The Paragon Supper Club

797 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton
(937) 433-1234

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Sharon newman

I love this place but for the first time, I was there on 6/27/20 and I had two bad streaks. The first filet I had was not tender and real chewy, the second was red with blood on my plate. I do order 'butterflied and well-done but have never had an issue, it's always been delicious. I chose not to have a third one made. The waitress was very nice, I liked her. She at first told me the manager would be over and I told her good, I would like to see he or she. The manager didn't come over then after the second steak was bad she told me she would tell the manager and he or she would be over. After I waited and waited no manager. Then when I asked again the waitress told me the manager told her to handle it and she took the steak off the bill and gave me a free desert.. Everyone tell me.... Shouldn't the manager have come over to me period even after the first bad steak?! I personally think so and I shouldn't have had to ask.... I was VERY disappointed.. And I reservations later in the year.....?

Suzanne Sowder

Did a Date Night with husband and everything was super. Had excellent server and wonderful food. Great night

Bill F.

I've eaten steak everywhere no one tops this place for food or atmosphere the service is also great. I get a NY Strip Baked potato had some French onion soup tonight instead of salad marvelous meal! Very professional bar tenders and servers! This is your Daddy's steakhouse from the 50's! Wood paneling booths uniforms on staff! I've eaten steak in Argentina Australia Texas Kansas California Nebraska Missouri Iowa Oklahoma UK including Scotland! London NYC San Francisco KC Melbourne Sydney Buenos Aires Santiago Miami Orlando Chicago Dallas San Antonio Ft Worth Wichita Falls Phoenix Denver Seattle LA I cannot remember them all!

Ken Stone

This one of my go to places. It's old school dark wood, dim lights, great food and good cocktails!!! Can't go wrong!!!!

Keri S.

We ordered Paragon for a birthday dinner to go for my mother. It was 150 dollars for 3 meals. A price I was willing to pay for amazing steaks and sides. I tipped generously and excitedly went to plate up the meals. The steaks were ungodly salty. They were cooked to the right temps. The cuts of meat seemed like good cuts of meat. But the amount of salt was unreal. All 3 of us like salt on our food and it was almost inedible it was so overpoweringly salty. The main issue is that when we called the next day, Claire, the manager did not listen to our concerns and said they use Lawrys seasoning salt on all their steak. That's great, but it still should be able to be eaten. After a discussion they said they would comp us an appetizer or dessert. We will not use this. We would rather just never go there again and avoid spending a lot of money on food that is disappointing at best. Please do not waste your money on this place thinking it's a nice restaurant. It's not.

Bentlee Gregory

I get to eat here a lot since I work right next to it. I have to say the service is always good and they keep the place well kept all the time. Prices are reasonable and they serve big portions.

Fabian Weber

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve big portions for affordable prices. Consistently well kept and with awesome mood. I highly recommend this place.

Dani D.

My hubby and I both had steak. I had the filet taste, he had the strip medium well and we both agree they were the best steaks we've had. Incredible food, family run and charming ambiance! We will definitely be back!

Donna Poland

Great food and the service was fantastic thank you for a great evening

David Hause

Food was great before the shut down and great after, can’t go wrong for a great meal!!!

Holly Jenkins

My favorite local restaurant! Always consistent, never a bad meal. I always get Filet Mignon and Lobster. Their stewed tomatoes are awesome! My family has been coming here for over 37 years!

Peter Weems

The place offers a nice range of fresh food. I liked dining here. Employees are always friendly, prices are affordable and the place is always clean.

Lauren M.

We absolutely love this restaurant! This was my second time and have had great service, food and drinks. The atmosphere has low lighting and very romantic for a night out. The drinks ordered from the bar arrived very quickly once we ordered. We enjoyed the shrimp cocktail, oysters, salads, hash browns and filet mignon. The steaks came out very hot and perfect cooking temperature. We enjoyed cocktails and wine by the glass. We had great service and never felt rushed. We look forward to returning!

Matthew Staninger

Ambience and service is fantastic. Also, it has the best French onion soup I've ever tried. I ordered a porterhouse rare. It came overcooked, and the filet side was rather fatty. My girlfriend ordered salmon medium, which came out a little undercooked.

Theresa V.

I'm new to springboro and while my sister was in town we searched for a steakhouse and found paragon. The decor is from the 80s. Food was lack luster as was the service. But the worst thing about paragon was the extremely rude and lurpy hostess. My guess is she is family because she is bad for business.

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