Caribbean Cabana

116-02 Jamaica Ave, Queens
(718) 849-0500

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Jonathan B

Passed by this place maybe 2 billion times in the past few years and decided to finally try it out. Maybe the worst steak of all time no flavor and so chewy I couldn’t eat it. I saved the rest after 2 slices for my dog and even she couldn’t finish it. A dog. Veggies were decent. Baked Potato so cold the butter slabs couldn’t even melt. Service literally non existent and as a server myself was embarrassing. I talked to someone to order and pay that’s it. Never asked once if I was ok. The girls were sitting at a corner table watching videos all shift mind you cuz the place is always dead and now I see why. They cover the windows up with cheap art and tinted window tape so you don’t see it’s dead in there everyday. Get it together.

Dexter McLean

Great Guyanese food and atmosphere. Only thing better is being back in GT.


I love this place, the vibe and the food. Been going here since my 20s and i am now 38. This place is so busy that my waitress took forever after giving us our order.The batnroom needs work- to be cleaned and the doors need to be fixed especially in the restaurant half.The lounge part is nice, the bouncers keep things safe and clean.I love love their drinks!

Candacy B.

Food was not very flavorful. Never buy empanadas at a Caribbean restaurant. The cheese did not taste like cheese. The best part of my meal was my drink and that was watered down

Alex Raghoo

Can't say enough great things !!Kajol ! Kajol ! Kajol ! Yea that's her real name she made my entire visit perfect and amazing ! From entry to exit ! Very friendly and very comfortable I don't care for the food as much as I felt her warmth and yes the food also delivered it was great ! Overall will be back because of the food but mainly because of the service of Kajol it's super rare to receive this level of service and kindness from a West Indian restaurant!! Please come and make sure to see her !!

Sherwin J.

Our waitress was genuinely very nice, love the food I even order on Uber eats, the food was perfect

Randy Rampersaud

The BBQ chicken fried rice didn’t meet my expectations. I felt like the food wasn’t fresh and the rice didn’t have much taste but I did enjoy the BBQ chicken.

Dani S.

I came here a few times for the fried rice and the food was great I have a two year old that likes it. Unfortunately, my family likes here and came for two birthdays with my mother and a few other relatives and the food has never disappointed. I'm sorry to say the last time I was there, the hostess basically sat in the phone at the front desk and completely disregarded the fact that I was standing rite in front of her with a toddler in my arms waiting to pay for my order that I called in. After waiting a bit to see if she would finish up, I saw someone from the restaurant area watching me to see if I needed help and then she tried to help me which she could not because she had no idea how to pay using the computer. The hostess then came off her phone unwillingly and tossed the phone across the table angrily. After she took that same attitude when talking to me with my baby while paying without apologizing, i left after paying. I definitely won't be back here after that experience and have spread the word to my family who are usual customers on their special occasions. What a shame.

Shawn Kelly

Be advised:Updated: the bar is a great place to hang out but the theft is unprecedented. Be aware of your bill, the bartenders will add items to your bill because they think you're drunk and not paying attention to your tab. It happened to me and when I tried to dispute it, they told me to take it up with the bartenders. I ordered two buckets of beers (12 beers total) and was charged for 28 beers. I was charged for beers I don't even drink. Also, the bartenders will add a 15% gratuity to your bill on top of the tips you give them (which in my opinion think is theft). You should always ask for a receipt just in case. My advice is to pay as you buy and don't run a tab. I've advised you.Also, I don't think you people understand the ramification of this issue. I've been going there for years and every time I go I spend hundreds of dollars, so you telling my friends I'm no longer welcome there is not hurting me. You need my business, I don't need yours.

Jewel M.

If you want some banging Lo Mein and delicious chicken corn soup then this is thee Spot!! I ordered the J*** Chicken Lo Mein but was EXTREMELY underwhelmed by the j*** chicken strips..they did not taste anything like j*** chicken strips in my opinion..the chicken tasted like soggy fried chicken chopped into tiny strips. But the Lo Mein definitely made up for that. It was delicious enough to be eaten without any meat. The soup was also amazing! Perfect consistency and flavor..I regretted not ordering a large!

Dafaaz M.

I am from out of town visited the restaurant for dinner. The food and service was above average. We then went over to the club section, paid a cover charge $10 for men and $5 for women. The music was from the crudest part of coolieville Guyana. The DJ was probably from some place very remote. It was definitely not Caribbean. The bar service was good and prices are good, however I do not recommend the Club for a night out.

Babs P.

Had a great experience with my family. Food was delicious... We ordered a lot of food and they did not disappoint. The atmosphere is really nice. The staff are super friendly. Our waitress Samantha was the best. Family friendly for sure.

Izaiah Shah

These shots was amazing! Thank you josh our bartender weekends is packed out but a chill place I’ll definitely be back….

Gaitree Narain

First time (2/12/22) at this restaurant in a large group.and I have to say that I was impressed with the food and services. Food was very delicious n service was very good. I will definitely go again and recommend this restaurant. However, whoever is taking the reservation should informed the people about the restaurant guideline. I got there and was asked for my vaccination card and ID. I was not prepared for this. Luckily I had a photo of it in my phone.

Dianne Carpen

I love ordering food from this restaurant. The food always arrives hot and fresh and super tasty. The ladies at the front are always very kind. Definitely will recommend this restaurant to anyone who has yet to try it. Their chicken fried rice is to die for!

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