Jamaica cuse

117 E Fayette St, Syracuse
(315) 399-4027

Recent Reviews

Drew Peterson

a clean version of every JA kitchen I have entered. with a nice vibe and music. the Food was done just right.. big ups..

Cynthia J.

Very Unprofessional I am out of town and wanted a special food delivery for my son in Syracuse, I contacted them for a price for over a week. They kept saying they would call me back with a price never did. I told them my budget. but I kept calling them because I wanted to support a Black business. They tried to overprice me so I had ordered elswhere Never again

nada i.

This place has horrible service. They made it so difficult for me to order. They took food out of my order without telling me and when I called they put me through a whole process and they made it very difficult for me to replace the foods and even then they wouldn't offer me a bigger plate for it, just a small plate even though I offered to pay for it. I wouldn't Recommend this place to anyone. If I could give it zero stars I would.

Cassie C.

We ordered the oxtail and curry goat dinners. The meat was tender and flavorful, however there wasn't much of the oxtail meat due to how many bones there were. The plantains are a must get as a side! They were some of my favorite parts of the meal. The rice itself was a bit hard in some bites and could've done with more cook time. I'd be open to trying other dishes here.

Kelvin M.

Excellent!!! This was our first time trying Jamaica Cuse and we were very impressed. We started with the Jerk Wings which blew us away. Excellent flavor and some good heat - had our scalps tingling. Then we shared two dinners: ox tail and curried goat. Both were excellent. We will be back.

Alicia C.

This quality Jamaican spot is a perfect addition to the heart of downtown Syracuse. I've tried the jerk chicken and curry chicken so far. Along with rice and peas, cabbage, and plantains. All delicious! Excellent flavor and well cooked. I will be back. The space is large but not yet optimized, though there is a decent amount of tables. I look forward to seeing how they develop the space.

Late Earth

Amazing food, great staff. Love this spot

Hayley Bowen

Tried Jamaica Cuse for the first time and it was fantastic! We got the curry chicken and the jerk chicken, both were delicious and the staff was so friendly and welcoming, very fun casual dinner experience.

Narvina F.

My co-worker and I are in town for a quick work trip and the owner of this restaurant was our Uber driver. He was chatting us up the whole drive and mentioned he owned a Jamaican restaurant. He gave us a menu and we went on our merry way...while we're thinking of what to eat for lunch, my co-worker mentions the menu, so we decide to try it. And OMG! Delish! I have no pictures because the food was gone instantly after the first bite lol. I got the jerk wings with cabbage and plantains and he got the stew chicken with cabbage and rice and peas. Everything was perfect! If I'm ever in Syracuse again I will definitely be back!

Maddy F.

I got the small jerk pork dinner today. Been hearing a lot about this place lately and it definitely lived up to expectations. The pork was flavorful and super tender. *chefs kiss*. Not too spicy if you have a mild palate. The dinner comes with rice, cabbage, and plantains. All were delicious. I got the rice and beans rather than just plain rice. I ate every single bite. The small dinner was enough to fill me for the rest of the day. The owner and staff are very helpful and sweet. Give this place a try!

Erica M.

Let me say the food was sooooo good! I ordered the large oxtail dinner which came with rice & peas, cabbage, and plantains. I am not a fan of sweet plantains so I got mine without. The large oxtail dinner is a bit pricey at $24 but I get it, everything is going up these days. I can say at least for the price you really do get a lot of food, and with it being so delicious I honestly don't mind paying it. I'd definitely recommend trying this place out, you won't be disappointed. I plan on making this my go to Jamaican food restaurant from now on.


Delicious food! This photo is of the ox tail dinner. With rice and beans plantains and cabbage. Delicious flavors and portions are excellent. Ordered a beef patty and that was delicious too. Ate it before I could take the picture.. but not your typical frozen beef patty that everyone else sells. I will be coming here as much as I can. I'm trying the jerk chicken next. Wish this place the best I hope business stays boombing! Prime food, Prime location. Definitely Win Win.Update: just ordered the Stewed chicken. Flavors, and portions were very good. Wish I had ordered another beef patty.

Justin Bartlett

Just ordered lunch from here for the first time. I was not disappointed. Excellent and friendly service. I ordered the rice and beans and jerk chicken (size: medium) all delicious!!! Huge portion. I would definitely eat here again. Highly recommend!

Talucci J.

This place is in a great location, with very friendly staff. The proportions are unbelievable! I ordered a medium stewed chicken with rice, cabbage and fried plantain. It was well over 2 lbs of food. When i got back to my office everyone was clamoring to see what it was that smelled so good! Everything was so tasty, very rich flavors with the perfect amount of heat and juiciness. I highly recommend giving this place a try!

Andrew T.

The first time I stopped in it took 45 minutes to get my food to go but WOW it was worth the wait as it was delicious and fresh. The jerk chicken was tasty and spicy and even the cabbage and rice and beans were amazing. The second time it only took minutes to get my food for take out and it was just mediocre. The chicken was very cold and they did not include any cabbage or plantains in my order which was a disappointment. Seems to be hit or miss. Will give it a third try to see if it improves or continues to not live up to that first experience.

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