1219 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 986-9090

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UNPROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. It BOGGLES my mind how the owner’s think they can take advantage of young kids and traumatize them. Rehiring and firing whenever it is CONVENIENT for them. Upcoming college students can’t even rely of this establishment to be a steady job. Dont even get my started on how the blue and coconut bowl taste the SAME just one has blue dye in it. I will be taking these matters into the Sobol headquarters.

Shiva Ratna

Healthier indulgence for those with a sweet tooth! A little on the pricey side but ingredients are fresh and the fruit bowls are divine!Vegetarian options: All the fruit bowls are vegetarian. Smoothies too!Kid-friendliness: My 4 y.o loves this place.

Andrew Sealy

seems like staff didn't want to be at work that day with their ishty attitude and slamming of my order down on the counter....but it was delicious....that was labor day brunch

Rosemarie Chan

Love the mango bowl. Wish their prices were listed in the place. As of Aug 2022. Their bowls are a little over $10/each. Their smoothies are over $9/each.Lovely atmosphere. Good inspirational quotes. Nice place to connect with friends.Costco Westbury has Sobol gift cards. $100 worth for $75. Totally worth it.

Rajib Mazhar Hasan

Neighborhood gem. The best smoothie in town. Quick service fresh ingredients and lots of choices with resonable prices. And best service.

Audrey Ramsingh

They got great fruit bowls. Very healthy as meal substitute. Nice and clean

Gray Gonzales

They are so quick and efficient. I’ve gone there once in person and was amazed by how fast they made my bowl, but also the quality and taste. I’ve never had a faster experience when I order through Ubers Eats. Any other restaurant takes forever when I order through Uber Eats, but my order was ready in less than 5 minutes! They also are super cute and write little cute notes when I order. Thank you guys, you are all awesome!

hou loa

Friendly staff. Great acai smoothie w almond butter. It made my morning!

Allyson B.

My first time trying this place unexpectedly and they didn't disappoint! The staff was really friendly and we dined in. We got the: BLENDED ACAI with STRAWBERRY AND BANANA with granola, strawberry, banana , BLUEBERRY COCONUT & HONEY Would definitely recommend this and come back again.

Shirley Kahn

it is a very clean place. I tried their acai bowl and it tasted good. i will go back again to try something new.

Deepika K.

This is one of my fave local joints! I had never had an açaí bowl before coming here, and now it's become a staple breakfast order for our house!! While they do have classic options like a regular açaí bowl, they also have some fab twists like the sunshine bowl (pineapple and mango), the pitaya bowl (dragon fruit), and a green version (I believe has spinach or kale!). I've had all of the above except for the green bowl and can only rave about how fantastic all the elements of the bowls are! They offer other options such as smoothies, and other quick bites, as well as sell their granola (which is absolutely delish!). My two faves would be the sunshine bowl and the pitaya bowl for the ~tropical~ vibes! I typically get my orders to go but they do have a nice sitting area, which has been reduced due to covid. Only downside to if you wanted to dine in is that there's no restroom available :( but usually this place is a quick bite type of place and not a cafe type, so I don't foresee that being an issue! Highly recommend if you're in the area to check this place out, they also have multiple locations across LI and the quality seems to be pretty standard!

Johnny Dylan

Very popular, never too busy and their quick to make up your order. Good place to sit and eat too. They have tables and chairs to sit and relax.

Graciela C.

I really needed a green juice during my trip to NY and found this place on Yelp. The SUPER GREEN SMOOTHIE mostly disappointed me. It was ultra sweet my pancreas cried a little. I am not sure if it was the amount OR brand of agave but it was way too much fructose. It was also not well blended and a bit too thick (not from ice). It set me back $8.50 or so and it took a solid 10 minutes to get the drink (Someone else's smoothie came first and they even order after me). Perhaps their açaí bowls are king but the smoothie was a fail for me.

Jackson Y.

Walking through a street fair in New Hyde Park during a hot weekend, we dropped into SoBol for a healthy refreshing drink and the A/C. Ambience: most of the smoothie/acai bowl places seem to hire the same interior designer. Similar to Chinese takeouts, when you see one, you have seen them all. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just pointing out that all these smoothie places look alike. Food: we ordered the very berry smoothie. It was ok, but not as sweet as some other places.

Erick G.

This place is disgraceful. Staff was extremely rude and unhelpful. I ordered a simple plain açaí bowl and it was basically halfway when I received it. I'm disgusted with this careless behavior by the staff and their lack of respect for their customers. I cant like even right now. Ugh.

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