The Blend Express

300 College Park, Dayton
(937) 229-4722

Recent Reviews

Dave Spencer

Great coffee

Wolfgang Grossmann

Damn good coffee

Randy Bridges

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious coffee and pastries. We had a latte, a pourover and Nutella coffee ring. Mmmmmmm

Bryan Specht

This place blows, you can't use fake money. Walk 2 minutes to Heritage if you have any brain cells.

Neil Sipes

10/10 would recommend. Go long and lever up

Barbara J Smolinski

The nativity scenes are amazing!!!

Tim Benford

The well-run and excellent Climate Choices Forum this week was especially successful because of the beautiful facilities at the Roesch Library. A spacious lobby, open spaced library with AV presentation seating and large elevators leading to a selection of meeting rooms for facilitated discussions. Well done staff and students--the forum will have helped save the planet!

Roshni Uppala

I am an international graduate student. Roesch library is a great place to work. I worked here first as a student employee and then as a graduate assistant. People here are so welcoming and are so much fun! Work and fun does go hand in hand. I am so glad to have worked with Tom, Heidi, Maureen, Kathy, Nichole. They have not only been great as a boss but also been great mentors. I have learned and grown so much professionally and personally by working here! And yes I am so going to miss those small talks that I had with you all and those small coffee meetings! Cheers to the Roesch library staff, you all are such fascinating people!


Now with a venti size to help you through the day

Robert Sohlberg

the milky way is my favorite!