Troyer's Of Apple Valley

20354 Coshocton Ave, Mt Vernon
(740) 393-3354

Recent Reviews

Carrie Richards

Tasty little spot! We had the Smoked Mac Burgar and fries... The burger was seasoned awesome with cripy fried Mac and cheese on top with amazing sauce ? we will back to try the smoked ribs and pulled pork ..SO YUMMY

Caleb Crum

Been going to this place for years, ever since I was a kid I loved this place for its local food. Glad I got to visit it one last time before it went out of business. Good luck to the owners, and thank you for all the years of service.

Amy Williams

Love this place and so sad to hear it will be going out if business soon! Get there while you can to get some great deals and great food!

Pat Jackson

Too bad they are going out of business. It was kind of pricey, but always enjoyed going there

Reyana B.

They knowingly sell outdated items and claim it is fine. This is why they are closing.

Brittany Noble

They are pretty amazing, but this location is closing. There is another one in Johnstown, OH about 40 min away

Tom Cropp

This place is amazing. Sorry to see it go out of business.

Brian Dible

Unfortunately this place is going out of business so they are letting their inventory dwindle down. They did still have a pretty good selection of meats and cheeses. But the best was they had my favorite key lime yogurt pretzels. Yummy!

Linda Taylor

Walked in on May 9th to see an unmasked cashier and an unmasked deli worker bent over the slicer, slicing cheese. I walked out. I will not patronize stupidity or lawbreakers.

Pamela Winfrey

Stoppedat this gem of a grocery store each time on way back home to Michigan from Coshocton...Love love love... Deli sandwiches are made with plenty of TLC... Can't find anything that comes close.... Thank you.

Kim Hornyak

I was very disappointed to see they did not have protection of any sort for the cashier and no self distancing markings on the floor to help customers keep a safe spacing. I have a house I. Apple Valley and come down from a northern county where there are more cases of COVID, and I am sure there are many others, which increases the risk for their employees - they should be protected. I had a mask, am not sick and distanced, but felt bad for the cashier.On a good note the potato salad was made with shredded potatoes instead of cubes so it was saucy mess. Disappointed as their prepared food is normally good.

tyrone bibby

Tuesdays fresh baked doughnuts are incredible.

Lolly L.

Cons - you can't read the labels. It's been that way for a couple of years. I mean seriously fix the printer or get a new one. I like to know what I'm buying and how much it is. Bought candy out of the bin in the back that was crazy hard and old. As is the taffy. Have bought several things out of date. Gift shop part is WAY over priced. As is the wood furniture that's been sitting outside for years. Pro's - donuts are AMAZING. I mean seriously good. People are really nice. Baked goods are good. Lots of spices and candies. Good sales on lunch meat. Many varieties of jellies and jam. Buckeyes - enough said. All in all great store. I took off one star for the problems I listed under cons but every store will have a few issues. Highly recommend.

Ron Tropics

How has the health department not shut them down yet? Bunch of food with no dates on it. Their almond butter could be sitting there for a day or for years, you wouldnt know until you died from listeria.

Robert Leybold

Donuts and coffee are good on donut Tuesday.

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