Donatos Pizza

3817 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 876-4444

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B (BEEZ77)

Ordered 2 pizzas, upon opening the boxes we discovered they were so burnt they were black. Brought them right back and instead of making us a priority because we already waited they pushed us to the back of the line and said it's going to be awhile. Now burnt pizza isn't a big deal in itself. Many shops told us they burned a pizza and they tossed it and made it again without us asking. Things happen I get it. But this place pulled these hockey pucks out of the over looked at them to cut them, boxed them up and decided that yup. They people will have to deal. So please find a better place to get donatos. There's 2 in hilliard.

Diana Crandall

Ordered Big Don Sub light salami and lettuce and extra banana peppers. It was made perfectly. Asked to see the associate that made it and told him thanks for reading the ticket and making it just the way I like and ordered it!

Carolyn Narramore

I've never had one of their pizzas but I have had their subs and they are awesome.

Geoffrey puncheon

So the first time I ordered they completely forgot about my salad and 2 Liter that I had ordered and my pizza was practically over top it’s self so I called back and spoke with the manager she was very polite and understood the situation she said just to call in and they would replace my order since I didn’t have the time to wait around for a redelivery but when I called back I spoke to a different manager and she said I was only allowed a 20$ credit and spouted on about how she’s been there for 8 years I believe her name was Keegan very rude and for being somewhere for 8 years she had very poor customer service skills this shop has definitely gone down hill over the years

Jenny Wright

Pretty decent pizza, but the famously thin isn't all so thin..., in my opinion. The cheese is super GOOEY and yummy. I also loved the robust taste of the sauce. The pizza comes cut in thin strips, different..., but perfect for kids. Now, the cinnamon sticks are pretty tasty. More cinnamon instead of icing like most places. Even an hour after they cooled, the dough was soft and chewy. We don't have this place in my area of NYS, so I may not frequent ever again, but I do recommend it to those in this area. Reasonable priced, and utensils, plates, and condiments available for free.

Copper Head (Big Country)

Made a good size order, they forgot a big don sub, called the store the lady sad they could refund or remake and bring it out, I said yes I'd like it remade and delivered, I asked for a time frame and was answered with silence, well 40 mins after the phone call and it's still not here and I live less then 5 mins from the store.


I called for a delivery at 7:24 p.m. they took my order & said about an hour and 10 minutes right now it is 9:52 p.m. and still no delivery I called at 9 p.m. and was told that the driver had it with him I live 10 minutes away I know staff shortage is everywhere but if you can't deliver to a place that's 10 minutes away and two and a half hours later you still don't have order delivered either corporate needs to do pickup only or lock the door's


First time trying It since I just moved from Florida, very very good! Best pizza I’ve had that isn’t traditional New York style. Arguably my new fav!

Kelly E.

Mariachi beef pizza. 70 minutes for delivery which was fine but the pizza must have waited 60 minutes to leave the building.Dry cold and... disappointed!

mike rafferty

2 hours and 45 minutes for a doughy cold pizza and the replacement better cooked ,yet still room temp at beast pizza . my suggestion if you want a good donatos make the effort and go inside 270 to the other store or up to Dublin store Google wont let me leave 0 stars so by default they got 1 while talking with customer service i was told that the service agent had problems with that store too needless to say I will eat speedway gas station pizza before I do donatos again

chad tassin

Great service and good pizza. Location a bit of a pain to get into

Brad Adams

I order from Donatos at a minimum 3 times a week! You would think they would take care of their customers!

Jarod Lucas

I have ordered from this Donatos several times since moving to Hilliard recently. The first few times the pizza came hot and tasted great. I was notified when the pizza arrived. The past two times I've ordered now I have not received a notification via a knock at my door when the pizza has arrived. I have a hyper-active dog who is INCREDIBLY vigilant when anything gets anywhere close to my door or even outside. This is really not good because it is getting colder outside and they just leave the pizza at my door unattended, allowing it to become cool very rapidly. Donatos please fix this! I will not be ordering from Donatos again. Leaving the review at two stars because up until this point, service has been pretty good. PLEASE NOTIFY WHEN THE PIZZA ARRIVES!!

chad koehler

Pizza was as expected but next time let’s try not to use a spoon to cut it. Thanks I’m advance


Thick crust wasn’t very good, service was really great though!

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