Mrs Renison's Donuts

622 E 5th St, Marysville
(937) 642-7008

Recent Reviews

Jenni Ferrell

They have the best sour cream cake donuts on the planet, and the rest are great too. The staff are always friendly and ready to help.


Mmmm baby! The diabetes is worth it! Great variety and even better flavour! Goes great with coffee too! And the prices? Suuuuper affordable! Like, maybe a little too much!

Jenny Cromlish

They need to separate the cream from custard better when I buy both but they are so good, the donuts are amazing.

Lisa Rice

Doughnut was fresh but highly disappointing. When I think cream filled, I definitely think more than a mere MAYBE 1/2 tsp. No icing hardly. Was basically a plain doughnut with no flavor

John Myers

First time visit. These were the best doughnuts that I have eaten in a long time. We will definitely be back.

Christopher Robinette-Lewer

Amazing doughnuts! Great service!

Sharon Duvick

The absolute best donuts hands down. Get them early, they sell out everyday!

Dave Johnson

Good fresh donuts!!! A pleasure to have in Marysville!!! ?????

Jim Koltz

The original glazed are great. Better than KK in my opinion. The rest of the selection? Hit or miss. Definitely proud of their fried dough squares at $13.99 a dozen.

Dave Walker

Best donuts in town, no doubt!

Mandy Schedule

Such an amazing local donut place! Always fresh and always delicious. I love the square shape!

Mary Brammer

The best sour creme donuts I've ever eaten!!!!!!!

andy Scott

A dangerous new find for me! Not sure what they put in those donuts, but I like it a lot.

Carolyn R

We rarely go out for donuts, but when we do we usually go to Mrs. Renison's. The last 2 times I've gone, including today, the lady at the window has been absolutely rude and crabby. I gave her the benefit of a doubt last time and chalked it up to her having a bad day. I'm sad to say they have lost my business due to her. This morning she was just as cold and rude. Plus at 9am they did not have any chocolate donuts of any kind, glazed, cake, or anything, which is what my kids always want, yet they're open until noon. Last time I stopped there they also didn't have any, yet they're on the menu. Guess we'll be going somewhere else.

Jacquelyn Clark

We’ve been here on 2 separate occasions. The first time my kids and I were warmly welcomed in the door so we could see everything they had. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming. Donuts are literally the best I’ve had. The 2nd time I ordered from the drive through. Fast friendly and efficient. Great donuts and great service.

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