Domino's Pizza

3730 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 771-1181

Recent Reviews

Steven Bogedain

The place is much nicer and cleaner than some of the other pizza chain locations in the area. Staff is friendly and quick. Removed a star for one messed up order.

Jennifer Herbert

Pizza was great. Everytime I have been to the Hilliard location, they have been very friendly and helpful. Pizzas always hot and fresh!

Turtle Boi

Favorite dominos! Very fast delivery, and tasty pizza!

Lina Lolo

I ordered pizza at 4:10 and it was supposed to be ready in 10to 30 minutesThe app tracker showed my it was ready on time at 4:45When i went there they told me its not ready yet we gonna make it nowSo I waited in my car 30 minutesReally they need hour and half to make pizzaAnd the tracker app is wrong dont believe it at all !!!!So lazzzy workers

Chris Johnson

So I called and ordered my food I felt rushed and from the time of the order the guy that was taking the order had a attitude and try to not reply what I ordered then when I was asked can I speak to a manager he said he was the manager which I kind of felt like he was lying but I work literally in walking distance and he said it would be 40 to 45 minutes you tell me how is that even possible I don’t think people value customer service anymore in this in type of food service

Cara S. Cox

Our Domino's hawaiian pizza was delicious! It arrived quickly and was hot. We highly recommend the thin crunchy pizza crust. The bbq wings were perfect too. We will definately will be ordering this combo again soon!

Mou Sia

Delicious and done on time. Only complaint is not cut properly. Great price...

Lauri Medina

Cheyanne I believe her name was is the rudest individual. Snappy and condescending argumentative. Good Lord her and her father own this particular location. What boggles my mind is how she speaks to a customer in front of her father the owner! we I won’t be going there anymore. They douse the chicken wings that are suppose to be garlic Parm in a white nasty sauce that looks like ranch. Then call you basically a liar that it’s not ranch and your eyes are playing tricks making you think it’s ranch YES that’s what the manager said to me. This is the second time this has happened. Not to mention he forgot to even make the wings after notifying us the order was ready. We will now be going to another location. If you can avoid this place!

Matt Tolley

Called to place an order. Person taking order was unresponsive and rude. They then hung up on me. I called again to confront the rude gesture and they said my address is outside of their range at 2 miles away. I checked online and I am within their range, but will never order from them anyways after that exchange.

Trevor B.

Me and my daughter recently just moved to Hilliard so we decided to try a couple different pizza places out since we've been here. So today we decided to try domino's I ordered a salad with a medium pizza half cheese half pep with chicken and Buffalo sauce with banana peppers on the entire pizza once I have gotten home to see what I have gotten the Pizza is cold It doesn't look like it was even fully cooked the banana peppers are colder than the pizza and then when I called in to tell them what I have received to see if I can possibly get a new pizza the gentleman on the phone seemed to catch an attitude with me about what I ordered And then goes to tell me that they thoroughly do their pizza right they add a certain amount of things to add to the pizza that he was arguing with me about the pizza that I ordered and paid for which I am not going to eat and I'm very very upset and disappointed because I feel like I have been completely disrespected. I am taking my pizza of back and getting my money back I no longer or whatever go back to domino's or the domino's or the domino's or the domino's or the domino's or the domino's or the domino's in Hilliard.


Driver got lost so I got cold pizza. They said I’d get a $10 credit. Called today and the GM Charles Williams wouldn’t talk to me. He was literally yelling in the background because last nights manager Mike, didn’t document or do my refund and how do they know I’m not lying!!! OMG! NEVER AGAIN! They really don’t care.


The order was perfect, delivered quickly and still nice & hot. And my pizza was made exactly how I special ordered it, which never happens for me. Thanks Charles, we will be back again. ?

Kashif Mehmood

Never place order at this location. manager is rude and doesn’t deserve any business. They refused my online order, and it was 3rd time in this month. As usual, blamed staff short. Just order somewhere else and save time.

Marissa Altimari

I don’t like to leave bad reviews, but I feel like management needs to do something about this location. This is the second time we’ve had to cancel our order because our food wasn’t being made in time. We ordered pizza and waited 45 minutes before we called to check on our order. They said it was going to be ready in 2 hours. They informed us that they only had one person making pizzas. I totally understand that every place is hiring, but this is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved or how else can you have your doors open?

Jim C.

I order two pizzas, a salad, and bread sticks, at 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, 12 June 2022. I receive a text at 6:50 p.m., saying my order is in the oven and will be ready in 8-10 minutes. 80 minutes later -- still no pizza. So, I try calling this Hilliard location. I'm placed on hold for 10 minutes and they're piping in commercials for Domino's. Someone finally picks up the phone but they don't say anything. Weird. I say, "hello? Hello?" I hear someone breathing. There's a long pause, and there's background noise, and then they hang up. It's a little eerie. I think, did I mistakenly order for pick-up? So, I drive to the Hilliard location and walk in the store. I look down at my phone, and there's a text sent at 8:14 p.m., saying, "Your delivery driver [name omitted] is on the way!" Now I'm hot under the collar. I tell the person at the front counter what a drag it is dealing with them, and I leave. I arrive home at about 8:30 -- just in time to see the Domino's delivery guy! I think, oh, man, these pizzas are going to taste like cardboard. But no! The food is really good. The cheesy sticks are delicious, and the pizza is piping hot. So, the Hilliard location gets low numbers for efficiency and phone etiquette, but the food is really good. I'll never order from them again, because Pizza Hut just knocked it out of the park a few days earlier. They delivered so quickly that I was wondering who the guy was sitting in a van parked outside my house. When the guy got out of the van with my pizza order, I was shocked. Moreover, that particular Pizza Hut order was some of the best pizza I've had. So, why would I order from the Hilliard Domino's again? But here's a postscript. After the weird phone experience with Hilliard, I expected to walk into a scene from Event Horizon. But they all seemed pretty normal, and the person at the front desk seemed concerned about the situation. So, hey, maybe there was just a computer glitch. Maybe I should have been nicer. After all, Sunday evenings are probably pretty busy for the restaurant. Maybe I'll order pick-up, next time. That's what I normally do, anyway. I mean, the pizza was good. Maybe they're short on drivers. Maybe the delivery guy was just having a bad day. I don't know. I just don't. Anyway, this crew gets two stars.

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