110 Almond St, Syracuse
(315) 870-9043

Recent Reviews

Lisa Walsh

Completely overpriced! I ordered a caramel iced coffee that was UTTERLY DISGUSTING! There was no ice at all,or caramel& the coffee itself tasted like it was hours old! This isn't my 1st time having a bad experience here! The line is about 20-25 minutes which is a LONG time to wait especially considering the poor quality of what should have been a simple cup of coffee!! This time however,I drove back to the window and requested to see the manager...He was rude, grabbing my coffee,dumped it out stating" looks fine to me!"never apologized ** THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE RIGHT** and how can he tell how it tastes by looking at it!Overall it was one of the WORST experiences i have EVER had! I will NEVER visit a Dunkin Donuts AGAIN!


Drive in is litte difficult, you have to curve the vehicle to speak into the speaker set and have to hit reverse to get back in to the line. But on the good side if you are a regular there they have multiple windows and you will probably know which window not to go to.

Gerald H.

Didn't have any issues getting our pumpkin iced coffees on the way into downtown for the convention. The process was pretty painless all things considered and there weren't any snafus in getting our order. We did the drive thru so I can't speak to cleanliness but in terms of execution of our order was properly handled. Using the drive thru, there wasn't an obscene wait time or anything like that and my iced coffee slapped. Would come back if in the area but obviously that won't be the case often.

Kimberly Brooks

I have no idea how this place is in business, as a total company honestly. The coffee is nasty and the donuts are dry.

Krystal Burchard

It was ok, I waited in line an she kept calling everyone else up but me.

Lisa Corey

Again the two-way communication is awful, and stupid busy with stupid people 100% of time.

Alyssa Covey

The worker who served me accidently made my iced coffee without the flavor lol and kindly took it back and fixed it. And gave me napkins to clean the cup had coffee on it but it was great iced coffee very good. Thanks!


I've been there three different times in the past month and every time they're out of most of their things on the menu. The last time, they took my order and I waited in line for ten minutes to then be told they didn't have eggs. Then asked for something else and they didn't have that item either.. will not be back.


Pretty good chai but not enough sugar

Jeff Kabanuk

fast coffee.you know what you are getting

Brandon Karschner

I stop here almost daily. I love my coffee in the morning. I can't help but look forward you stopping in here first thing in the morning to get my first cup. They almost give Recess Coffee a run for their money

Lisa Telego

A really good employee makes a world of difference... Don't know her name but she makes the atmosphere nice.

Deidra Baker

Who doesn't love Dunkin? This one is super quick and very clean!!

Elaine Renodin

Coffee was good as Dunkin is but we sat in line waiting for mobile order for forty five minutes and there was one car in front of me

Merryl Elliott

First time recognizing that this is only a drive thru Dunkin. But overall the staff was fast and precise. And the cosmic coolata was delicious

Lance Barnard

Coffee wasn't too bad. Lol

Hannah P.

Apparently this is what waiting 10 minutes for a toasted plain bagel will get you.......

Brandie Hawley

This location is constantly opening late. Today they were still closed at 6:30!! Normal hours are 5 am! Get more reliable workers if thatâ??s your issue. Also they always screw up orders.

David Gregory

Always super busy it seems but happy with my � and coffee. Employees aren't bad either...

Brian Thompson

Love the coffee fast service

Jana Herholtz

I am very disappointed. I come here almost every morning at 5:20 am and they say they arent open yet because the other employee hasn't came to work yet. This has happened too many times. This is poor business.

Aimee plon

They are always very slow and not the friendliest there

Brandie Rivers

This location is constantly opening late. Today they were still closed at 6:30!! Normal hours are 5 am! Get more reliable workers if thatâ??s your issue. Also they always screw up orders.

Danielle Schaefer

Good service, great coffee and even better donuts!!

Brenda L.

I got a small iced shortbread latte with skim milk and thought it was good but a little artificial tasting and a little bland. I thought it was really cool that they have fun flavor options like these Girl Scout flavors (others include thin mints and caramel coconut). Overall, I have always been a bigger fan of Starbucks compared to Dunkin Donuts. This location can sometimes be pretty busy because it's located close to Upstate Hospital. They have a drive-thru and a parking lot with some pretty rough concrete. I think grocery store donuts taste better than the donuts here (and are cheaper). They have a happy hour from 2-6PM where the lattes are only $2 for a size medium.

Kit Moore

Since my last posta few months ago about wrong orders received two days in a row, a manager reached out to me and I haven't received a wrong order since. Great job.

kristy mcdole

DO NOT GO TO THIS DD IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES OR A RESTRICTED DIET. This particular store's location may seem convenient until you drink or bite into something you did not order. They repeatedly get my simple single orders incorrect with very wrong ingredients. I will not return.

Shannon McNamara

Gave us two large black coffees. Not what we ordered. They didn't put anything in it. And it's drive through only with a massive line so we couldn't go back and get it fixed.

James Tyson Clarke

Somehow with two drive thrus they still take forever in the morning, but the coffee is needed and appreciated

Kim Nguyen

Dunkinâ?? Donuts I love to eat donuts pink strawberry

Jayla Wright

I like them but not when the dounuts are stale

Michele Flo

This is the most polite Dunkinâ?? Iâ??ve been too!

Alisa Silkworth

Great place for a quick coffee! The menu has been changed, so make sure you check out what's new and what's gone.


Visited here around 2:45 in the afternoon. The croissant was supposed to be heated but it was cold. The guy that took our order...and the girl at the window...while not exactly unfriendly, just seemed uninterested. Good thing it's just a drive thru. Probably won't come here again.

Rosita M.

One word; FLAVOR. Not! I bought pumpkin spice macchiato. It did not taste like pumpkin spice at all. It tastes like the espresso expired, it was not even a hint of sweet. I even tried mixing it. I'm very disappointed. I had the pumpkin spice latte on another location and it tasted a bit like pumpkin but it was at least 60% better than this one. My husband asked for the ice macchiato and when he sipped his expression was "eww gross"!. And he eat like week old food... so it must of been very bad.

Kwi L.

Drive in only. Went early on a Saturday so there wasn't much traffic/waiting. However they ended up messing up the order. They corrected it right away and that was fine. Even with the mishap it didn't take much longer. Location- easy to get in and out. Ease-there are two drive in windows. I can imagine it might get a little confusing since the building is so small and has a window on either side.

Fox E.

If I was a basketball player I'd be Dunkin' all the time. But I'm not so I rarely do. I think their donuts are bad. I think their hot chocolate is good. This new location is close to downtown and brand new and pretty quiet and very clean, so I'll give it a 3. The girl who served me was super nice. Hot chocolate tasted excellent as usual and not too watered down. The mint hot chocolate that my companion got tasted "a bit weird" but that may just be her since she's a bit weird. It's a corporation so your money leaves Syracuse so it gets downgraded a bit. Also that moment when you come to be the first to review a business you added to Yelp and realized that someone jumped in there. Well played, sir.

Ahmad F.

I visit syracuse all the time. Its a new spot. Drive ins only. I dont usually leave reviews for franchises. The only reason i am giving one is because of the employee who made sure i get the freshest donuts. So she opened the mighty tray that just got in and filled up my box. Thats all according to her. Soo i take it. Wish they had a proper walkin spot. Cool beans.