!!

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