China Star

104 Main St #1, Windsor
(607) 655-2020

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I don’t know if I have different taste buds than some of the other reviewers but I find most things I order to be unflavored, over done or very bland. The wonton soup broth has absolutely no flavor. The steamed dumplings are an enormous amount of dough with very little meat inside and even the ginger dipping sauce lacks something. The sweet and sour chicken is either mushy or it’s so overdone and no meat inside, just the outer layer. Sesame chicken and general tso’s is almost always hard to chew for me. Cheese won tons are way too crispy with little filling. I could go on and on. I will say that I enjoy the owners and that’s the only reason I’ve gone back. Again contrary to the other reviewers who seem to think the woman is rude. I’ve never experienced that.

Thomas Tully

Excellent food, disappointed we could only get take out.

Shop Troll

I travel year round for work. These guys do hands down some of the best fried dumplings i have ever had the pleasure of eating. Prompt, accurate, and friendly service. A stop i look forward to every year.


Worst service , it is closed by 9pm , but must need you get outside on 8.30pm , didn’t allow you eat inside ,finish dinner outside standing , and this stupid boss stay inside also ,this restaurant don’t have business and worst food , never come back

Joann Lockwood

Not's local so I keep giving it a try but it's only ok food. To much of the sauces and not very flavorful. Disappointed again.

Joe McNally

Always good and fresh food very nice people

Tom Happe

Places order and was told 40 minutes and waited over a hour. Food is ok.

david Gibson

I have not even eaten the food yet. The woman who works the front counter was very short on the phone and even ruder in person. There were zero customers and I felt like I was bothering them. This is a terrible way to treat customer, I hope the food is better than the service .


They've been in Windsor quite awhile. Every time we order they mess up the order and the lady is very rude. Only reason I gave 2 was the foods ok, sometimes. This time it was better than usual, But they got the order wrong again. The lady is very rude. I called her back to the window, she was hiding in kitchen. I said order was wrong. She showed me my phone number then went back in kitchen and hid. Didn't offer to make it right. Didn't offer money back. I just walked out and I will never go back. They can't get orders right, they don't offer to make it right. I don't think she understands English. She should hire someone to take orders and deal with customers. She has no people skills. I don't know how she stays in business being so rude to people

Raquel Birtch

Hair in my food!!!!!! Then when I called they wanted me to bring in the container even after I informed them I threw up because of the gross hair. They would not refund my order!I took the puke container out of the trash and sent it back. Worst customer service ever! Nasty kitchen, rude owner and employees. We will never order from here again. So sad for a small local establishment to lose local customers due to unsanitary conditions. I know it happens sometimes but wearing a hairnet around food is common-sense. And fixing the situation instead of demanding a puke container of partially eaten food could have gone a long way.


The people were rude and the owner has stupid covid policies. Never again will I go to this establishment.

kurt benedict

Always friendly people at this place. The food is better than most Chinese in the area. Cannot eat in right now. Best chicken on stick in town.

Carl DiGirolamo

Food is Fair. Ordering is sometimes a hassle. Poor personality. No more spare ribs

J Freeman

Very solid Chinese food. In an area where you don't have a lot of options, the local residents are very lucky to have this spot.

Carli Hegedus

Tried to order got yelled at over talking, made my order wrong, when I call back to say it was wrong I got yelled at some more and told that’s how I ordered. When I finally get to speak and that I want my food made right, they expected me to repay. This was the 3rd time I’ve been there. Every time I’ve gone in they are NOT pleasant people. This was the last time we’ll order from there. Anywhere else you go if your food is made wrong they replace it, this place just recharges you.

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