Streit's Matzos

171 NY-303, Orangeburg
(845) 359-9203

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Dorothy Fedorczak Adkins

Purchased a box of your

geraldine esposito

the best

Michael Dalewitz

The iconic NYC Lower East Side Matzo is still the best!!!

Randi Wolf

I bought 3 cans of macaroons, and I was very disappointed to find that the PACKAGING is deceptive. I was purchasing these macaroons to use in a recipe which called for 10-12 macaroons. The packaging says 10 servings of 2 macaroons each, so I was expecting around 20 of them in each can. Instead the first can had 13, and then the 2nd can had 14. So I called STREITS customer service to let them know how "off" the count was. Instead of being apologetic, the customer service rep. had all kind of excuses like "We sell by weight, not by the piece" or "contents settle" or "we don't make the, we just distribute them." Finally he admitted they were aware of the issue, and said they would be creating new labels "in the future." To me, what would have left a better "taste in my mouth" would have been to thank me for taking the time to notify them and at least send me a coupon for a free can (worth $3.50). That's what good customer service would do. So instead I will tell the world and they will get a poor review from me.

Patrick Murphy

I just want to say that I really enjoy eating your Whole Wheat no salt Matzo. They are delicious! Even though I am not Jewish, I really love the fact that I can find a delicious whole wheat Matzo that has no salt and is fully Kosher with no added bad ingredients. It is really great to see an old company as yourself still making great products during this pandemic harsh time. I wish the best for your company and blessings for doing the work of the one true G-d of Israel. The G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Leonardo G Grinberg

Wow the matzo smelled so good

Sam Stern

Best local Matzo

Barry May

We bought Streits potato kugel mix and to our surprise there was no baking pan in the box. At first we thought it was only in the package we bought so we bought 2 more packages and still no pan. It say in the directions that the pan was included. We emailed Streit’s. Never reta reply. What’s going on with you guys? It’s not nice to cheat your customers. At least omit your errors. Don’t expect to hear from you but here’s my email address anyway

Michael Abrams

Their product is good but not quite at the level of Manischevitz. Part of an order arrived smashed. It did take some time to hear back from them, but when they reached out they willingly issued a refund.

Jeffrey Friedman

Streit's is the best for Matzah Brei which we make all year round. My wife munches on Streit's right out of the box when she's looking for a nosh late at night and doesn't want the calories or indigestion of a big snack.

Nicole S.

Streit's makes the best matzo, that's just a fact. But beyond that, they also were there for me and my family this year -- with COVID-19 making it difficult to get groceries and many local stores closed, I was having a hard time finding a way to procure matzo for Passover. I had resigned myself to the possibility that it just wasn't going to happen, when Streit's came to the rescue. I didn't even know they did mail order! They shipped me a whole bunch of matzo and other passover supplies, even slipping some freebies into the box. My heart is full of love for this New York institution. Thank you, Streit's! You have a loyal customer for life.

David Girson

Great traditional food. Onlyafew companislikd this left.

Ig La

I tried calling your office, I was switched to the Rabbis extension, I stared recording my message and it hung up on me. So, Here is the long version of my story. I purchased to 2 bags of streits wide egg noodles. the bar code is 070227500201. 12 oz bags, with an experation of aug 15th, 2020. the printed code appears to be BB/MA 2020 AU15_C6. It was purchased at Fairway supermarket in Douglaston NY. I opened a bag of egg noodles it was sealed. After pouring the noodles into

Robert Hecht

I sent in a request about a product over a week ago with no response, I asked whether their ingredients of their Chicken Flavored soup base has MSG in them. The label is marked No MSG Added but that does not tell me if there is or isn't MSG in their ingredients.

trent shupperd

None better! Authentic taste of my childhood. Melts in my mouth is perfection!

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