The Paragon Supper Club

797 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton
(937) 433-1234

Recent Reviews

David Edwards

Always a great dining experience. I always love a steak and my wife loves the seafood.

Barb Herzog

Great service. Great food. They never disappoint

Will Ashcraft

Our 1st time here and it will not be our last. Excellent steaks and customer service.

Chad Curtis

A very pleasant dining experience. The service was top notch and probably the best steak I've had in the Dayton area.

Tracy T.

Honestly mediocre food at best. Paid almost $500 before tip . Came to celebrate a birthday and so embarrassed we brought her here . Worst steakhouse I've been to a long time if not ever. Our server was BEYOND nice but the service was very slow. Entire restaurant cleared out by the time we even got our entrees. A few bites of our entrees and we were ready to go. Mind you we had reservations at 8:30 (tried for 8 but they didn't have it) didn't receive food until 9:15 (asked for boxes and bills by 9:45.) We felt a bit rushed anyways even though it took so long for our meals to come out. Truly at this point our party was tired and ready to leave regardless. We ordered an assortment of steaks, ribeye , porterhouse, prime rib, seafood, filets, etc. I am also fully aware that an authentic caesar salad has anchovies within the dressing, (heck we've even made our own dressing with actual anchovies and it delicious) but this tasted foul like spoiled fish and was odorous. The escargot was better but very salty, salty enough to prevent any scurvy. Good looking out we suppose. Bread was cheap and tasted stale. The only thing that was decent was the ribeye and one of our party thoroughly enjoyed the stroganoff . The liver had a very gamely odd taste/ texture- 25$ that will now be used as dog treats for our fur babies tonight(hopefully they'll stomach it). As for the prime rib it was chewy and salty. The fish we ordered was dry and barely edible. By the time this was all said and done, so were we. At this point to simply be courteous and time conscientious so we asked that our dessert be brought to go since it was close to closing time. Our server was in the back and the only other staff around was the bartender joined by another employee. The bartender who was standing around chatting with another employee not appearing to be doing anything. Because of this we asked that she just relay the message to our server and her response was not only obnoxious and blunt but her tone/attitude was very unprofessional. Will not be returning to this establishment EVER again and will certainly not recommend to anyone . Very plain tasting, overly salty food and expensive for the lack of quality , on top of slow service is one thing BUT the interaction with the older female bartender with glasses and a pony tail really sealed the deal. Never again Paragon. I'll happily spend our money elsewhere. Fleming's, Carver's, Jag's, Eddie Merlots etc. Go to any of these steakhouse. ASAP.

Kristopher M.

Please send your business elsewhere. They are doing so well that dine in customer service is no longer a priority and we've tried three times to order carry out and they have turned down our order. There are other business that are interested in serving you so please take your money there. It's sad that after so many years of being dedicated to this restaurant that it's come to this. It was on a downhill spiral pre covid I'm just shocked that they are doing so well that they don't need anymore business. Very interesting. Please support better places.

Clara Bach

We went there for dinner for Sweetest Day and it was all really good. It was good food & good service and we will definitely go back soon. You can sub your dinner salad with their 7 layer salad & that's what we did. Had not had that salad since the Peerless Mill Inn closed and it tasted absolutely wonderful. I'd go back to have that salad with their rolls as a meal itself. But the rest of our meal was delicious, also. A very nice dining experience for Sweetest Day!

Christine Root

I had pretty high expectations for this place because I have always heard great things but to be honest it was terrible. I ordered the scallops-which if you cook them right I love but if not cooked right are a terrible texture. Unfortunately that is what I encountered. The scallops were stringy and chewy. The baked potato was great though lol. I will say that one good thing is that as a carry out experience the food was very hot.

Chris Ingram

Fantastic food at a reasonable price, especially when compared to other upscale steakhouses. Staff is attentive and friendly.

Marty M.

If you are looking for a nice relaxed fine dining experience, this is the place. The food is first rate as they have continued to maintain a high quality of steak and fish items for many years, great place for a quiet date or to take a group. The wine list is acceptable and the cocktails are excellent. If you enjoy a rare to medium rare steak then try it "Pittsburgh" style, seared crunchy on the outside and rare on the inside, makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Bernard Dalichau

Been there since I was a kid! Will go there tillI die! Love this place!

Bob D.

I want to say that The Paragon is truly the best in the area. Last night I was having dinner with my mom and 2nd mom and my wife walked in. I live in St. Louis and have not seen her for Six weeks. No one knew except the Paragon staff that she was coming for my birthday. Chris you are an amazing server and person ! Thank you all for a night I'll never forget !!!!Bob Diamante

Robert Jensen

Great steaks and great service!!!!

Nicolas Longo

Great food! Excellent atmosphere. Our server Matt was fantastic. Will be back soon.

P Carpenter

My spouse and I were without the children and decided to try the Paragon Supper Club the other night. So glad we did. The service was amazing and the steaks were top notch. Could not ask for anything better. We will be returning as soon as we find another sitter. Only suggestion, I would not have the staff recommend Theos Lounge for a night cap afterwards.

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