Bistro 22

1417 E Danforth Rd, Edmond
(405) 562-4884

Recent Reviews

Lisa Lamar

Really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Our waitress was really awesome too. Definitely recommend this place.

Vicki Collins

Service great. Steak awesome. Mac and cheese lobster, greesy and lobster overdone. Wine great.

Jennifer Ziegler

Visited with a large group yesterday and everyone’s food was wonderful! The filet was tender, Mac and cheese flavorful, lobster delicious, and portions gigantic. We had fantastic service and can’t wait to visit again.

Maria B.

AMAZING!! I got the salmon and it was perfection. The salmon was perfectly seasoned and the risotto was to die for. We will definitely come back!

Shirley Jones

great quality of food & good service

mr private

Absolutely loved this place. My wife and I first wanted to try Signature Grill, a sister company to Bistro 22, but all the tables were reserved. Which is a very good problem to have these days! Bistro 22 is absolutely an awesome place. Kind of a steam punk modern vibe. Upscale casual. So, I had the special for today, swordfish, risotto and grilled broccoli. My first thought was, grilled broccoli...not gonna like it but I'll love the fish. That was the best broccoli I've ever eaten. Slightly charred and seasoned to perfection. The risotto, perfect. The fish was absolutely amazing. My wife had the lobster mac.....that stuff is fire! Our server Kenny was awesome, great guy! The entire staff was nothing short of welcoming and kind. Looking forward to trying Signature grill as soon as we can. Oh! They have truffle fries! Comes with a rosemary, black pepper aioli. Sooooo good! The people in that kitchen actually care about the food they are making and it shows! I'd honestly expect this place to be getting a few Michelin stars.

Kellie M.

Amazing meal- great wine list! We had the shrimp escargot- OMG- amazing! Such a cute, quaint place. Don't let the outside mislead you! Definitely a repeat!!!

Julie S.

I absolutely loved this. We recently bought a house less than a mile away, and this restaurant will certainly be in very frequent rotation for easy, low-key date nights. I had the Caesar salad and the special, which was trout almondine. Both were incredible. I asked for the parmesan risotto instead of the potatoes with mine, and that was an excellent choice. They were great about the substitution. My husband had the pork chop and it was also very good. But the real standout was the fried chicken-it was absolutely incredible. I have no idea how they got fried chicken to be so light, but it was. My dad ordered it and we all kept grabbing little bites from him! We also had the brandy ice and the chocolate cake. It is rare for me to splurge on desserts like this, but I feel like this might be de rigueur here. It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for and the quality was outstanding. I'd rather skip takeout a few times and eat here instead. If this is how y'all eat up here, I think I am going to like this place you call Edmond.

Cindy K Kenyon

Awesome food! Really enjoyed the music!

Adam P.

Incredible find here in Oklahoma. Limited seating, fabulous food. Probably one of the best French onion soups ever eaten. Masterful.

Sheri Chenevert

We celebrated my birthday at Bistro22 last week...oh, what a little gem this place is!! We had the fried green tomatoes, which were perfection. The truffle fries...(I kinda thought “French fries” for an appetizer seems like something we don’t really need!”) BUT they were on a whole other level from a French fry, and were very interesting...we kept trying to analyze the different flavors sprinkled about. AND in the aioli. Caesar salad...delish. My salmon was crispy and so good, and my date’s Chicken Fricassee was luscious. The surprise of the night was..drumroll, please, PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SOUP! What??? How the chef pulled THAT off to actually be a very tasty soup involving chicken, carrots, celery and stuff is shocking to me! We were blown away. Service was perfect! We can’t wait to go back. lol...a lot!

Will B.

The seasoning on all three dishes was off. I'm a fan of garlic but this was overboard. Green beans were crunchy, pasta was full of lemon. I'm not a picky person, but this was not close to a $80 meal.

Jim Miles

Excellent food, very attentive staff.

Brenda Miles

Excellent food!! Really enjoyed.

Charrisa Bryant

Wonderful food and great service

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