Andy's Frozen Custard

15200 Penn Crossing Ct, Edmond
(405) 359-2844

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My boyfriend and I went to Andy's earlier this week. We went inside to order and both ended up getting the pumpkin pie concrete. Of course it was delicious and had bits of pie and pie crust in it. There were benches around the edge of the inside for people to sit on. No one was even close to 6 ft away from us. I had also ordered an ice water and was pleasantly surprised it was in a medium cup. Far too often they give you a cup that has maybe 1 swig of water in it. We love to visit Andy's and will continue to do.

janella byrd

i love this place so much and recently i’ve been coming back for the seasonal treats. however the past few times i’ve come to this location my order gets messed up. first time my concrete was poorly blended, i asked for it to be remade and it was blended poorly once again. the second time i had went there they ran out of custard :( not entirely the employees fault because they were about to close in 20 mins but it was disappointing to receive my concrete with all the toppings on top and not blended throughout the rest of the custard that they gave me. i should have gotten a refund but i didn’t want to waste any time. what’s more disappointing is i paid 8.36 for half a concrete when i could’ve just gotten mcdonald’s r.i.p.

Kaitlynn C.

We come here every once in a while when we want to get our sweet tooth fix! 4 stars is for the fact that every time we have been here our concretes have not been fully mixed in, but with a spoon it is pretty easy to solve that problem. Most of their signature combos are delicious!

Gabriel R

Ice cream has always been unbelievably excellent. The staff is always super friendly and seems to be hardworking, something I respect a lot. Tends to get very festive with the holiday season as well. Made a lot of good memories with friends here, along with a special someone. This place was one of the main reasons I didn't want to leave haha highly recommend!

Beth B

The employees were very nice and cheerful even though there was only 2 people working and hordes of customers. We had milk shakes. They were absolutely tasteless and terrible. No flavor, not sweet. Tasted nothing like Freddie’s. We must have gotten a bad batch because I see everyone else here loves it.

Alura K.

I ended up here kind of by accident but I'm glad I did. The very helpful and friendly checkout girl recommended the key lime and it is fantastic. I love key lime pie and this custard is top notch.

Max E.

That first bite is so good! But if I don't eat it within 5 minutes I'm left with soupy ice cream. I'm a fast eater and I was only able to get through half of it before it was melted. Bummer.

Cecilia M.

Went for the first time today. Drive through lady was not nice at all . I accidentally ordered just a chocolate cone didn't specify the waffle cone and she stated that I should have specified because it's on the menu, if that's the case SHE should have asked which cone? Right? Never going back. Simply because she didn't have to be rude about it.

Bianca Munoz

We go to Andy’s almost 5 times a week, have for the last 2 years. being 9 months pregnant and it being one of the 3 places I actually get to actually keep down lately. Well today after dinner we did our run to get our usual -1 triple chocolate with a large banana shake. As we were in line my husband decided he was going to switch it up but when we got to the window he forgot what the name of the concrete was. He simply asked to see a menu so he could point out the one he want

Bap S.

Delicious! Wanted something cold and sweet. I got a new peach custard that wasn't for my taste buds. But the nutty crunch frozen custard was Devine! And so was the turtle sundae! Made to order!

Kali F.

Staff was rude and didn't fix my correct order just stared at me I don't think I will return

michele tharp

Great dessert. But definitely expensive

Hannah M.

I decided to take my boys here since we have driven by this place about 1 million times but never stopped in. It was probably 100° out so I thought it was a perfect day for frozen custard to try something new! We walked in and there was one couple ahead of us they got served right away my boys and I were standing at the counter for at least a good five minutes before we were acknowledged and taking our order. I almost walked out and went through the drive-thru, that is where they were giving the most attention to. The girl took our order not at the front counter but yelling at us behind in the kitchen then we had to stand there and wait until we got it knowledged again to pay I could've easily walked out and they wouldn't of even known. Pretty bad customer service here i though but the food is a different story... Our custard was amazing. My son got a single scoop of chocolate custard the chocolate is very strong and rich but delicious! The single scoop wasn't big at all Braums gives you about double the size in my opinion. I got a root beer float it was delicious and the vanilla custard was pretty solid, I am typically not a vanilla fan definitely more of a chocolate but this was so good I would easily eat vanilla!

Richard McIntyre

Their concrete's are really good but the young kids working at the drive-through window could do with more customer service training.

Michelle R.

I love Andy's and I was in Edmond and wanting ice cream and looked to see if they had one in Edmond AND THEY DO! Hallelujah! I drive over here and discovered they have milkshakes. Hallelujah again! I had an espresso and chocolate shake and it was amazeballs.

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