106 E 4th St, Spencerville
(419) 647-4747

Recent Reviews

Jamey Brandt

Great service, very friendly and always do a great job with our subs

Dan Hennon

2nd time ordering from here both times the food tasted old old old! Last time I order from here.

James Martin

My only complaint is that they got rid of there plain wheat bread. I don't want nuts or grains in my wheat bread. For this reason I have stopped going there.

Arianna Volbert

Our hometown Subway is great. No complaints.

dakota humphrey

Always love stopping by this subway. Doin some work down the street so gonna be in often for a few months. Make sure if they have the scores cookies you get some

Kenny White

Not bad

Lynn Mull

The 2 footling sub was no good 12.00 just.wasted old bread dry out Saturday at 6

Donna Grant

We had good large salads $6 each.

julie goare

Absolutely the best Subway I've ever been too! Fresh, toasty and very very clean! Great beverage selections too and ice cream for desert!

Don Sharp

Great food fast.Clean. Facial coverings make for healthy society

Michael C

The most reliable source in town to get beer, good staff

terry hawkins

Cheap and good

Anthony Dell

Great staff

Ice Blade

Bad service

Pooty Bolinger

Nice place with good subs

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