Roji Tea Lounge

108 E Washington St #2, Syracuse
(315) 428-0844

Recent Reviews

Blair F.

This tea house was opened by a friend of ours many years ago. As authentic a place as you are likely to find in Central New York. The atmosphere is relaxing, quiet, well lit and a perfect place to calm your spirit. A nice selection of teas authentically prepared and a few nibbles make for a great way to spend an hour or two.


Great customer service, delightful atmosphere and excellent tea. It's a must try for anyone who enjoys drinking tea.

Mary Ann Mangano

Upon walking in the front doors the fragrant insense misting through the air hits you and you know you are in for a really lovely experience. I sat on two pills stacked legs crossed at a tiny low table on the floor. It was cozy, relaxing and I was delighted to see so many vegan and gluten free options in the menu from savory to sweet and quite the selection. The servers were friendly, and the tea and food were gorgeous. If ever in Syracuse this place is a little gem and in a beautiful space!

Orena W.

IWe visited Roji Tea Lounge around 4pm on Friday. There were several tables occupied, but they have lots of tables avalible. I have been meaning to go here while I was in school, but was always too busy to go. After going to this place I could totally see myself going here weekly to work on school work at the same time. They have a great selection of Asian teas, and desserts. Their vegan cookies are REALLY good and they are the perfect flavor and texture. They are slightly chewy but still hold their shape. We the got $8 matcha kocha with cookies combo, shiso onigiri, and genmaicha. They had rose, matcha, raspberry, or chai cookies. Everything was so good and satisfying I ended up only eating 1 cookie, and saving the rest for later. I was not a big fan of the matcha kocha, but I think it is because it is an acquired taste. My friend who grew up with having matcha kocha said it was amazing. Don't order it if you prefer slightly sweeter teas. The genmaicha on the other hand was really good. It wasn't sweet but it tasted like a tea that made you feel really cozy. It came in a cute tea pot and we asked for a hot water pitcher to add additional hot water everytime we emptied the tea pot. I think we emptied the tea pot like 4 times and the tea was still good. We spent about 2 hours there and even played with one of their board games. I was so excited to see they had Chinese chess and 飛行棋 (Airplane chess). It was a wonderful place and I hope to visit again!

Sarah Frankel

This is my favorite place for bubble tea!! The owners and staff are so friendly and welcoming. Great prices also. They have a nice sit down area we’re you take your shoes off and relax with your friends to chill and eat and play board games! I will be returning weekly!

Jeanne Chu

Serene and lovely. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. I tried the rose petal tea; delicate and wonderful.?Sweets and savory things alike are uniformly delicious.

Steve Reichard

Awesome tea! Although I'm rather disappointed that the quality has been dropping due to the, best, long term staff members no longer being there. I've noticed them replaced by staff that either doesn't really know or doesn't care. The tea was served improperly. I've been going there for at least seven years and the reason being, how properly they serve and the quality of their teas.

Rosalie Hopko

Love this place! Our waitress Dima was very attentive and personable. We would definitely recommend!

Arianna L.

The onigiri and salmon balls were not that great honestly... not to mention Overpriced. The tea was delicious though! I tried the mango red tea i believe, and it was subtle but delicious:) next time I go I'm not gonna bother with food because it brought the bill up to 20$ almost for 2 cups of tea and 2 balls of rice

Marcus Matkins

Solid place for major city vibes like NYC or LA. I’d recommend coming here with a friend to enjoy the chill atmosphere over Chai Tea lattes. Hands down some of the best tea I’ve had in Syracuse.

David Briedis

My son had me bring him here and I'll have to say the atmosphere was calming and I felt good just entering. Tea was great. Nice relaxing place for a quiet respite. Nice in this day and age.

Hayden James

Staff is always super amazing and every thing on the menu is fantastic. Amazing and welcoming atmosphere

Danny H

Authentic Japanese rice balls and baked goods, bubble and loose leaf teas, and a very cozy interior.

Maddy F.

Cute place with subpar overly priced drinks. It's a nice atmosphere inside where you can either sit at a table or on the floor. I would say that seating is fairly limited. Every time I go there, there's usually only 2 people working, thus service is somewhat slow. Although their drinks are alright, paying $8 for a relatively small smoothie/bubble tea is ridiculous. I prefer unique tea house.

Sung P.

Been here a couple of times and I've always had good experiences, friendly employees who were good at their job. However when I was here a few days ago, it was not the same. It took almost 40 min to get my onigiri and 2 drinks. The waitress told me it was going to take a while when I first ordered which I had no problem with, but every time I looked over at the counter the one waitress was always on her phone leaving the other one to do all the work. The waitress with the phone then brought over my tea but spilled half of it on the way. When I received my onigiri, it was so hard and dry almost not edible. All of this is just my experience and opinion please don't hate.

Dan Umstead

Excellent teas and cookies, great service, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Hannah Olson

Stopped in here to pass some time before meeting a friend. We had delicious tea and some raspberry cookies which were quite tasty. Our friend ended up being over an hour later than planned, and there was no pressure not to linger and they even gave us free hot water refills for our tea leaves. They have some games on a shelf, too, so we had some fun entertainment.

Devin Engle

Cozy place to meet up and chat. Wonderful tea selection with delicious tea drinks too. Lovely to have a late night spot to meet up that isn’t a bar. Thank you!

Angela R.

The definition of a hole in the wall; I walked past the unassuming store front two or three times before I realized I was in the right place. Inside though, it's charming. Very cozy atmosphere. They had a wide selection of different teas. Unfortunately, they were out of several of the food options we ordered, however the waitress was very accommodating. I tried my milk tea with the mango popping boba, while my friend opted for a more traditional pot of green. It's a nice alternative to bars or coffee shops, and I think it's great that they done more unusual offerings.

Eva K

This place has gone downhill - they have hired new staff that don't know what they are doing. I used to come here all the time. Tonight I was there with friends, we ordered peppermint tea, paid, and waited at a dirty table (with dirty dishes) for 20 minutes until we noticed newer customers being served. We got up - and were like uhhh our tea??! These two young girls looked confused as if they did not swipe our credit card and take our money 20 minutes ago. Anyway, we were refunded our money for the tea - but we did not get our money back for the tip we added - you can keep those $2 Roji - because you have lost three loyal customers. Seeing as management allowed those clueless teenagers to run the place - I won't be surprised if this place closes soon. Anyway, I recommend you go elsewhere.

Eva K.

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I was a loyal customer - I would come here ALL the time. They had good staff, good tea ... but somewhere down the line they started to hire all new staff. In particular two new young girls - that recently took our order, took our money (along with tip) ...and had us wait for 20 minutes at a dirty table that wasn't even cleaned yet - with old dishes still remaining on it. It got to the point that we had to get back to the counter (after watching newer customers being served) and say - is our tea coming??? At which point - the girls looked confused (I am surprised management allowed them to run the placed on their own). Anyway, we got our refund but we did not get our tip back (our mistake for tipping ahead of time) - anyway Roji you can keep the $2 for that tip - because we are NEVER coming back. Life is too short to wait 20 minutes for boiled water and herbs - we did not even order anything complicated! Get your staff together - or this place will go down real quick. You already lost two loyal customers.

Natalie Ezzo

Great atmosphere! Great tea! One of my teas came out a little funky tasting and they took it eight back and gave me a new one! I wish I caught the lady's name .. she was wearing glasses and a flannel and she was awesome! Thanks guys !

Eris Valgen

Loved the matcha latte! Will definitely be coming back to try all the other teas they have to offer

salvatrice messina

Love their teas and sweets!! Ask for the green tea pound cake.. yum!

Alissa D.

Went in for a quick lunch, their boba is fantastic! Perfect texture. Peanut rice noodles were amazing as well. Great quiet spot to go study during the day

Vinny Lc

Great atmosphere, the tea ,coffee, and food are superb. NYC feel and the waistaff is the best! I come twice a week and never had a bad experience.

Haseeb K.

Roji Tea Lounge is an adorable establishment with exposed brick walls and a more traditional Japanese teahouse place settings in a side room--read low table with pillows in lieu of chairs. The menu reads as an accessible interpretation of Japanese classics with Soba noodles and lots of matcha. Just a heads up, this place is very easy to miss. Look for a Roji Tea Lounge banner in the window as the main marker of the location. When I went, there was not a lot of foot traffic, which is not a bad thing when your goal is to be productive but still eat dinner. The service was as advertised, non-obtrusive and quick. No real complaints there. So why three stars? The food. I started with an order of Noodle with Peanut Sauce, basically rice noodles topped with cilantro, pickled carrots, baked tofu, cucumber, sesame, and a side of homemade peanut sauce. The noodles were fine, nothing exciting and not overdone. The pickled carrots didn't pack that sour punch I was expecting, and the baked tofu had that nuked in a microwave texture. The peanut sauce had the potential to be this dish's saving grace with its punchy peanut flavor. However, there was not enough of it to make up for the blandness of the noodles. For dessert, I also ordered the Raspberry Chocolate Parfait, billed as a layered sundae built on a foundation of chocolate cake, chocolate soy mousse, Raspberry-Strawberry sauce, ice cream, chocolate syrup and whip cream. My dish lacked the chocolate soy mousse and the chocolate syrup had that Hershey's syrup taste to it. Overall, it came across as uninspired and the description elevated my expectations to a level the actual product did not meet. Full disclosure, I did not try any of their teas. If I were to go back, most likely that is what I would try next. Perhaps also sampling one of their matcha desserts. The menu and venue both have tremendous potential, I hope the execution improves because Roji could be a major hangout spot with a few tweaks.

Rachel Reyna

They had vegan dessert snack options!!!

Brittany Travis

The place is really nice and the food is good (noodles with peanut sauce is my fave) but the prices are a bit high. In the future I plan to stick with just bubble tea.


Amazing little tea shop in the city of Syracuse, its such a warm environment with an amazing selection of not only hot tea and cold drinks but some food and deserts aswell, seating is minimal, but thats to be expected in the city. Staff is always friendly and helpful when making new selections, if your ever in the area this is a must stop location!

Fox E.

Owned by Roji Federer, Roji Moore (007), and Roji Rabbit. One of Syracuse's most popular Boba spots, with cute decor and a wonderful location, but I really, really don't like the products, which seem neither authentic (in a boba sense), nor tasty (in any sense). Definitely a disappointing bubble tea shop and not what I was hoping for when I came to one of the most popular bubble tea stops in Syracuse. Luckily there is a KFT in the former Carousel Mall and a brand new Feng Cha close by on Marshall St near downtown, because this is definitely not boba as far as I'm concerned. Especially in New York State, which is home to NYC, which is home to some of the very best North American Bobitos. Compare this more to TLC in Buffalo or Bubble Fusion in Rochester, and sure, if you don't know Bubble Tea, if you think Bubble Tea is sugar water, and you don't have expectations, you might really like it, but if you have high standards for bubble tea you would probably really really not like this.

Tahsin L.

Great vegan options! I came here with a friend on a Summer weekday evening. It was small but very cute on the inside. I really liked the seating at the low tables. There was a bookcase of board games and we played battleship while we waited. The food and drinks didn't take very long to come out though. Food-wise, we got some vegan cookies and they were yummy, not too sweet which I was happy about. One of the ones I remember really liking was green tea flavored. I also got the green tea cake. I like green tea flavored things clearly. Haha. The green tea cake came with whipped cream and a sweet red bean sauce. By itself, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much because the cake itself was a very mild flavor. The whipped cream and red bean really made it for me. It was sweet and delicious and I loved the way the different textures and flavors worked together. I also had a basic onigiri which I have no complaints about. Tea-wise, I got the lemongrass & ginkgo tea. There were lots of tea options. It was difficult deciding on just one. My tea had a mild flavor but it was very refreshing. My friend got a mango tea which I tried and thought was very delicious. They were both very refreshing in the summer. I look forward to trying more of the teas. I recommend checking it out. The tea, food and atmosphere were very pleasant. I really enjoyed the visit and I hope to return soon.

Tiffany T.

This is a cute tea lounge in downtown with a great tea menu! My friends come here all the time, but they all say the same thing as what I experienced. Customer Service is severely lacking. Nothing on the dessert menu was available. I ordered a cake priced at $5 in the display case and was charged $6. Not a big deal, but I was then told that the pricing is wrong in everything with no effort to change the small tag which would take a second. Cute place, but there should be a stronger focus on customer experience here.

Sarah Robinson

I usually love this place and come here a lot, but I will not returning.

Kim Mena

Love this cute little tea place! You can sit at tables or sit traditional Chinese style on the floor. They have a food menu, not large but desserts and snacks so you can munch while drinking tea. Would highly recommend! 🍵👘

Ali Wazir

Great relaxing place in down town Cuse.Open late every day!The boba tea selection is limited but good. The herbal chai was ok but that is something very hard to get right. Will be back.

Michael Shannon

Awesome place for relaxing and having a great pause from life. A real lifeboat of calm in a hot world.

Fiora F.

Very relaxing little cafe. They have these Japanese mats where you can sit on and stay for a long time to drink your drinks and chat or relax. The drinks are not as authentic as the ones you get in nyc but it is overall good still.

Jordan T.

This cozy little tea shop is my favorite spot in the city. They have a huge variety of high quality teas and a very knowledgeable staff that's always open to providing helpful recommendations specific to you. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect and it always feels like a relaxing little escape. I've fallen in love with so many of their teas but my favorite is the Lapsang Souchong, which I recommend to anyone and everyone I bring there.

Sarah S.

The green tea cake was okay. It was pretty dry. The masala chai latte didn't have as many spices as I thought it would, but I enjoyed both of them anyways. I would recommend the masala latte, but I wouldn't order the green tea cake again. The atmosphere was cute. They have a small room with tables and cushions to sit on. The other room has a few regular tables and chairs. It's not a large space, but it's great to relax and hang out with friends. The prices are mid-range. About $5.50 for each the latte and cake. I would come back and try something different :).