Aloha Japanese Bento

217 S Salina St #3, Syracuse
(315) 802-7384

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Cherry P.

Order the spicy fried chicken weekly, Always delicious, ready on time, nice people and service

Nina Fedrizzi

Best ramen I've had in Syracuse—this place is a real gem!

Jay L.

This review will be based on the dishes I had. Pretty solid place for food when looking for food that is filling. I ordered some delivery food from Aloha. I was missing the traditional Japanese food from a cafe back at my hometown, and saw there was Japanese-Hawaiian cuisine around these parts and give it a try. I got the roasted pork ramen with a side of spam musubi and miso soup. Roasted Pork Ramen: The first thing I noticed was the soup was very salty compared to the ramen soup I usually had at other places I've been to. I gave up drinking the soup midway through the meal from how salty it was. I could almost feel the hundreds of sodium in it. The ramen egg and the roasted pork were pretty good though. The noodles came clumped together, but I guess maybe that's from it being a delivery order. Spam Musubi: I ordered this because it was a small salty dish, and I wanted to balance it out with the ramen (which I didn't think was going to be super salty). I was feeling nostalgic and missing the spam musubi that my Hawaiian-born long-distance partner would make. In contrast to the ramen, I fully expected this to be salty because of the spam. However, I couldn't even finish it because the saltiness of the ramen soup lingered in my mouth, and I couldn't take another bite of the spam musubi. I saved it for later. It would've been good without the ramen soup salt lingering. Miso Soup: I ordered this as something to "clear" me up after the big meal. It was a small container of miso soup, just the perfect size because I didn't want a lot. The miso soup had a weird cardboard-styrofoam smell and aftertaste that made me cringe as I tried to drink it. It could have been from the container that they put the soup in. Maybe I should have ordered something else on the menu rather than the dishes I choose (except for the spam musubi).

andy bain

Ordered shrimp dumplings, pork egg roles and miso chicken ramen. Gyoza and egg roll were good. Got to the ramen and noticed the bottom of the bowl looked kind of weird...pulled a dirty lid from under the noodles ? heart breaking because everything was good and then only got to eat about half the ramen after finding the lid.

Elizabeth Abbott

My partner is from Hawai’i. Closest place in all of New York or in the mainland really that has the closest food to Hawai’i that we have found. Incredible food! Chicken Katsu is my favorite!

Kat W.

Very solid hole-in-the wall place in downtown Syracuse. Prices are very reasonable and everything is tasty. Tried the spam and egg musubi, udon, and combo bento with the special mochiko chicken and teriyaki beef. The spam and egg musubi was good, however the rice ratio was a bit too high (looks like the intention is to fill you up). Udon noodles were really tasty, portion was not large but compatible with price;. broth was not typical udon broth; the "soup" base was really more of a sweet soy sauce base (think soba noodles sauce) that was very salty. Combo bento was also tasty. The karage chicken was overcooked (pieces were a little too dark) but flavor was good. Teriyaki beef tasted very much like bulgolgi style and was delicious (just a bit salty though, eat with lots of rice). I wasn't a big fan of the macaroni salad (very sweet) but the portion of that was small. Rice here is delicious and perfectly cooked. Review is obviously being nit-picky but for the price and convenience, a solid choice!

Ev L.

Spicy fried chicken bowl- om nom nom nom nom! This is so tasty! The flavor is great, and, interestingly, the ginger really shines in this dish. Spam and egg musubi- mmm, tamago. Sweet tamago, spam, and a double-wide helping of nicely seasoned rice. One of these will easily fill you up. Roasted pork ramen- the roasted pork is excellent. Takoyaki- enhhh, this was too sour for me, personally. Probably better eaten fresh, too, instead of in delivery form. Macaroni salad- this is an abomination. Do not order this. It's just mayo with a ton of sugar in it mixed with macaroni. Not at all like the macaroni salad I had in Hawaiian food places on the west coast- not sure about how it compares to macaroni salad in Hawaii, but I just couldn't eat it at all. I'll come back for sure though, just for the chicken bowl and musubi.

Xavier Perkins

Amazing and very delicious food. Love it

sinan zhang

There is a rusted metal hook in the noodle. In addition to that there is one dish missing. What’s worse is that they agreed to refund the noodles but got nothing after 2 days.

Sinan Z.

Rusted metal hook find in the noodles. Missing one item of the order. Agreed to refund but got nothing after two days.


Very affordable, delicious, and quick food. Their combos are a really good deal and their sides are awesome. I recommend the mac salad, teriyaki thin beef, egg spam musubi, and butter mochi.

A Google User

Food is just, so, good. Best Japanese/Hawaiian food in the area.

londyn mccall

Good spot for quality japanese food. I give this place two thumbs up. This place has a cool atmosphere.

Anthony B.

Imagine you ordered garlic chicken with rice and you get large pieces of chicken and a heaping amount of rice yet they give you a little thimble of the actual garlic sauce. absolutely unacceptable!What a shame

Shawn Kaiser

A top place for Japanese food. the staff was very welcoming and sociable. prices are appropriate.

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