Ken's Steak and Ribs

408 E Main St, Amber
(405) 222-0786

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Cindi Marshall

Drove 30 minutes to one of the best ranked steakhouses in Chickashaw area for our anniversary. What we found was a dilapidated building and gas pumps. It said they open at 4:30, but I really do not think this place has been open in a trillion years. Then, I checked another site, and said they are closed until Thursday.... this place looks abandoned. Seriously. What a waste.

Blake Lipscomb

Holy smokes! Didn’t expect that! Best meal I’ve had in a long time! I should’ve know it was going to be good from the amount of cars in the lot. It’s an old school dining experience. The salad bar was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The block of cheese was awesome. The beans were incredible! I had a sirloin and baked potato. Everything was cooked perfectly and I then had some of the best toast I’ve ever had.

Travis Hansbarger

Arrive early and ensure you get the steak out chickenof your choice. These steaks are top notch, you won't further your first time, or your last for that matter! Crisp, fresh delicious salad bar, what a selection! Kind wait staff! A true 10+!Food: 5/5

Merry Bettis

Omg best hidden secret ever!!! Staff is amazing, service is amazing and food is out of this world …. We love this place and normally go there once a month sometimes more ? the food has incredible taste and the service is great . If you haven’t made it to this place look the directions up and make it a date night for sure

Veigr Vran

This place was just bad.Dry, bland meat. Food not stored or protected nearly well enough on the buffet, saw many kids sticking their grubby fingers in everything so I wasted my money on that. It's also just flat out dirty, the ceiling has so much dust that a golf ball sized chunk just fell off in front of me as I was walking back to my table that rocked and horribly uncomfortable chair.Location doesn't help at all either. It's only still in business because of the locals that don't want to drive half an hour to go elsewhere, and it's certainly not worth the drive if you don't live across the street.

Tom Wright

My prime rib had little flavor. It was crowded and "the required line" adds to the claustrophobic feeling. Service was good considering the crowd. I was most disappointed by my meat.Food: 3/5

Micheal Hlebowicz

Love the ribs . Never tried the steak out of all the times I have been there but others in our group loved it so it must be good also . Always worth the hour drive we make to get therebFood: 5/5

LongStrange Trip

Old school Oklahoma and a very enjoyable dinner. Wonderful steak prepared just the way it was ordered with a top notch salad bar. The free ribs as a starter (which were super!) was a nice touch. Out of the way but worth the effort to find. Very enjoyable meal and will definitely be back!!Food: 5/5

Eric Beu

Great place for steak if you are in the area. We drove 45 minutes to eat here based on several recommendations and we thought it was worth it.

rob wilson

Friendly service smoked prime rib was great. My sweet tea was always full. Also big thank you to the waitress for letting me know to put honey on my Texas toast. Oh yes!Food: 5/5

GD Mitchell

I have lived in the OKC area for about 4 years and just tried this "out of the way" steak house...and let me tell you, I wish I had gone earlier. As soon as you are seated by a very friendly host, you are given a couple of ribs as a "sampler" and they were damn good...some of the best BBQ I have ever had and that is saying a lot since I would consider myself well traveled and have had all the "great" BBQ places. Anyway, I ordered a sirloin and it was fantastic...again, one of the best steaks I have ever had. It was AMAZINGLY good. My wife had the prime rib which was also quite the delight. Oh, and don't forget the very, VERY buttery toast...mmm, GREAT!!! The staff was some of the friendliest folks you will meet and while it might be about an hour from our "city living", we will most certainly be doubt. about. it. Sorry about the "late" picture...I have a few more, but they were taken after I tore into the dinner. ;)


Great food, friendly service, we were waited on right away. As always, the croutons for the salad bar are my favorite paired with the free ribs and Texas toast


Have not seen a recent review, but this place is still one of the best family steakhouses in Oklahoma. One of the few that still have a salad bar,+ Fried Okra and Pinto Beans. They don't have a menu, but they will give you different options and dinners include a Rib appetizer! You won't be disappointed, but show up early as there is a line. Its a ways out there, so call first and make sure they are open that day.

Darrell Scholl

Fabulous place salad is always fresh and they can fix the best ribs and steaks that I have ever had and the price you can beat for what you get and the place is always neat and clean. Keep up fabulous service. We have been going there for years and we will be back. Thanks for all your hard work.Food: 5/5

Edward Lara

This place definitely deserves more visits. The food and service is great. A friend told us about this place and took us to dinner and, now it's a favorite of mine.Food: 5/5

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