Szechuan Kitchen

725 E Fayette St, Syracuse
(315) 422-8880

Recent Reviews

Robert A

General tso was good and the price was very fair for the amount of food. There is a $10 min for credit cards.

Jonathan Masih Das

Hidden gem in Syracuse with delicious food. Definitely worth a detour!

Nikita Garnham

Great food and service!

Kelly G.

Best Chinese food I've ever had. Consistently incredible. I no longer feel the need to go anywhere else in Syracuse!

Silvia Galarza

Authentic Chinese food with the best and most welcoming atmosphere. This small hole in the wall serves up incredibly delicious foods at beyond reasonable prices.

Jon Plishka

Awesome food. The BBQ is great, the hand pulled noodles are great, awesome people running it.

Kristin Cass

The food was really good! We loved the hand pulled noodles, barbecued offerings, spicy green beans and scallion pancakes. The server was friendly, and we were patient while they prepared everything to our order. Donâ??t forget to ask for water or tea, they may forget to bring it otherwise. Theyâ??re in a somewhat unassuming location, but worth finding them especially if youâ??re looking for a late dinner not involving chain restaurants. Nothing fancy, just great food and nice people.

Michael Lehmann

The food is very good and authentic, as is the whole place. I felt like I was visiting a small restaurant in Xi'an. The hosts are very graceful.

Florievic Sobrecarey

One of the best chinese restaurant that I visited!

Derek Madonia

Don't let the decor fool you. This place is amazing. The food felt very authentic and everything we had was delicious!

Mark Dietrich

I'm staying at the Crown Plaza tonight and earlier had a craving for some General Tso. It was very cold and windy today but I could see the restaurant from my room. So I gambled on risking the freezing temperatures for carry out from a place I knew nothing about. I arrived a little early and had a very nice conversation with a young man who's favorite subject in school was Social Studies. When I asked him what he would like to do when he grew up. Without any hesitation he said that he would like to be an artist. Deeper into the subject he ran and brought out a binder of his drawings. He proudly presented the book to me and as I gazed at the illustrations I complimented him on his work. This made a young boy very happy. My food was then ready and I trekked back to my hotel room. The food was both immense and quite delicious. I now have tomorrow nights dinner already prepared. These folks work hard and produce a good product. It makes me angry when I see a slanderous review which is obviously written from a person who will never understand the efforts and hard work these folks put in every day just because of his or her prejudice of other races.

John O'Driscoll

Fantastic food! I come here every time in I'm Syracuse. The food is authentic and can be extra spicy, but it is so worth it.

MJ mj

Nice people. Small neighborhood Chinese eatery... Don't get anything with Chicken, unless you don't mind that tofu like chicken-food they use. I'm sure many places use it now; just saying, they do too. They have a large menu, reading other reviews reflects satisfaction with various dishes. Good luck.

Jossette B.

I'm addicted to their mo fun! It has the right amount of soy sauce, seasoning and vegetables. Their pulled noodle soup is also great, especially on a cold day or to help you get though a cold or flu. Add some chili oil and it's even better!

Rian Croteau

Always Excellent, Great Variety, Most authentic place in the area. Even large orders come out promptly. Try the Squid-sticks and Dry Pot!

Ray Gallardo

Some of the most amazing authentic Chinese food you will have in central NY!! Itâ??s worth the long wait and slow service!

Elliott Twilley

Some of the best Chinese food I've had in years. Mostly American style but authentic options available. Great staff, family run. 11/10 will come again

Tsung-Han H.

The food is really, although the restaurant is little bit sketchy. Highly recommended

Gabor Hardy

Friendly atmosphere We enjoyed the food. I always rate Chinese according to their ability to make hot and sour soup. The one we had here is marvelous Not too hot and not too bland, plus plenty of vegetables to please your palate. Great to eat if you have a cold. ð???

Celebrity blogs Inc.

Nasty and food smell so bad I couldn't even eat

larry smith

I rrdered take out(Dragon and Phoenix, 2 shrimp, forgot the rice. Food was ok and only 2 shrimp. So so taste and generic taste unlike what they advertise.

Justin Z.

This place opens until 11pm, which is late AF for Chinese food. So if you have the munchies and craving Chinese takeouts after 10pm, this is your spot . The food is just like every other Chinese takeout. Again I wouldn't recommend dinning in because the place is small and a bit sketchy, especially past 10pm. The special dish they have is the "BBQ" meat skewers, which were good but overpriced. I think having a better location and hiring an interior designer should be on their to-do list.

Rachael H.

Wow. So amazing! This place has the best food! I ordered take out the other night and was blown away! Everything was cooked very well and had great flavor. Even the egg rolls were out of this world good! We had ordered egg rolls, pork fried dumplings, one of the vegetable dishes, general tso chicken, and vegetable lomein. I will absolutely get take out from them next time I am in the mood for Chinese. I've heard all their pulled noodle dishes and BBQ dishes are amazing as well!

Ling P.

5 Stars for bringing tasty Chinese bbq sticks to the Syracuse Area! I've been going here regularly since they've opened. This is small, modest restaurant run by a couple (and their very polite son is usually helping around too!), so disclaimer up front..service is going to be on the slow side. Call ahead if you want to save some time and dine in. Food wise, their bbq menu is one of the kind, and close what i remember having in various night markets in China when I was much younger. All the meat sticks are great but a few of my favorites are the pork, shrimp, gizzard, bacon wrapped enoki. The veggies are fantastic too, I frequently order cauliflower and eggplant. Also they have a salt and pepper chicken on the appetizer list and we all call it crack chicken, because we cant stop eating it when we get it. Their noodle soup & stirfries are all delicious. The hand pulled noodles come in a different broth than the hefun & meifun noodle soups. They also have hearty bowls of spicy soups, my fav is the squid one. :D I have had friends try the American Chinese food on the menu, and from what I hear, its a home run, slam dunk, hole in one, :) One sticking point that might put off some customers is that they will not offer you a glass of ice water. (though they will give you a cup of hot water if you ask). There are drinks available for purchase (water, Chinese tea & fruit drinks, soda, beer) in 2 coolers that you can get yourself. Their wifi password is posted on the side of one of the coolers. If this restaurant ever closes, there will be alot of ugly crying on my end.

Peiran L.

It's not a BBQ HOUSE. it's a deep frying house. My server was a 5 years old kid and I waited for 90mins to get my food. And it's way over priced. ç??è?©é?¸?ç²?é???ç??è?©è??ä¸?è¶???ã??æ??æ??ä¸??é?½æ?¯?ç?¸ç?? è??ä¸??æ??è°?æ??ã???å?¯å?¶å®?ç??æ??ç¾??å?ç??è??ç?? é»?åº?ã?????å?ã??$70ç???æ???æ?¯?å??ã????äº?ã??


I don't know why they chose to call it BBQ House. Those are loaded words here in the land of the original Dinosaur BBQ. It's a Chinese restaurant, with the usual menu of a Chinese restaurant. A work colleague and I stopped in for lunch. We were the only two people in the place. I ordered Singapore Rice Noodles and an egg roll. Nothing great, but not bad either. Decent flavor, not too oily, a decent amount of meat, shrimp and veggies. Prices average.Don't expect any kind of service though. The man who took our order(and may have cooked our food) had very limited English skills. Please, not putting the man down, just informing that trying to order could be a challenge depending on who's working.Dining area is basically just benches in a storefront, but nothing you'd call decor. Very no-frills at best. But the food was good enough, they're close to the hotel my company uses. Won't be my first choice, but I'll go back.

Gaoqiang Z.

Worst Chinese food I had in US. Low quality but high price. We ordered potato beef, the beef was smelly...It's not swallowable. I'll never visit it again....


Decent Asian restaurant. Had better food in the area, but this place seems to have pretty authentic Chinese, Korean, and Thai options. Just don't expect the food to knock your socks off.

David Hentz

Very solid place to go. Good portions and price. I ordered takeout. Dining area aesthetics leave a lot to be desired but I don't generally care much if the food is good, which it is. If you're looking for good Chinese this is a trustworthy place.

Dallas H.

Great! It was spot on with everything; quick delivery, great tasting food, and very responsibly priced. We will definitely be ordering from them again soon. Boneless BBQ spareribs were amazing!

Adrienne C.

I just ordered from here. I am a chef 15 years in the business. I did not like this food. I ordered shrimp and broccoli the shrimp wasn't devein, the broccoli tasted like it has been sitting for a few days. Just not good. Maybe I should have went to pick up. I still would have the same outcome. I don't recommend this restaurant.

Dawn F.

Awesome! Had my BBQ fix today. As usual, BUBBAS did not disappoint. I tried the ribs, mild seasoning, I prefer to add my own heat with one of BUBBAS tasty sauces. Comes with 2 sides I chose collard greens and baked beans. The ribs were meaty, juicy and tender. Collard greens were seasoned just right and the beans were plenty. I noticed a few negative reviews and can't help wondering if they were for this fabulous place. Stomach ache? Well if I ate a bowl of beans and cabbage my stomach would "blow" up also. Give this place a try as the food is great and the service first rate!

Wayne W.

This was the BEST Chinese food I have had. Hand pulled noddles, fresh vegetables, with great flavor. Don't be discouraged by the outside look of building or small seating area. Loved that their son came out to greeted us and gave us menus. Friendly willing to explain menu items and make suggestions. Every order was enough for two to eat. Six of us ate and had enough for all to have leftovers.

Dave W.

The food here is WONDERFUL.. fresh made to order and very tasty, it smells heavenly when you walk in the door.. the menu is extensive and has something for everyone, The noodles are amazing, and the only thing that I wish was different would be that you could watch them make the noodles and work in the kitchen.. This isn't a fancy place to look at, but it's clean and the food is legit

Gary S.

Awesome take out today. Salt and pepper wings, pork with hand pulled noodles, dumplings, the works. Everything was great. Food here is awesome. Try the wings. Definitely not your average boring American Chinese take out. Take a chance and try something new. Bbq veggies and meat sticks were a treat as well.

james w.

I'm giving this restaurant 5 stars because a 3.5 star Yelp rating doesn't do it justice. I had 2 dishes delivered to the crowne plaza down the street. Beef noodle soup - broth was tasty, a little spicy, had lots of veggies, and literally a boatload of noodles, beef was tender and flavorful Potstickers - they were pan fried, tasty filling, and accompanied by a dipping sauce that had hint of sesame, and the perfect balance of tart and sweetness making this dish some of the best I've had I didn't get around to eating the food till over an hour later cause I was running to the airport. I found the quite tasty even after it had been left sitting. Try leaving Chinese food out from another place for an hour and see how it tastes lol The poor delivery person was so patient with me too after making her wait in the lobby for me. She's super nice =) Prices are not overly outrageous, but not cheap either. Definitely is on my recommend list!

Steven S.

I come to this place every time I come to or even drive through Syracuse. Love this place and the owner is really nice. Her son is so cute too. He goes into the kitchen and tells his mother customers are coming. The service can be slow but that doesn't beat the quality of their food. Every time, I order Lamb Noodle soup and BBQ. Really good noodle and definitely will keep coming to this place.

Angela L.

We are regular customers since it's been open, mostly for takeout (lunch and dinner). Our regular order is beef sautéed handpulled noodles, shrimp sautéed handpulled noodles, and an order of lamb skewers. Order is ready within 20 min of the call, we pick it up and everything is piping hot and fresh. One order of noodles is good for 2 people, and we save the rest for the next day. There is a variety of veg in each order as well - cabbage, carrot, brocolli, mushroom, and a few others I'm probably forgetting. We opt for the shrimp instead of the seafood option because you get more shrimp and less fake crabmeat. It goes without saying that the quicker you start on the noodles, the less soggy they are (this isn't usually a problem for us). Flavor is nice and light, not excessively salty and a good taste of garlic and sesame oil. You get three skewers in one order, there's not a ton of meat on the stick but it's nicely roasted with a dusting of the chili salt seasoning that brings back memories of street food in China. My husband mainly gets it for nostalgic purposes haha - but it's a nice snack. Total comes to $26, which feeds two people two meals, so really good value. Great for a night off from cooking.

Chris B.

Went for the first time today. And it was ok some highlights and some blah. First the soup I had the ox tail and overall it was good. Actually I'd say the soup noodles and veggies were above average but the ox tail it self that's a different story it was very tough and honestly I thought it was old. Now I'm pretty good with chopsticks in fact I've been known to pick wedgies with them ok not really but when I can't hold the bone of ox tail and get the meat off it something is no Bueno that being said the soup broth and noodles were very good. Also had some mixed meat skewers and they were um ok. A bit gritty for my liking I will def go back to try other soups but perhaps I'll stick with different proteins

Yvonne G.

On my way home to Buffalo I decided to stop and look for something to eat. Alas, I got lost in downtown Syracuse, thank you Google Maps. I was looking for a Korean restaurant and ended up with Chinese. From the outside, this restaurant didn't look very convincing because it was attached to an apartment. I assumed the owner must live here. The restaurant size was fairly small with a few tables. It's also half mini market that sells some ramen noodle, chips, goodies, and some can goods. I was the only one in the restaurant. Literally I could play hopscotch from one table to the next because I was the only customer. But of course I don't want SPD to come and lock me up so I had to tamed myself. The menu offers variety of dishes from barbecue, regular Chinese food and hand-pulled noodle, soup or pan-fried. I didn't try the noodle but I ordered Enoki mushroom hot & spicy soup. It is a curry based soup with enoki mushroom, broccoli, seaweed, slices potato and taro, and silver noodle. I was surprised how tasty the soup was. The cardamom and chili paste gave a full flavor of the soup and it was perfect with steam rice. What a delicious and hearty meal. The price was decent for a big portion of soup. I also ordered BBQ pork which come with sauteed broccoli and onion to go. Unfortunately it wasn't as appetizing as I thought. I thought the idea of BBQ should be a smoky flavor with a tad of sweet and tangy meat. Not this one. I was pretty disappointed with this dish. Overall, It is hard to give a three star to this place but I can only rate based on 1 meal which was amazing, and not so much for the other. The owner was nice and friendly, however, the service was pretty slow for one customer. I would like to come back and try the noodle dish when I stop by in the area.