J&B Sprinkles IceCream Island

2347 NY-63, Wayland
(585) 728-3630

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Lisa Clark

We love the hometown ice cream stand. Great service every time.

Brian Sick

Finns are good people

Ashley Murray

This is our summer go to ice cream shop. They have many varieties of ice cream flavors plus sundaes, flurries, doggie ice cream, and more. The kids get excited everytime we stop here. Great customer service everytime too! Just remember it is cash only.

Michael Mccauley

Love them

Ashley Nicole

Ice cream was thrown away. $10 down the tubes. Stay away. Ice cream is freezer burnt and gritty. It’s like eating sand. Soft ice cream was so soft it just plopped down the cone. Save your money people. Place should close for good.

Daniel Williams

Good quality, friendly people, and large servings.

Aaron Champaign

Great ice cream, always a great place to go on a hot day to get a refreshing treat.

Kat Steinhart

Awesome ice cream

Ally Delair

Ordered a large peanut butter and raspberry sundae. The Sunday didn't even come 3/4 of the way to the top of the cup, was completely hollow on the inside and barely any peanut butter or raspberry, the slightest drizzle on the very bottom of the soft vanilla ice cream. Another guy in front of me when there was only 5 people in line waited 20 minutes for his sundae. Kids running it that have no clue what they are doing and moved slower than molasses. Never again, I'll stick to treats and tiques.

Faye Aguilar

Do I really have to share this place with you? Yes I do!!!Oh man.... forget regular ice cream, forget yogurt. Go get yourself some Persian ice cream! You can get the icey basil seed goodness, the fresh rosewater saffron, the yummilicious creamy lavender, and can we say Turkish coffee flavor? oh man.. you can tell I'm just crazy over these fresh deliciousness. Having a bad day? Go get Mashti Malone ice cream :D Gotta taste it to believe it. Oh, and don't worry about parking, they have 4 spots of their own in the strip mall lot.

Melissa Price

Awesome ice cream dessert of any kind.

Jo Bird

Love that they have so many options

Caylin Birdsall

Love that they have so many options

Nacole Burchard

The line was insane,out to the road...and it moved so fast it was insane. And they always give the most for ur buck.

Michelle Curtin

Great people great ice cream

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J&B Sprinkles IceCream Island

2347 NY-63, Wayland, NY 14572
(585) 728-3630