Turning Point

468 Piermont Ave, Piermont
(845) 359-1089

Recent Reviews

Laura McDowell

Great place to see live music!

nigel lee

Best place in Rockland for Jazz musiclove my Village of Piermont.

Jonathan Schneider

Great place for live music in the Hudson River Valley. Food is good, too

Tara Rutkowski

We saw Steve Poltz here the other evening. The staff was so friendly and attentive. The drinks were flowing and the music sounded awesome!

Tim McAllister

Great venue, up close and personal. Great little town

Mark Aceino

Old school basement music venue. Casual atmosphere with a friendly staff.

Marc K.

Wow. I'm an idiot. I've lived relatively close to here for 30 years (well directly across the River lol), but still there's no real excuse for having not been there sooner. Great intimate space, down to earth, chill, all good things. I moved further away and that's when I decide to check it out. Hope to attend now more often.

tara hammer

Great little venue, always have a good time when we are here

Otto Harris Eckstut

Grrreat sound systems. Incredible intimacy with the performers.

Brian O'Toole

Lotsa great shows at the Turning Point in Piermont NY

Reverend Jefferson

Great venue to play and to see and listen to live music. Intimate, it's about the music.

David Dinhofer

Monday night is jam night! Great music

Dr. JT Kostman

This was my first visit to Turning Point and I'll be back. A cozy, intimate little venue with friendly staff.I've seen Chris Smither perform live a half dozen times - but this was like sitting around with him in his living room. Really cool.

Michael D.

Awesome spot, we found this place after walking along the peir and Tallman Mountain Park. The food had a great taste and all 4 of us enjoy our lunch.

Jan Klincewicz

Rockin' joint in a cure little artsy town. Monday Jazz jam is super authentic with great and "pretty good" players doing authentic Jazz. Mexican food is quite good for suburban NY. Cool scene for a hang.

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