Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

1001 E Danforth Rd, Edmond
(405) 348-7039

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LaTasha LaGrange

My husband and I were saying (as eating our Braums burgers) how it taste nothing like it use to when we were kids and young adults. Just not a good burger place anymore.

Melissa Akers

I love this Braums! They are always fast, kind, and very efficient.

Wade Routledge

These guys are always out of sauce on the bar and then the manager acted aggressive when I said something to him about it and told me how hard it is to find good help now. This was pure insanity. These guys need to get it together.


Tasty food. Busy time for my visit. Quick service.


Although I am a HUGE fan of Braum's; from the groceries to the ice cream to the meals, I do have a concern (which is rare). I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this but their dining room floor is ALWAYS slippery, like it is like this every time I go inside to sit and eat. I've been to both Braum's in Edmond and both floors always seem like they have an oily film on them. I've never brought it up to management but it seems like I can't be the only one with this concern. It won't stop me from eating there or buying groceries/ice cream. I guess I wondered if anyone else has had this experience.

Ricky Jenkins

Plesently surprisingly Friendly associates extremely Wonderfully Stupendously Gloriously helpful. Very polite and respectful ⁉️Thanks ? shalom Shabbat ricky jenkins Doulos to the House of YAH aka Yahweh aka Yehovah aka God

Robert Wright

Braums has the best ice cream and a really good burger. Worth checking it out. Oh, their fries are really good too!

Maria Hernandez

I am a person who really enjoys eating at braums but I was shocked when entering this specific location. It was not dirty but filthy it saddens me to experience such poor customer service. All the tables where dirty and the floor seemed to have gone months without sweeping or mopping. The fountain area was screaming help and I won’t even go into explaining how bad the condiments and ketchup looked. ?? Come on, Braums is such a large corporation and loved by many you need to step up to the plate. Because I would not never recommend this location at all!!

Ry T

Whatever girl was working the window this evening that takes orders and payments is rude with no customer service skills what so ever! No thank you or anything! Just rudely tells you the total and slams the window back! I’m sorry you don’t like working drive thru at Braums! ??‍♀️ This is not my first encounter with her either. Please hire people who have customer service.

Madison Y.

Sadly, this location has plummeted downhill. The customer service is going to KILL the business this season, it breaks my heart because it's one of the most faithful company's in Oklahoma. Management please do better!!

David Rando

Great food. Customer service is abysmal. It’s like ordering fast food in Bergen Town.

LaRica Krischel

They were fast even though it didn't seem like they had as many workers in their store.


Sometimes the drive-thru food is awesome at this location and sometimes not so much.It depends who’s working.

Brett Magee

Bag of burgers in my blood stream. Thy past memory of the forgotten feast. Braums the lord shall destroy thy enemy.

Jason R

Very impressed. If you're from the Midwest and know what a Culver's is; it's kinda like that. Great food and a small market makes this a great stop.

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Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

1001 E Danforth Rd, Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 348-7039