Taco Bell

2229 W Gary Blvd, Clinton
(580) 323-2030

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Jennie P.

Very slow . It took forever in the drive through to order 1 burrito. Bushes were overgrown.

Colt W.

This service was horrible. Understanding that it is Sunday right after church, but doesn't excuse the bad service. The employees appear to not be happy. I had to ask for iced tea because it was not in the lobby, and the employee acted like it wasn't her job to do it. The food was disappointing. My wife and I ordered chicken strips and they tasted old and were tough to chew through. Barely any of the flavors or type of chicken you expect from KFC. My son ordered a chicken quesadilla and a greasy, stuck to the paper substance arrived to our table. Our son who is a human garbage disposal wouldn't even touch it. I would not stop here again if it was the only food for 100 miles. I hope this place turn their service and food around.

Alexis Young

Excellent customer service. I showed up late with my significant other at 8:55pm unbeknownst that their lobby closed at 9:00pm. The worker at the register was very kind and worked with my partner to make their meal vegetarian, even so late at night. The crew members were very nice, despite us accidently being such a nuisance eating while the lobby was closed. They made sure we didn't want anymore tea before taking out the lobby's tea urns. Overall great service. Quick and delicious food.

jessica wilkinson

Incredibly horrible customer service. Never made eye contact and closed the window before I could ask exactly where they wanted me to pull up. Food sucked even worse than the service.

Luke Warmwater

Terrible customer service. Don’t waste your money.

Jordan Crane

Always slow, hardly gets orders correct. Sometimes even have their own hours and I've gone through the line 3 times before. Wish corporate would step their game up.

David Seery

Great place along route 66 we were fundraising for Temple Street Children's Hospital 2448 miles on Harlys


Cheap quality fast food

Sarah Gilkerson

I’m not one to post bad reviews because I have worked in food and like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am a college kid that lives in Weatherford and wanted Taco Bell one night. I decided to go to the restaurant more than half an hour before they were closed. I pulled up and their main light was off, we saw on their door that the lobby closes at 9:30 but drive thru was open until 11. We pulled around to the drive thru and the lights were off. We waited a minute and were never greeted. Mind you this was all before 10:15 and they weren’t supposed to close until 11. Very disappointed, especially because we saw people in the lobby eating. So employees were there and customers. Won’t be back.

Roy A.

Nashville hot tenders were amazing. Customer service could have been better, but due to too many entitled slackers unexpectedly quitting on the management, this establishment is doing overtime in order to keep this place afloat. So thank you to the sweet lady with the cute Pomeranian and a three hour commute for busting her ass to keep this place from meeting its demise. Her gumption and spunk was admirable and inspiring. She never lost her positivity and friendly smile all the while being savagely scolded by over privileged taco lovers. People like her are the ones who too often get unnoticed and scolded for doing their best, but in my opinion, should be put on a pedestal. God bless her, whoever she is.

Noah Christiansen

Stopped here while travelling and figured drive-thru would be faster so we could get back on the road. While ordering, the person taking my order didn't seem to understand me. I assumed he was new and repeated myself a couple times. He didn't repeat my order back to me, but gave me my total and said to pull up to the window.

Kristy Gross

This is the worst place to eat. The staff is not friendly. My son got a biscuit with no butter so I went up to ask for some and waited 10 minutes for someone to notice me. While I was waiting I seen the butter by the drive thru and when the guy came over and I asked for some he said there was none. Then another worker came over with some and told me I could always look for myself when I did and they had none up front. I will never return here.

Brian Ninesling

I will give you the same review as KFC. We drove up at 8:25pm tonight. They were closed!! The sign and website said they close at 11:00pm. We are from out of town, looking for something to eat after driving for hours. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!!!

Charlene H.

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. Disgusting bathroom. No soap. Dirty floors. Horrible service. Our food was given to the wrong person then rebagged and given back to us. Hopefully this place will be shut down soon

Crystal R.

This place absolutely sucked donkey d***. I went to grab food it took 20minutes and still no food!!! The girl that took my order was clocking out with a huge bag of food she was taking home. I asked her why my food wasn't out yet after 20minutes, she hands the receipt to this other girl and walks out with all her food!! My food was handed to someone in the drive thru!!!Very unprofessional and they lack customer service!!!! Asked for a refund and they were super mad!! Also had a bunch of random people they knew there talking to them and getting food before my order! Employees do not wash their hands!!

Hope C.

The banter between workers was better than RHOA, but waiting 1 hour for a Carmel apple empanada is a little ridiculous. Pick it up TB, your service is almost as pathetic as the craps people take after eating here.

Xuyen H.

Currently waiting or nearly 20 mins on a simple meal order. Two guests in front of me have already left for the mcdonalds across the street due to the wait. There were no condiments. There were no cups. Drive through somehow has priority over dine in guests. And after nearly 30 mins of waiting, food was cold

Jo. DontLikeThis

The lobby has been closed, previously drive through could not get an order right. Last time through drive through actually got my order done right in a decent amount of time.

Briana Cuellar

Quick service but the man in the drive thru acted like it was a big inconvience that I asked for mild sauce and only gave me 4 packets for a meal for 4 people.

Nani Varun

Only been there a few times, wasn't bad. Would be better if it was open till midnight.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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