Jamaica cuse

117 E Fayette St, Syracuse
(315) 399-4027

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Gabrielle Lynn Pupecki

Pros: 1. Staff was friendly when they called to let us know they were out of items we ordered and offered us substitutions. 2. Restaurant refunded order in regards to the cons. Con: Pasta salad was covered in mold. I had started eating the chicken curry, which tasted fine and then tried a bite of the pasta salad. It tasted like it had gone bad. I did not notice right away but after looking with my glasses on, it was clear that it was covered in fuzzy white mold with green and black spots

Owen Graham O'Neill

My wife is of Jamaican descent, and I've been eating Jamaican food since the mid 90's - long before my wife and I met. We love this cuisine and are familair enough with it to make good assessments about quality. Jamaica Cuse offers excellent food. We don't live in Syracuse but visit several times each year. She ordered the ackee with saltfish (look it up if you don't know what it is,) and I got a medium jerk chicken dinner. The rice 'n peas was spot on (if a Jamaican restaurant doesn't make good rice 'n peas, then you can assume the worst about the rest of their food.) Both of our dinners came with a few pieces of ripe plantain and some fired cabbage. She pronounced the ackee with saltfish to be excellent, and I was delighted with the jerk chicken. It was a generous portion, was moist, and had LOTS of heat (exactly the way I like it.) We hope they enjoy great success, as the food is very good and the peopel who operate it are very nice. Great addition to the Syracuse dining scene.

Alisson Bisono

Absolutely FIRE. Came here last minute while visiting and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made ever hahaha huge portions, very fresh, and wonder treated us to some plantains. If you want a good home cooked meal, get here ASAP!!

Jim Brule

We ordered jerk chicken and curry goat - delicious! Authentic meals (with beans, rice, cabbage and plantains!), very friendly staff, quick service! What more can you ask for!?!?


Jamaica Jerk chicken plate with plantains rice , beans & cabbage was??stopped by with my partner who commented below? the guy was nice an understood why I couldn't order certain things cause of my pregnancy an gave other options. Deff a taste of home??will definitely be back.

shaayziah williamss

This has to be the best affordable Jamaican spot, & there mango juice was one of the best juices I’ve tasted, food is always good as well!! They never fail.

K Mims

The staff was friendly and informative.. the food tasted good. The pricing was higher than what I am use to.

Judy Palmer

Beautifully seasoned fresh oxtails were the center of a family celebration! Succulent, savory, soft, delicious, plentiful portions and clearly prepared with love. The only thing missing was my grandmother humming in the background. The sides, the plantains especially, played a critical support role to round out the joy of this comfort food melody. I recommend Jamaica Cuse highly. It’s is local treasure. I encourage you to support and enjoy!

Dean Stirrat

Ordered Jerk Chicken with rice and peas and was not disappointed. Best Jamaican food I’ve had here. Heard they had plans to add a bar which I would surely take at advantage of. Hope the business continues to thrive.

Sharon Perkins

Love the food, came from Oneida NY to get some. Well worth the drive. Wish they were open more, would diffenitly get my business. Delicious food.

Drew Peterson

a clean version of every JA kitchen I have entered. with a nice vibe and music. the Food was done just right.. big ups..


The food is amazing and great portions. The customer service is awesome as well. It’s definitely my favorite Jamaican spot in Syracuse. If your looking for a good place to go for a home style meal, this is the place to go.T-Keyah


We were so excited to try this place. I’m a huge huge fan of Jamaican food, and I know how delicious and flavorful it is from living in other cities where I had it. Decided to finally order from this place tonight. Unfortunately it was a total disappointing experience. For starters, this place has an absolutely horrific phone customer service. My daughter placed an online order. They somehow decided to take food out of our order without telling us, and when we called they put my daughter through a whole long process and they made it very difficult to replace the food they took out due to shortage (which is not the consumer’s fault; if you are out of shrimp, take it off the menu or make sure you note that it’s not available), and even then they wouldn’t offer us a bigger plate for any replacement items, only a small plate even though we offered to pay extra for it. The food finally arrived and it tasted like wood!! The chicken was full of fat. The oxtail is literally like rubber! So much fat, grease and small pieces that are difficult to cut the meat off it’s done, and it simply was over cooked and tasted - and felt - like greasy rubber!! My daughter found some noodles in her pasta that weren’t cooked!! And the part that was cooked was stale! The rice was below average. Everything we ordered and were so excited to eat went to the garbage.I wouldn’t Recommend this place to anyone. If I could give it zero stars I would. Beyond disappointed. What a waste of money and what horrific experience!!

Late Earth

Amazing food, great staff. Love this spot

Hayley Bowen

Tried Jamaica Cuse for the first time and it was fantastic! We got the curry chicken and the jerk chicken, both were delicious and the staff was so friendly and welcoming, very fun casual dinner experience.

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