armory square deli

317 W Fayette St, Syracuse
(315) 741-4444

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Bruce White

Very dirty and sus store, they have a lot of expired food and their deli is awful, falsely advertising boars heads meats when the packaging is generic brands you can get at price chopper or any dollar store, the workers are rude, service is terrible, and the store has a sewage smell, they also had rat crap all over the floor and watch you suspiciously, the fat guy at the counter was poorly dressed and shouting on his phone and rushed me when I was trying to buy something, save your money or spend it elsewhere

Joe Weller

Neat place to grab lunch or a snack.

Adapt One1

Nice clean place to eat. I recommend the 2 Cheese burger special because there burgers are tasty and I think I know why there’s no McDonald’s around here because they can’t compete with this place!!

Eiad Zayne

Great subs here. Make sure you try the burgers with the bacon cuz that’s bangin. Recently switched from the deli around the corner from them and switched to this deli because the service here is 10X better. Not bad prices as well they got great deals especially if you’re grabbing something from the deli!!


The store owner was really rude to me pressuring me to purchase more items when all I wanted was a bag of chips and an Arizona. It was really uncomfortable considering I’m just a broke student who lives close by and constantly felt like I was being judged despite being the costumer. This occurred multiple times before I bit the bullet and decided to walk a bit further, despite the inconvenience, to another deli. The place is also poorly kept and maintained. The store has a rancid smell and roaches in the back. Stay away.

Emad Eddin Chakhachirou

The store smells rancid giving me the worst experience ever, almost threw up in there, never going back ever again!

Anthony Farrelly

Friendly people. Nice service. They have just about everything you need. Everytime I'm in town I make sure to stop by.

Shawnie May

Best store downtown hands down. They have the best customer service, great fresh food... You feel very welcomed there. They have a great selection of drinks and beer. They have burgers that are freaking thick and very good! The subs are great, the meat is fresh,the people are clean and I'm never disappointed

William Bivens

Service is awful. Cashier was poorly dressed while on the phone the entire transaction.. Asked for my I.D. than snatched it..Looked like they did not want to be there at all. Will never spend money at the store and will spread the word on my treatment.

Mike Billingsley

Bad service got nothing good to eat

Murakumo Vance

You could pay 5$ at Burger King for a WHOLE LOT LESS than the burgers you'd get from A.S.D. I know the workers there, tthey're great people & the food tastes great on top of it filling you up!

Rhys Lefler

Nice family run joint and the owner is a great guy. This solid choice if you are looking for a quick cheap bite and descent beer selection, at a reasonable price, when staying at the hotel across the street. I’ve been 4 times in 2 weeks and will be back next time in town.

bukriya othman

My coworkers and I come in here for lunch/dinner all the time and they are great!! Best paninis I’ve had. Very friendly and personable staff. I recommend the Cajun turkey panini!

Josh K.

I went in there to order a turkey sub since the owner felt the need to review his own place on google making me think maybe it was something worthy of trying, upon entering I was greeted with a stern disgusted look by the rude worker at the front and the deli guy seemed annoyed to make the 6 inch sandwich which should have taken him no more than 8 minutes, they ended up taking 20 talking in Arabic the whole time as they seemed to be annoyed that I was watching them make the food, and finally I found out why, the bread had mold on it and apparently they tried to remove some of the mold by cutting off parts of the bread but were too lazy to do so, the "delicious cajun turkey sandwich" was doused with vinegar and pepper both of which I did not ask for and the sandwich was more filled with lettuce and tomatoes then actual meat which was literally 2 slices, upon removing a bit of the meat to try as I always do, I realized what they were hiding, it had gone bad like a month past expiration bad, as soon as I came back to the store to return the sandwich, the cashier screamed at me saying there was nothing wrong with it and offered me a refund of half the amount of cash I spent on it, looking at his deli fridge I saw that a lot of the unopened meats were bloated a clear sign of it going bad and that the pre-made food was going bad. I usually like suprises but this whole experience was a clear lesson, don't go to a deli where the workers review themselves

Eugene Stinson

Needs too open on time as do most of the businesses in this tired city

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