Sweet P's Handcrafted Ice Pops

600 E 2nd St, Dayton
(937) 985-7086

Recent Reviews

Adam H.

OMG you have to try this place. The ice oops are incredible. I personally recommend the pumpkin spice latte ice pop. Its really creamy and insanely good. They have a wide variety of ice pops including raspberry vanilla, pumpkin pie, and many others. This place is awesome. I would give this place 6 stars if this app allowed me too. Amazing.

Timmothy K.

Delicious ice pops and friendly staff. The server gave us a free one after we bought about ten. Really, really solid stop in the 2nd street market. I recommend the cookies and cream or the pumpkin pie. But the blackberry mojito is the best one by far. Definitely don't miss sweet P's Ice Pops.

Liz Wade

Nice guys and the popsicles are very good! Try the strawberry!

Danielle H.

This is what I wait for every weekend... i love the grapefruit popsicle and so do my kids. It is the perfect, guilty free treat after a long week! I also love the chocolate and cookies and cream-- honestly, you cant go wrong with any of the flavors. So delicious!

Nathaniel Wren

Today I had the Basil Grapefruit popsicle and it was incredible! I also love the Harry's Dirty Lemonade.

Savannah R.

I live for these handcrafted popsicles. I wish they were available in other locations aside from just 2nd Street Market. They are only open Thursday - Sunday. I love their lavender blueberry flavor. I've never gotten something here that I didn't like, though. There is a punch card that you can get that will give you a free popsicle after you purchase 10. I'm almost done filling up my card! Note: they have a square so you can use your credit card. Not a ton of places at 2nd Street Market do that. Most places are cash only.

Jess H.

Just stopped by 2nd Street Market and thought these looked interesting. There's not much to the serving area - just a cute sign, and the chest cooler with the frozen popsicles in them. I purchased the Blueberry Lavender one, and I'm already sold. I'm going to have a hard time trying other flavors - with the cinnamon also mixed within this, it tasted like... A fresh pastry? It was a very comforting and warm flavor. I have no doubt that I'll be using the loyalty punch card - which is pretty generous! The $3 price is perfect, as is the serving size. Not too big and not too sweet!

Steph R.

I love, love, love these ice pops! They are the best I've ever had. Grapefruit is my favorite. I used to get them at the 2nd street market when I lived here. I'm in town this weekend and plan on stopping by. So excited!!

Samuel Hamilton

WOW! Absolute must try... No words can explain how Rich the flavor was in this coffee pop. I need to try other flavors!

kumar chiru

Good stuff

Tracie U.

It's open sat & sun FYI!! I spoke with the woman and yelp keeps messing up the updated hours. I had the blackberry mojito and it was sooooo good. I'm coming back to try the rest of the flavors

Alexis Fourman

Tried the avocado lime one for the first time at the Springfield Food Truck Festival last weekend and loved them! It was refreshing to have healthy dessert options available.

Kedric Eatmon

The best and I mean the best ICE POPS I have ever tasted!!!!! I would say that Ms.P is so good at making ice pops that I would try any favor that she comes up with, thats how good she is at what she does. ?????????????????! Thank you Ms.P

Beth H.

Sweet P's has been on my list to try for awhile but I hadn't gotten around to it until this weekend until, by chance, I was at 2nd Street Market on a Saturday. She isn't there on Sunday. I was debating on indulging in dessert in the middle of the day while the owner told my boyfriend and me that she has over 200 flavors! Some are dairy based and some are fruit based with coconut water. Some she uses frozen bananas as the base. I spied the last pistachio flavored pop and, after being assured it was vegan, decided to give it a try. The owner was just so nice. I couldn't say no. And I'm glad I gave in. It is absolutely the best new food I've tried recently. It was like frozen nut butter on a stick. Incredible. I could have had a second. My boyfriend didn't get a popsicle until he tried mine. Then he went back and bought one of an Oreo variety. It was dairy based and had two whole Oreos stacked inside it! He doesn't like to give star ratings, but when asked, he gave it four stars, which is pretty amazing from him. At purchase I was given a frequent buyer card which I thought was silly. But now I know she was right. I'll be back for more. On Sweet P's Facebook there is a list every week of the flavors available and where the truck will be if the Sweet P's food truck is out and about. I know I'll be paying close attention.

Emily S.

Not too bad. I've had Sweet P's ice pops a few times already. They usually show up to the Yellow Cab Food Truck rallies. I like that there's a good selection of pops you can choose from. And that they have a frequent buyer punch card. Although, I grew up in Los Angeles, where you'd always see the paletas guy pushing his cart around while you were in school. The paletas/ice pop's I'd usually get from the guy were always fifty cents. And they were double the size of Sweet P's ice pops. So that's what I'm used to. I like that their pops are hand crafted, but taste wise, I prefer your traditional paleta. And you get more for cheaper.

Pam McCuistion

I love the flavor combinations Sweet P comes up with, every time I think it can't be as good as the last one, it is!! I have some in the freezer now and will be picking up some more this week. Harry's Dirty Lemonade is one of my favorites but there are others I am equally fond. Pick some up, eat them at the Market, you will love them!

Tiara Wright

My first time having Sweet P's and I LOVED IT! Hands down the best ice pops I have ever had in my life and I'm usually not a big fan! I couldn't wait to get on Facebook to write a review! I can't get over how amazing they are. I had the strawberry! Yumm yum!

Tami M.

This is a great little store inside the 2nd Street Market where you can get delicious ice pops. They have fruit based, dairy based and other kinds as well. I tried the lime,kiwi and ginger ice pop and it was very good. You also get a loyalty card and will get a hole punch for each purchase. I will definitely be back!

Mindy Bishop Claggett

My family are big fans of Sweet P's! I have never had a bad ice pop any time we've gone there, and I really like the different variety of flavors available every time we go. We make special trips there all year `round, even in winter. In fact, that's what my son wanted for his birthday this past September. The pops are delicious, and going there supports a locally owned business. It's a win for everyone!

Sweet P's Handcrafted Ice Pops

600 E 2nd St, Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 985-7086