Table 7

214 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park
(516) 502-4224

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Was here for a wedding . Service was horrible . The room as too small for the # of people and food Mediocre. I know the family hosting spent top dollar .would not recommend .

Tiffany Morales

good food and excellent service. Kudos to the team!

Rosemarie Umile McNulty

We had a wonderful dinner. Our service was great ,atmosphere beautiful and felt very safe from

Kym Norman

This was my first time at Table 7 and YOU MUST GO! Everything from ambiance, drinks, food and service were excellent. 100% worth it. Thanks Terry

Tim Kirkem

Definitely a place to try. Service was great, food was better! I had the Lobster Ravioli and that cream sauce is to die for. Will most certainly try this place again

Ting Zhang

Just had the best night ever at table 7 !! Amazing service amazing food. Highly recommend to check out the place for event or just to hangout. The decorations are so pretty??


If you want your Future Bride to cry out of pure anguish, anger and disappointment then this is the venue for you. My wife and I were scheduled to be married here May 23rd, 2020. Understadably, they were not able to hold this date with the state of the world at the time. While working with The Inn at New Hyde Park to reschedule they told us we would not be able to keep a Saturday night as they were booked solid through 2022, Fridays and Saturdays. Reluctantly we settled for a Thursday night, because "it's the new Saturday", 8/20/2020. They strung us along that they'd be able to hold our 250 person wedding since it's well below their 50% capacity. 30 days before 8/20/2020 they had us cut our wedding to 50 people to meet NY State regulations. Finally, 14 days before our wedding they cancelled the event all together stating they couldn't meet the regulations. Meanwhile, within 14 days we found multiple other venues to hold our 50 person wedding and meet those regulations. These cowards have failed to acknowledge that they've done us wrong and won't give us a dime back. Even after we bent over backwards to do everything for them (reschedule, replan, resize, replan). How they do not have the money to pay us back after being "booked solid, Fridays and Saturdays, through 2022", is beyond me. All I can conclude is that they are all talk and a failure of a business. They continue to delete all reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will not experience the dream wedding they fabricate for you

Lorraine K

We went here for a holiday party. The servers were all very nice and friendly. The bartender was exceptional. The butler served appetisers were all very good The antipasto table was also above average. The problem was the main course in the buffet. Everything except for the eggplant was overcooked and dry. They totally killed the skirt steak and chicken dishes. The place looks great

William K

Classic, throw back fine dining restaurant. Great food, great service. Perfect spot for business meetings and luncheons.

Joan P

Went to a the inn for a banquet, about 300 people. The food, service, bartenders, and the women who came to the tables with many choices of appetizers. So many people and the food was hot and to order. (ordered my steak xtra rare)Hope they open up the restaurant again.

Karunya S.

Recently went here on a date. My boyfriend wanted to surprise me with an "upscale" dining experience -- unfortunately for him, I don't think the restaurant got the same memo. Firstly, let me say, as a bartender myself, the drinks are diluted, overpriced, amateur concoctions. It's apparent that the bartender is completely inexperienced in the trade. Drinks are pretty much just math so I immediately knew once that constancy was ruined that the dinner to follow would not be good. (Spoiler: I was right) Usually I'm a bit lax on alcohol, but in this case, I was relying on the alcohol to wash out the taste of the rubbery food. (You know it's bad when the hellish burn of tequila is openly welcomed.) We ordered the burrata, thai calamari, short ribs and veggie stack. The thai calamari and short ribs were terrible and tragically underseasoned. I'm not quite sure if what was served actually constitutes as "thai calamari", but I can say with certainty we were definitely not a fan. The veggie stack was underwhelming, which I guess is a step above "terrible", but still not desirable. It was also one of the most uninspired iterations I've seen of a veggie option - cmon I may not eat meat, but I still have tastebuds! The highlight of the night was the burrata - solely because you cannot mess up cheese even if you tried. I was so disappointed after our expensive rendezvous that we wound up going out for pizza after. In conclusion: this place is a hard pass and I definitely am returning to my designated role of restaurant picker.

Sunny S.

Never againnnn Bad service Bad food This place is waste of money Rather go get pizza from umberto's

Farzia Zaman

Amazing service with amazing food! Portion was huge as well. Love it!!

Lisa Salerno

The best food I've had in a long time. Service is great!

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