3547 S Meridian Rd, Youngstown
(330) 333-3128

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Karie Smith

Does that bagels even look good to you? Not toasted. Heavy. Just gross! Do better!

larry guerrero

This place is absolutely terrible . The service i received here was w.o a doubt a disgrace. I'll never visit this location again. Meridian rd in cornersburg.. The loc in boardman was even worse .. employees were discourteous,rude,and made the entire visit a tragedy .not only that ,but messed up my order ,didn't even apologize,n looked at me like I was stupid .

Joe Hammett

Great coffee, when they actually get your order right,

j R

worst Dunkin I've ever been to. the coffee is watered down 2 or 3 days out of the week .. to the point where its not drinkable. it tastes like someone stretched 1 coffee into 3 large cups. And if you try to let them know even If you are very polite and nice, they're not receptive and pour you another cup of the same coffee!i go there every single day unfortunately ... it's a gamble every day whether my coffees are tea or actual coffee

Laura Mclean

I love Duncan I just don't like they're in restaurant hours now they've changed

Shelly Scott

Ordered 2 Boston creme donuts. They were either stale or made wrong. I asked the girl if they had any donuts that weren't stale she gave me 2 of the same stale donuts. When I got home my husband took one bite Said they were hard as a rock and mussy in middle. No more Dunkin at this location!!

nicholas fusco

Elm road always has the fastest service no matter how long the line is go in come back out within probably 5 or 6 minutes if it's wrapped around the building. Good work

Will French

The quality & selection of donuts here is amazing. I have had exceptional service each time I have visited this business & the employees were friendly & efficient. The one aspect I am the most impressed with is the fact they have boston kreme donuts. Those particular donuts are so delicious; should you find yourself reading this & come to the realization you have never had one, I would highly recommend you indulge yourself & try what I would consider one of the best donuts of all time (besides the blueberry donuts from White House Fruit Farms, everyone knows those are an immaculate conception of savory goodness)

Zuri Johnson

Manager is horrible. Tall lady, usually has braids, doesn’t seem to treat her young staff very nicely. I feel bad for those kids, most of them can’t be older than 19. She’s also rude to guests and rushes us to order when we ask to have a second to look at the window.

morgan sebastian

They unexpectedly closed the dining room but were still taking mobile orders for dine-in, so instead of picking up my mobile order and skipping the drive-through line I had to wait in the entire drive-through line and be late for work. Their truck that always brings in new product and refills their product is always parked in the lane that people are supposed to use to exit the building that are not in the drive-through line. So being that the truck is parked there, no one can get out of the lot unless they are turning around in the parking lot where people are entering, causing a massive traffic back up. This Dunkin is completely on organized and is always very slow.

The Happy Hour Boyz

Such a fan of there seasonal. Anything new ima try. Very new an clean location. Cool staff!

shelby kimble

The cashier was very polite I showed up with order for 6 different coffee's and he didn't bat an eye ,and made sure I got my order rught

Jacalyn Danchise-Edie

Not that great of breakfast sandwiches. Won't try again.

Shedrick L. Stone

It was in the early am hrs. The food was fresh and delicious ???? Very nice positive and polite crew members.

Paul Proctor

Nothing special slow drive through order, but order was correct

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