Little Caesars Pizza

14 E 33rd St, Edmond
(405) 341-2829

Recent Reviews

Justin Pace

One of the best little Caesars I've been to the pizza is made better than at a lot of the other locations I've been to

Kiara Quivey

I didn't think I needed to bring my service dog for my anxiety to pick up a pizza but spent 30im waiting on my food they tried to forgot the sauce and are pepperoni bread and then I had to sit and explain to them what I was missing and spend 6 min turning around because that's what I was given

Jessica Poteet

Our crazy bread was still doughy and not cooked enough. Our pizza was not cooked all the way after. It took the normal amount of time, but not cooked properly. Thank goodness it was cheap. Guess you get what you pay for with them.

Steven Johnson

Its little Caesars, my 11 year old loves the cheese pizza from here. Not great, not bad.

William Alm

I've come here around 5 times. It's always poorly made old pizza no matter if I get the regular pep or extra most best pep I always end up with an extra most crapperoni. This is really disappointing because little Caesars is my favorite pizza but no matter which location it's always terrible. I won't be going to little Caesars anymore

Jessica Gazaway

Everyone loves 5$ pizza


Even though they're short staff very polite professional the two employees that were in the store

LaTrina Long

The store state said it's open but it's not they're in there drinking up the drinks and you know when it tells us I'd know we're close it's 915 when they set it and the doors locked but don't close until 11 aint that kind of fishy

Rabid Gaming

Terrible customer service canceled my order several times after waiting almost an hour for delivery. This is nothing new it’s happened on several occasions now and I’m fed up.

Katie Voss

Very very disappointed. I ordered some cheesy bread through the app. I was very excited to get home and chow down, but when I get home I discovered my cheesy bread wasn't dusted in parmesan. No, my cheesy bread has a THICK layer of the cheesy seasoning to the point that it is inedible. I am not happy. Money wasted.


The best way to get little caesars pizza is to use the app. Order online and pick it up. It’s cheap pizza. The location is difficult to access, but if you go through the parking lot to the east you’ll have no problem.

Jane Day

Never been there before, good food and friendly staff

Mimsey Me

They won't sell you just one slice of pizza, do don't even ask.

Giana Maxwell

The pizza was actually fresh and hot out of the oven!

Colleen Cummings

Stopped here around 6:45p 3/20 and ordered a supreme and 2 for ten. The guy at the counter has great customer service.Bad thing- supreme pizza was not cooked all the way. He ate 3 pieces when he saw the dough was not cooked all the way. He has been up all night and so far 10 am throwing up and diarrhea.. Either the dough was bad or your oven is not cooking the pizzas. Will not eat little Caesars Pizza again.

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