Dolphin Family Restaurant

792 Broadway Ave, Bedford
(440) 786-0325

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Mike Sims

I just got the sausage gravy and biscuits. They were good. Sign of the times. Could have used an extra person to check on your coffee. Had to take my cup to the counter to get a refill. But both ladies were extremely nice. Definitely would go back again. Also both ladies were hustling the whole time. I love the small independent restaurants.

Mary Harlston

Second time coming, the service is great the cook understood the assignment the food was delicious ? this is my spot to go now!!!


Food is consistent. Decent, never bad, but never write home worthy. Servers attitudes vary by the day but it is what it is..... even if you only go once.. GO, support local businesses.

DeKeira Jones

If I could give zero stars I would..... gave this establishment a try since they hi-jacked Megan's from us which was my favorite spot in the area.... this trash does not even cut close.... you put wheat toast in a box and called it French toast... they use liquid eggs which remind me of my college dining hall (disgusting), idk what kind of sausages these are and they weren't even cooked thoroughly ? the only thing I could tolerate was the homefries which weren't even the best.... mad my boyfriend spent his money on this trash of a breakfast

Holly Mihalek

We've been here a few times since we moved into the area and it's becoming a family staple for weekend breakfast at a restaurant. The prices are good, the food is good, the service is good. It's all around a decent place for something that's no frills, just plain old good food. Lots of options and large servings too.

Shawn Mihalek

Great prices, friendly staff and quick service for a diner. Food was great with lots of sweet and savory options no matter what time of day. Been here a couple times now and it continues to impress.

joshua jones

So, I was disappointed when I found out Megan's was taken over by this place but I decided to try it anyway. First time I went there the food was not good. So I never went back until today. Thinking maybe things have changed and I was WRONG! Food was worst this time than the first time. Couldn't even tolerate it. French toast was basically wheat bread. Eggs was made with liquid eggs not an actual egg. Sausage was decent at best. The only thing they got right was the potatoes. And those were just ok after not being able to eat any of the other food I spent money on. Very disappointed and this time I won't be back for good!


Frequent this place for takeout. I’m actually a LONG time customer. I had my first bad experience today. I’ve never had an issue bringing my dog to a restaurant that has outdoor seating. I guess there’s a first time for everything… We informed the hostess multiple times that we would like to sit outside and that we had our dog. They must have REALLY not wanted to go outside (it was a unseasonably chilly day) because they repeatedly tried to discourage us from sitting outside. After giving us every excuse in the book why we couldn’t sit outside although the sign clearly stated the patio was open, they took us out only to ask about our dog. At that point, we were done. Not sure how much longer I’ll be a patron.

Guillermo H.

Excellent service, but cleanliness is waning. Waitresses are very personable, but entryway and lavatory are not as clean as before COVID-19 lockdown.

Zoë Sutherland

A very cute restaurant, the size of the front belies the depth of the interior. Friendly staff, a simple but varied traditional American menu with home-cook spin on it, all for super reasonable prices.Great for a depression hangover.

Marc H.

Local favorites, fast service, friendly staff. Busy place, but not too busy that takes away from the personal touch.

Amanda S.

Supringly pleased with our breakfast experience today. We were in the area for a bowling tournament and this was one of the few restaurants between our hotel and the alley. I ordered the Mexican skillet. Being Mexican, this seemed like a gamble for me being in Cleveland and I figured if I didn't like the chorizo, I had the eggs topping it, potatoes and toast to fall back on. I was pleased to learn I misjudged and ate whatever I could fit in my belly. It was pretty spicy, so if that's not your thing, my husband got the American omlette and also enjoyed it. Service was great, but we got there before the rush (started around 10am on Sunday). Coffee is ok and that seemed to be the only slight negative. The inside is cheerful and clean. A great find!

Hollis Geary

Great little spot. Good food, friendly staff, clean facilities. I will return.

Nancy Chatham

great place to go with family members ? our waitress was excellent ?

Daniel Rolf

It was a great. The waitresses are very friendly and took care of my family like their own.

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