Roji Tea Lounge

108 E Washington St #2, Syracuse
(315) 428-0844

Recent Reviews

Fox E.

Owned by Roji Federer, Roji Moore (007), and Roji Rabbit. One of Syracuse's most popular Boba spots, with cute decor and a wonderful location, but I really, really don't like the products, which seem neither authentic (in a boba sense), nor tasty (in any sense). Definitely a disappointing bubble tea shop and not what I was hoping for when I came to one of the most popular bubble tea stops in Syracuse. Luckily there is a KFT in the former Carousel Mall and a brand new Feng Cha close by on Marshall St near downtown, because this is definitely not boba as far as I'm concerned. Especially in New York State, which is home to NYC, which is home to some of the very best North American Bobitos. Compare this more to TLC in Buffalo or Bubble Fusion in Rochester, and sure, if you don't know Bubble Tea, if you think Bubble Tea is sugar water, and you don't have expectations, you might really like it, but if you have high standards for bubble tea you would probably really really not like this.

Tahsin L.

Great vegan options! I came here with a friend on a Summer weekday evening. It was small but very cute on the inside. I really liked the seating at the low tables. There was a bookcase of board games and we played battleship while we waited. The food and drinks didn't take very long to come out though. Food-wise, we got some vegan cookies and they were yummy, not too sweet which I was happy about. One of the ones I remember really liking was green tea flavored. I also got the green tea cake. I like green tea flavored things clearly. Haha. The green tea cake came with whipped cream and a sweet red bean sauce. By itself, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much because the cake itself was a very mild flavor. The whipped cream and red bean really made it for me. It was sweet and delicious and I loved the way the different textures and flavors worked together. I also had a basic onigiri which I have no complaints about. Tea-wise, I got the lemongrass & ginkgo tea. There were lots of tea options. It was difficult deciding on just one. My tea had a mild flavor but it was very refreshing. My friend got a mango tea which I tried and thought was very delicious. They were both very refreshing in the summer. I look forward to trying more of the teas. I recommend checking it out. The tea, food and atmosphere were very pleasant. I really enjoyed the visit and I hope to return soon.

Tiffany T.

This is a cute tea lounge in downtown with a great tea menu! My friends come here all the time, but they all say the same thing as what I experienced. Customer Service is severely lacking. Nothing on the dessert menu was available. I ordered a cake priced at $5 in the display case and was charged $6. Not a big deal, but I was then told that the pricing is wrong in everything with no effort to change the small tag which would take a second. Cute place, but there should be a stronger focus on customer experience here.

Sarah Robinson

I usually love this place and come here a lot, but I will not returning.

Kim Mena

Love this cute little tea place! You can sit at tables or sit traditional Chinese style on the floor. They have a food menu, not large but desserts and snacks so you can munch while drinking tea. Would highly recommend! 🍵👘

Ali Wazir

Great relaxing place in down town Cuse.Open late every day!The boba tea selection is limited but good. The herbal chai was ok but that is something very hard to get right. Will be back.

Michael Shannon

Awesome place for relaxing and having a great pause from life. A real lifeboat of calm in a hot world.

Fiora F.

Very relaxing little cafe. They have these Japanese mats where you can sit on and stay for a long time to drink your drinks and chat or relax. The drinks are not as authentic as the ones you get in nyc but it is overall good still.

Jordan T.

This cozy little tea shop is my favorite spot in the city. They have a huge variety of high quality teas and a very knowledgeable staff that's always open to providing helpful recommendations specific to you. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect and it always feels like a relaxing little escape. I've fallen in love with so many of their teas but my favorite is the Lapsang Souchong, which I recommend to anyone and everyone I bring there.

Sarah S.

The green tea cake was okay. It was pretty dry. The masala chai latte didn't have as many spices as I thought it would, but I enjoyed both of them anyways. I would recommend the masala latte, but I wouldn't order the green tea cake again. The atmosphere was cute. They have a small room with tables and cushions to sit on. The other room has a few regular tables and chairs. It's not a large space, but it's great to relax and hang out with friends. The prices are mid-range. About $5.50 for each the latte and cake. I would come back and try something different :).

Madison M.

Ideal place to study. Great teas. It was my first time having "real" chai. Really delicious. Very aesthetically pleasing, clean, quiet and great hours. Very nice staff as well. I had Masala Chai and Edamame. I also had their Thai Tea with boba.. it was refreshing. Wasn't super sweet like I've had at other places (same with their chai). Their boba was delicious and reminded me of honey. Definitely will be coming back.

Alison Brummet-Dukes

It is soooooo nice to have a cup of tea that has been brewed correctly! No bitterness, only high quality teas from around the world. Lovely spot, wonderful people.

Timothy Taber

Great place to relax and enjoy just about every tea one could want. They offer two different seating area's, one with couches and another were you can take your shoes off and site on rugs in what I consider to be traditional Japanese style. So were clean socks!!

Maria Emmi Sheridan

One of my favorite little places to sit and have tea. Variety of teas of course . Their desserts are very different and have less sugar than most American treats . I find them wonderful and a perfect match to their teas

Katie D.

Last night my sister and I went to the Roji Tea Lounge in Downtown Syracuse! We got the black taro tea with milk and boba, coconut envy tea (coconut, lemongrass, and ginger), and that coconut thing for dessert (bobas, vanilla ice cream, and coconut flakes). The black taro tea was very good! The coconut envy tea We weren't a fan of. Didn't taste like coconut at all. All we could taste was lemongrass. That coconut saying dessert was OK. Not really much to it. I thought the bobas were chocolate sauce so I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't chocolate Definitely a fun experience though! Very relaxed atmosphere in a good place to hang out. We definitely will go back again soon #rojitealounge #syracuse #downtown #tea #tealounge #coconut #blacktea

Emily Liu

Very cute spot for drinks and snacks. Great atmosphere and service. They have some board games available to play. Love that there's vegan options available!

Amanda Shaughnessy

This place is a gem!! It's a great place to study or hang out with friends. I would recommend trying as many different things as possible because so much of what I have tried there has been amazing. So glad to have it in Syracuse! It can get very busy on the weekends or at night so you may not always be able to get a table.

Craig Truglia

Very impressed. The tea holds up against legit Asian offerings like Ten Ren, their selection of deserts and shakes is very unique even by NYC standards. I've been overseas and I'm pretty snobby with my drinks and I think Roji holds up. Doesn't hurt they have a traditional Japanese tea room, though I wish some people would be more cultured and remove their shoes!


Delicious tea and food, great atmosphere, super pleasant staff. The specials menu is always changing so theres always new stuff to try!

Stephanie Prochaska

They have a really nice place and a diverse menu. Would most definitely return again!

Shivanie R.

Me and my friends LOVED this place. The thai tea is phenomenal. Enjoyed the green tea cookies too. For the aesthetics in this place alone, I would give it a 5/5 it is so homey and cozy, that you'll never want to leave. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience here.

Sarah R.

I used to LOVE the tea lounge, but then they started to microwave everything. :( The red curry sounded delicious, but it was just spicy with no flavor.

Cindy P.

What a cool lil' discovery on our visit to Syracuse! It's off the beaten path from the usual SU tour strip, which made us feel like a local. As a boba tea super fan, this place really is top-notch, and in my opinion, way better than Feng Cha Teahouse in every way...tea, service, atmosphere. The green tea parfait dessert with its bite-size mochi hidden like pearl treasures under mounds of vanilla ice cream is simply heavenly, not to mention the moist green tea cake tucked near the bottom as a bonus delicacy. So yummy that we scraped every last crumb and morsel from the cup! This will be first stop next time we visit Syracuse. Thanks for the delicious memory, Roji!

Marisa M

This is such a cute little cafe. The teas there are so good especially when served traditional style. Great dessert too.

jen moorhead

I love the rasberry tea cookies, dessert and teas. Small place with a quite environment. To me I have always felt that they are pricey ,adds up quick if you want to try several things. They do have a points card that can help save some money . They forget about it and so do I.

Rach Elizabeth

The Masala Chai is amazing and the cinnamon cookies

Siyang Y.

i came with my friends tonight, we order two different teas, a green ice cream and cookies. We are waiting for the hot water for an hour and no body bring the cookies for us. Finally the cashier asked us pay for the coolers. We are so boring waiting for the hot water and just drink two cups of tea pay for 20 dollars!

Lou T.

Great place to hang out with some friends. The tea is amazing and the price is reasonable. The place itself is authentic

Caitlin Barber

everything is delicious in a relaxing setting and such a friendly staff

Mangchin P.

Roji tea Lounge was great and had the best food. Now everything is different. New employees every time I go in every other week. It's horrible now and I'm not satisfy at all.

Jessica Ancillotti

Love coming here! The food and drinks are amazing! The employees are also amazing! Have never had a bad time here! Whenever friends are in town, I bring them right to Roji!

Julianna B.

Love love love this place. The food, drinks, atmosphere, everything. Great place to hang out in the dreary Syracuse winters. I recommend getting the raspberry chocolate parfait if you have sweet tooth. My favorite is the matcha bubble tea.

Forough J.

I will order food from here again. You can feel that their foods cooked with fresh material. Beside that, their Green tea cake is amazing as well. It is not heavy and the taste is good and sweet enough.

Avery Sigle

The ambiance and relaxing feel of Roji Tea Lounge is truly spectacular! Such a wide variety of delicious teas and other small bites to eat! As an added bonus, the staff is super friendly and accommodating! I was not a huge tea fan until I stopped by! This place is a great place to relax and enjoy some delicious tea, especially if you are a college student who wants a relaxing environment to do homework in! Regardless of your demographic, if you're looking for a place to just relax for a quick snack, I highly recommend trying out Roji Tea Lounge!

Sandra Romano Farley

very relaxing place and a very welcoming crew!!!

Jacob Arnold

I've been here a few times and had a very pleasant experience. Its a nice atmosphere with great customer service and excellent tea. I absolutely love bubble tea, and this is one of the only places I've seen in the area to have Strawberry as well as Mango bubbles. I was disappointed however that when I ordered extra bubbles on the side with my tea, I brought both the extras and what was left in my cup to the counter hoping to get a to-go cup for all of it, and only the extra bubbles were cupped, and the ones in my glass with the ice were dumped down the sink. I paid for extra and lost half of them. It was kind of a disappointing end to an otherwise great experience.

Ying Z.

A hip, vegan friendly Japanese style tea house. It is a treasure in Syracuse and must visit place for those who are interested in Japanese food culture and are young and hip. The tea menu is very extensive and the snacks and lunch munchies are very innovative and delicious. A really relaxing place to have a nice conversation with friends or study for exams.

Vivienne A.

Delicious drinks and lovely atmosphere. It's always very cozy and comfortable, and the employees make you feel welcome. They are also very helpful when it comes to ordering and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about what you're ordering.

Abigail P.

By far the best bubble tea in Syracuse. Friendly and attentive staff. Cozy atmosphere with a cool aesthetic

Doug Weaver

Spicy Soba noodles were delicious! Great atmosphere!