Sunrise Buffet

705 S Park Dr, Broken Bow
(580) 584-9328

Recent Reviews

Stacy Saunders-Wilsford

Food was great, service was excellent and place was clean! They have 4 flavors of ice cream to choose from in covered bowls which i thought was different so I ALMOST didn't try one but glad I did because this ice cream was soooo good! Was with a party of 4 and all of us noticed this was not your average ice cream or chinese buffet! SUNRISE is defiantly worth trying!

Christina Westfall

Typical tastless american Chinese restaurant. Except the food isn't good and neither are the workers.

Lalo Hernandez

Small selection of food, expired condiments, wasn’t willing to give our group split checks when asked multiple times. Wouldn’t give the cost to know how much everyone’s part was. Had to call back after she made a scene saying she had undercharged. Just to see she had over charged us after we called and got the price.

Jose Hernandez

Very bad customer service Had Expired Condiments From 2016 And She Made A Huge Scene After she charged wrong would rate 0

Douglas Jackson

They used to be decent, but now it's just bland and overpriced. Unfortunately there are not many other options here. If you have no tastebuds, you should be fine though.

Osvaldo Estrada

Food was good fresh and hot.

Dallas L.

DONT MISS THIS PLACE My wife, son and I love to go to Chinese food places. This restaurant is HIGHLY underrated. The menu prices are very reasonable. Good authentic Chinese food. Buffett was fresh each time we went which was 3 times in one week. To go orders are even better IMO. The staff is good. This is a small operation with a few family members running it. Unassuming from the outside and inside.

Michelle Nelson

It was excellent food very good taste and honestly we were skeptical cause of no cars there but affordable and great

Joshua Imhoff

We were not impressed. Coming from out of town we were looking for a nice buffet. This was all thay was available so we tried it. Food was hit and miss. Some was good, others were clearly unsafe to be on the buffet. I bit into a pineapple and it tasted like alcohol. They seamed to talk about the waste on my kids plate every time they cleared our plates. If you are a local it's probably pretty good because it's all you have. It looked fairly clean and they were friendly enough.

Lisa Clement Tate

This restaurant despite the same ownership has completely given up. Rude and unprofessional staff that used the language barrier as an excuse. I feel awful having to write this but when a buffet meal is bad and a kitchen prepared for the table meal are both bad then the restaurant has taken a pretty sharp turn for the worse. I suggest skipping this place and driving the extra 33 miles to DeQueen for good Chinese buffet and pleasant service. The hostess barely left off talking to walk past the table and look at us in a manner that said we bother her. And let’s not forget that when washing your hands prepare to have to do the repairs yourself in order to go in or out. The cleaning was right on the same level making me curious as to the personal cleanliness of the staff.

Mae Pasta

$75 for 2 adults and 4 kids, limited buffet. Fried rice taste like brown gravy. Food was edible but won't return.

Veronica Tuttle

We have been to this family owned restaurant many times. We gave our drink order to the owner ONE time, 8 years ago, and she never gets it wrong. The food on the buffet has always been hot and flavorful. I always order steamed dumplings. They are tender and tasty, and the dipping sauce is, without question, the best I've had anywhere! Our little town is fortunate to have this authentic asian reataurant.

Quinton Zastawniksr

For an Oriental restaurant. Good example of what an oriental hole in the wall restaurant would be. Staff almost non existent. Food quality pour. Would not recommend.

michael lott

Shrimp was good. Waitress was very good.

Ashley Wilson

Noodles were hard...not sure if they was left out too long & stiffened or if they was over cooked. Potatoes were burned in most places & undercooked in others. But all the other food was good!! I eat there often & have never had this problem before so I'm sure it was just a bad day! Normally it's pretty good! Will be eating there again in the future!

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