Szechuan Kitchen

725 E Fayette St, Syracuse
(315) 422-8880

Recent Reviews

Vivian Huang

Amazing! The fried salt and pepper chicken is literally my favorite food. It has such a special flavor that I cannot find anywhere else

Jessica Langford

Used to live in the City, upper East side, and would visit this Chinese restaurant often. This was back in the mid 1970's. It was great then for eat in (just 12 seats) or take out. Today, after they moved three blocks it is only take out. I've had my fair share of Chinese food in China Town, and still prefer Szechuan Kitchen to any restaurant downtown. We are now outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey, and have tried a dozen or more local Chinese restaurants. None have made it worth returning to them.

Jamie Elliott

Friendly atmosphere . We enjoyed the food. I always rate Chinese according to their ability to make hot and sour soup. The one we had here is marvellous. Not too hot and not too bland, plus plenty of vegetables to please your palate. Great to eat if you have a cold. The food is very good and authentic, as is the whole place. I felt like I was visiting a small restaurant in Xi'an. The hosts are very graceful. This place is also great for takeaway, but if you call, give them a few more minutes - each dish is made for you.

Robert A

General tso was good and the price was very fair for the amount of food. There is a $10 min for credit cards.

Coop C.

Well, food quality is indeed a problem for sure. We ordered some BBQ, clearly meat was not fresh at all, other stuff such as dumplings are just so so. Big disappointment.

Jonathan Masih Das

Hidden gem in Syracuse with delicious food. Definitely worth a detour!

Nikita Garnham

Great food and service!

Kelly G.

Best Chinese food I've ever had. Consistently incredible. I no longer feel the need to go anywhere else in Syracuse!

Silvia Galarza

Authentic Chinese food with the best and most welcoming atmosphere. This small hole in the wall serves up incredibly delicious foods at beyond reasonable prices.

Jon Plishka

Awesome food. The BBQ is great, the hand pulled noodles are great, awesome people running it.

Kristin Cass

The food was really good! We loved the hand pulled noodles, barbecued offerings, spicy green beans and scallion pancakes. The server was friendly, and we were patient while they prepared everything to our order. Don’t forget to ask for water or tea, they may forget to bring it otherwise. They’re in a somewhat unassuming location, but worth finding them especially if you’re looking for a late dinner not involving chain restaurants. Nothing fancy, just great food and nice people.

Michael Lehmann

The food is very good and authentic, as is the whole place. I felt like I was visiting a small restaurant in Xi'an. The hosts are very graceful.

Florievic Sobrecarey

One of the best chinese restaurant that I visited!

Derek Madonia

Don't let the decor fool you. This place is amazing. The food felt very authentic and everything we had was delicious!

Mark Dietrich

I'm staying at the Crown Plaza tonight and earlier had a craving for some General Tso. It was very cold and windy today but I could see the restaurant from my room. So I gambled on risking the freezing temperatures for carry out from a place I knew nothing about. I arrived a little early and had a very nice conversation with a young man who's favorite subject in school was Social Studies. When I asked him what he would like to do when he grew up. Without any hesitation he said that he would like to be an artist. Deeper into the subject he ran and brought out a binder of his drawings. He proudly presented the book to me and as I gazed at the illustrations I complimented him on his work. This made a young boy very happy. My food was then ready and I trekked back to my hotel room. The food was both immense and quite delicious. I now have tomorrow nights dinner already prepared. These folks work hard and produce a good product. It makes me angry when I see a slanderous review which is obviously written from a person who will never understand the efforts and hard work these folks put in every day just because of his or her prejudice of other races.

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