Donatos Pizza

3817 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 876-4444

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Brad Adams

I order from Donatos at a minimum 3 times a week! You would think they would take care of their customers!

Jarod Lucas

I have ordered from this Donatos several times since moving to Hilliard recently. The first few times the pizza came hot and tasted great. I was notified when the pizza arrived. The past two times I've ordered now I have not received a notification via a knock at my door when the pizza has arrived. I have a hyper-active dog who is INCREDIBLY vigilant when anything gets anywhere close to my door or even outside. This is really not good because it is getting colder outside and they just leave the pizza at my door unattended, allowing it to become cool very rapidly. Donatos please fix this! I will not be ordering from Donatos again. Leaving the review at two stars because up until this point, service has been pretty good. PLEASE NOTIFY WHEN THE PIZZA ARRIVES!!

chad koehler

Pizza was as expected but next time let’s try not to use a spoon to cut it. Thanks I’m advance


Thick crust wasn’t very good, service was really great though!

Jonathan Marcaly

I ordered a donatos pizza for pickup at this location for 12:30am. When I arrived to pickup my order at 12:40am (20 minutes before the location closed), the staff had already locked the doors and pickup window to this location. I did not receive my order. I have never received this kind of service before at Donatos. It was extraordinarily disappointing, and I have not received a refund for my order.

Danielle Blumenstock

2nd time in a row I got a vegetarian pizza and they put meat on it... Very Disappointing!

DeSean Herself

First: The young lady at the window provided excellent service! Kudos to her ( she was working the window on 8/19, maybe around 5pm),I hope she gets a raise or token of appreciation! As a matter of fact , please bless the the whole crew !Second: The big don subs I ordered taste like they did when I was growing up in the 90s-still so good!My family and I haven't been to Donatos in years , but the service and taste were excellent. Just wanted to say thank you!! Keep up the good work! ?

Dani Houser

I can not say enough about the vegetarian pizza!!! The cauliflower crust was better than dough crust. The addition of impossible sausage took it to the next level!! Only gripe was the cutting up and down and across on a round. Definitely coming back!! Girls at the counter were very welcoming and didn't let my phone walk when I forgot it by the register ? 5+ stars!!!

Dragon Ass

I love the capris salad. It rocks.

Jessica L.

The service and food is always great! They are fast and the pizza is always fresh out of the oven. The Big Don is a favorite if your a sub lover. They offer a big selection of crust options including gluten free, cauliflower and and vegan. Way to go Donato's! Proud to support this franchise.

Tarik Chemali

Nice place

Anthony McKinney

My Fiancee ordered from this location online this evening, she ordered an Italian sub and when the order was delivered they put sausage covered in Marinara sauce along with jalapeños and pepperjack cheese, she called the store and got into it with the worker who answered because he wouldn't remake the screw up and then tried to say she didn't order that when we got the receipt and it clearly said to add jalapeños and pepper jack cheese and not sausage with Marinara, we definitely won't be ordering from this store, we never had this issue with Hilliard south or Fishinger Blvd.Not sure what the guys name was but he ain't very good at customer service at all.

Bret Fennell

The spinach Rondo's are awesome! So is the grilled chicken salad. Jenna is a very good waitress. The decor needs a refresh (ripped seats and pealing wallpaper).

Christopher Chubb

Ordered food today for lunch, and a salad I was going to eat for dinner. Pizza was great, but the salad yet again leaves something to be desired. $7.99 for an entree salad that was smaller than a side salad. The bowl wasn’t even half full, it was pathetic looking. This store is consistently falling short on quality standards. Doughy bread sticks, poorly made salads. And it’s not the first time someone from our store had to say something about the quality, or actually lack there of, from this location!


always great pizza and always great service

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