Bear's Den


120 W Main St, Cridersville

Bear's Den Reviews

It was hard going in there knowing that Bear wasn't going to be in there but when I got to meet his son Danny my jaw dropped. He is the spitting image of Dad only just taller & lankier

It is a good bar. I would recommend going here. You can have a calm bar not one that starts fights. One thing that is bad is some peaple in here are not behaving very well. But other than that bears den is a pretty good bar to go to.

Neighborhood locals' hangout, so I'VE been told as I don't do bars. However, living a very short distance awaY, there has NEVER been any kind of loitering, loud, Or otherwise disturbance. Bear is a nice neighbor who is well known in town...I've also heard there's good eats there.

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