855 W Market St, Warren
(234) 806-0014

Recent Reviews

Chanelle Ziegler

I enjoy eating at KFC I want to start off by saying that but there are times when they can be unprofessional making errors and not wanting to take accountability that I don't like but other then that I enjoy eating at KFC I love my extra crispy drumsticksFood: 4/5

Jillian Stubbs

KFC is my all-time favorite restaurant meal if I could I would eat it 365 days a year.Food: 5/5

Anthony Davis

They don't sell wings. Good luck with that.Food: 1/5

Mike Dees

Didn't have the pieces for my order, so they offered me better for same price!Food: 5/5

Brian Hillier

Went to west mkt kfc and the service and place was nothing to brag about it was dirty and we had to go back up the the counter like 3 time to gat all of our order , definitely not going back there . I'll drive to elm rd firstFood: 2/5

Lisa Randall

Is the best KFC and Trumbull County it's hot it's good very courteous staff

James Rose (Ears)

Took forever to get my food but it was great as always

John Thomas

Most of the time grate chicken, but this time it was old and barely eatable

Fred Wolfe

Ordered take out, while waiting, I asked to use the restroom, that an employee just walked out of. Freaking cloud of reefer smoke. I guess I now know one of the secret ingredients. Service good, food great.

Christopher T Spears

Easy to order friendly service.They just forgot my butter and honey for biscuits.. but I had fresh out the fryer chicken tenders, must have been busy that day as the Coleslaw was not all the way cured. The Mac and cheese was fire ? ? and the mash and gravy were good as well

Ricky Reynolds

Didn't get what we asked for 3 times in a row worker aren't very friendly at all

Walter Deecki Jr

It's KFC, I mean come on, do they deserve anything less than 5, food is always great customer service is above and beyond

Brandon Tabares

Went to get food and they said it was gonna be 20 minutes... who waits 20 minutes for KFC not me that's who... any "fastfood" location that needs 20 minutes to prepare a meal needs new employees.

Kai Porter

Slow service they don't care they be on phone eating and the manager just let them do it right in front of her smh

Small Town Preparedness

The employees don't seem to care very much. I asked if they remembered the extra biscuit I asked for and they didn't even bother to look the girl just said if there is a problem with your food just call tomorrow and they will give you a refund... My order was completely messed up. The Tim we live in suck. Nobody cares about anything but themselves.

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