Pine Club

1926 Brown St, Dayton
(937) 228-7463

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Scott D.

Back home in Dayton some months ago and had to take our now adult son to the Pine Club, which we hadn't been to in 25 years. The place was refreshingly familiar the moment we walked in, small, dark and crowded. Arrived a bit after 5:00 on a Friday and waited the obligatory one hour. Time enough to nurse a couple cocktails (strong, what else?) at the bar, scoring stools after standing for 15 minutes. Been to many a fine steakhouses around the country - Bern's, Gibson's, Ruth's Chris, Delmonico, Morton's, Folk's Folly, Bob's, Del Frisco, Frankie & Johnnie's, YO Ranch, St. Elmo's, Hyde Park, Oak, Capital Grille, Grille 23 and others I've forgotten - and I've never found a better steak than an aged Pine Club Steak. Perfectly salted baked potato and the onion straws are to die for. To those complaining about no reservations, credit cards or dessert, please, get over it. You knew what you were signing up for. Love the story about GHW Bush having to wait for his table while campaigning, like every one else; the Dayton Daily News clipping prominently displayed. Some things don't need to change to stay great. The Pine Club, same as it ever was.

Charlie Guare

Having lived/worked in NYC, West Palm Beach, Chicago yes, Dayton , now California - I often think of the Pine Club....the total environment was PERFECT - the food and congenitally of the staff & diners - sublime. Not to sound corny- homeyness with great food, excellent cocktails served in a dark welcoming environment.


Visited here when passing through on business. Enjoyed the old steakhouse environment. Food was exceptional! A large variety to choose from on the menu and the portions were generous. Would definitely recommend to anyone and would visit again!

Jennifer C.

Pine club has been around for quite some time and their bone-in ribeye has even been featured on the Food Network! It was a no brainer that I had to come and try this place. The place emitted an old school vibe inside and out. We didn't have reservations, but still managed to get a table without trouble on a late Friday night. I ordered the bone-in ribeye while the boyfriend got the 8 oz filet mignon. We upgraded some of our sides and ended up trying the creamed spinach (upgrade), garlic mashed potatoes (upgrade), stewed tomatoes, and hash brown. Our food also came with complimentary bread and salad. We pretty much enjoyed our entrees, but didn't quite care for everything else. Sides weren't the best in our opinion. Our upgraded cream of spinach and garlic mashed potatoes weren't very creamy and flavorful. Stewed tomatoes were a bit too sweet for my taste. Our salads were drenched in dressing. Furthermore, the complimentary bread was cold and salty. Now back to the entrees. I thoroughly enjoyed my ribeye. I asked for it to be cooked medium and it came out perfectly medium. I loved the char and crust on my steak. It gave it a nice taste and aroma. They really know how to cook their steaks. I liked that they use just salt to season the meat. They finished it off with some clear drawn butter. The onion strings that came on the side were good too. After watching their feature on Food Network, I have a huge appreciation for their steaks. They prep and age their steaks in-house. The only downside to my steak was that there wasn't enough fat. It was a pretty lean steak. I would prefer a fattier cut, but that's just me. Overall this place probably gets 3-3.5 stars from me. Just remember to bring cash, as they don't accept credit cards here.


This is the best food ever. It was wonderful and served swiftly. We enjoyed our visit to this lovely decor place. The staff was friendly and happy.

Alberto Bergeron

I celebrated my nomination earlier this evening in this delicious restaurant. happy to tell that we enjoyed a sensational evening and the venue was unquestionably the reason for this happy meeting. The crew contributed in a very nice style, the cuisine was yummy and my guests were very delighted. We shall surely return for more joyful events. thanks very much.

Andrew Rigsbee

This is a Dayton institution. Steaks are top quality and perfectly prepared. Service is excellent. Basically an old school steak house and within that realm they are king. Perfect for a date night or small get together. Prices are what you would expect for the quality. Be aware they do not take credit cards. Cash, check or in house credit account. They also do not take reservations.

Paul Rodeffer

First and last visit to this “timeless steakhouse experience”

Bill R.

Best steak anywhere! And the classic old steakhouse atmosphere! One of my favorite places to eat anywhere. You will have to wait as no reservations but worth it.

Paul R.

First and last visit to this "timeless steakhouse experience" Arrived and parked to see what appeared to be cook and kitchen staff hanging out back dragging about. We looked at each other and said maybe we should go somewhere else. Bucking up we said let's see this through. Upon entry the greeting lacked professionalism expected with "timeless steakhouse experience". They asked one of the gentlemen working they needed two more place sets. He shoves the two existing aside and throws the menus on top. Proceeds to the back and returns with two place sets. Clearly by his actions and placements he wasn't in a cheerful mood. The napkin he brought out and placed in the center of the paper place mat was wet. Second red flag! In the end we quickly ordered, ate and left. Very disappointing and clearly not a "timeless steakhouse experience" although one we learned our lesson from, never return. Don't dress up for a nice evening here, more of an over priced local pub atmosphere!


Medium level service, overcooked steak (medium ordered) with an abundance of gristle, medium vegetables, very good salad. The service and steak did not live up to the reputation or the price charged.

Lauren M.

We were very excited for my first trip to The Pine Club after hearing all of the raves about this restaurant. Unfortunately it was not the best first experience. We waited at the bar and had a couple drinks before being seated. The service for the drinks and food was great and quick. Bread was brought out after ordering which was nice to have with our drinks. We ordered shrimp cocktail, steaks and hash browns. I ordered my filet mignon medium and unfortunately it came out more rare. I let the server know and was informed that they would throw it on the grill a little longer. She handed me a side plate to put my steak on and took it back to the kitchen. When she brought the steak back she handed me a small plate to put the steak back onto my entree plate. After trying the steak it was cooked longer although it tasted as if it were cooked twice. I was not impressed by this for being a well known and quality steakhouse in the Dayton area. I let the server know and she said she would remember next time. I was not worried about next time as I was not happy with my meal at the time and did not have interest in returning in the future. I hope this does not happen to other first time patrons as they will lose new business. Overall the restaurant was very classy, comfortable and great for date nights or groups.

Scott Stoermer

This is the best steakhouse in the area. Not only for the quality of their food but for the atmosphere, tradition and experience. The wait staff is profession and skilled, the cooks are great. The reviews speak for themselves!

Robert P.

"Date night" trip to Dayton Ohio. The Pine Club certainly lives up to it's reputation. Classic "old school" fine dining and it's unbelievably popular. Arrived at 4:15 on Saturday 2/29/20 and we were immediately seated and the tables were almost all filled at that point. By 5:15 the "Classic bar" was filled 3 deep with people waiting for a table. Nice clientele dressed in business casual. "Suggest you get there early. Our server Theresa was excellent and said she was one of the "Rookies" with only 10 years of service. LOL. Ordered the 36 oz. Porterhouse to share. Excellent choice. Baked potatoes and salads for sides. Stewed tomato and onion straws were nice compliments to the meal. Cocktails and house wines were great and reasonable. Took home enough steak for 3 more meals. Thanks Pine Club!

Brandon Williams

The atmosphere was dim lit with an old timey feel. I got a medium ribeyed steak that was made to perfection. I found the cocktail sauce average, the salad w blue cheese dressing pretty good, the baked potato to be average. The service was okay at best though. For sure worth a check out though.

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