1383 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton
(937) 434-1000

Recent Reviews

Rhonda Blanton

Always great service and food still hot when served here at Centerville location! You want fast and friendly service ask for Brittanys section!

Misty Putnam

Gave this place another shot but went and tried out the one on 725 and so much better

Rebecca Alter

If I cloud give this Fricker's zero stars I would! HIGHLY DO NOT recommend. Terrible costumer service. The server was no where to be found. Sat on one drink the majority of the time. The food was cold. After waiting 45 minutes to receive it. We ordered two drinks.... NO alcohol what so ever in them. Tried to charge me for the drinks after we took ONE drink and sent them back. The sever did not take care of the problem, she had another sever do it. After arguing with them for 10 minutes they finally took the drinks off. Still can not figure out why I paid for the food.

Susudio 0530

Great service! It was great to be able to go inside to get something to eat. One drawback was that the paper menu doesn't have the daily specials on it. You hàve to either ask or look around for a sign. The waitress that we had was pretty good but she should have mentioned the daily special. Had I known that they had one on Monday I would have gotten it instead of what I ordered. I usually go to the one on Springboro Pike since they opened up. I used to always go to the one that used to be on Springboro Pike and South Dixie I hadn't been to this location since the one was opened up where the old Lone Star used to be. They need to have the specials up and tell the customers.

shelbi Mckibben

Ordered a carry-out order of an appetizer I always get "in-store", and received a smaller quantity versus what I would get in house. They need to treat carry-out orders and DoorDash orders the same as "in-house" orders. Also had terrible customer service as well. Will NEVER be back. Will go to Frickers on 741/725, much better service.

David Mc Guire

The food was very good, The service was excellent, the ribs were excellent.

Lisa A.

Brynna took care of our order, and she was absolutely wonderful, professional and kind. She made sure everything she took down was right, before sending it off to get put together. I do wish the girls that work there could be covered up a little bit more, showing respect for their bodies. Yes, we all know showing skin smells, but it felt like exploitation, even though I'm sure the young servers wouldn't probably agree. Anyway, great food! Pricey, but we will come back even if just once a year.

Kayla Pearson

Called to inform restaurant directly at 10:40 pm on 7/31/2020, that our DoorDash order was delivered soggy and missing the jalapeños so we were unsatisfied. Upon hearing my complaints hostess was nonchalant about food being delivered incorrectly. I was informed that unless you specifically specify they will send things such as chili cheese fries, and nachos with toppings already on them leaving you disappointed with cold, soggy, and sad food. Then was asked if “anything else was wrong” (I guess my complaint was not enough to warrant any other response) and if I would like to speak to the manager. I told the girl no and to pass my message along but we will see if that’s actually done. If you are looking for good, prompt, and common sense involved service you can go not far down the road to roosters and have a much better experience. Very similar menu, and much better service.

Chris Murray

Good sports bar with excellent wings! Get the "sweet chilli-Kicker" mix. The best sauce combo out there!

Donnie Bellman

Good food and great place for parents. Kids eat free!!

Cathy Herzog

The food was terrible. It was either over cooked and hard it eat. Or it was under cooked and doughie. Wings were small and the frickin salad was 1/2 the size it used to be and I got 6 chunks on it. Wth is going on? It wasn't like this before the virus.

Kody Pyle

Best Fricker's I've been to and I've been to 12 of them.

noah rodenfels

Great customer service and waiters are fantastic. Plus great fantastic food especially the wings there and the pretzel bites are also great.

Brandy Kaelin

We have eaten here before on our trips to the area and food was great along with service. But this go around the food was just bad. The wings where soft the celery should not have even be given out!! We asked for ranch and got one little cup not even all the way full for 20 wings. The wings are tiny and the price is high!!! the fries where just gross some soggy some hard. Like they just had fries left over and tossed them in our order. An i don't even know what to say about the chili cheese dog we got!! It was a tiny hotdogs so really more bun then dog and the chili was like taco meat from a can it was gross and there was very little cheese. It had mustard on it that we did not order. Very upset that such a great place put out such horrable food. And those three items cost me over 30.00 before tipping!!!! Way over priced and quality is just not there?

Steve Lodge

Great service. Excellent food

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